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Spider Miles is a port town within the North Blue region. One of the most notable, if not the only noticeable place in the port town is the town's Waste Production Plant. The Waste Processing Plant is basically an industrialized area littered with mountains of scrap metal and factories. Most of the islands inhabitants live close to the Waste Processing Plant since the area employs most of the citizens to work in the factories, the working conditions and the environment are anything but safe, as smoke from the factories pollutes the air and causes people to become ill, this is definitely holds true for the elderly and children that work there who immune systems are weak at their stages of life. If the smoke doesn't get to the workers than there the hazards material and equipment they handle, some of them could easily wipe out several workers if someone isn't careful when handling them. Anyway you think working in these conditions, that the workers are given a decent pay check to live off of right? Nope. Most of the workers are given meager pay while the managers and owners of the factories are quite wealthy.

Due to the vast divide between the have and have nots, there been growing tension between the rulers of the Islands, the wealthy business owners and the poor workers. With the gap between the rich and poor increasing, who knows when the tension will breakout into revolt.

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