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Alabasta Description

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Alabasta Kingdom is two very large Desert islands that are filled with heat and sand; The Capital of the kingdom is Alubarna which is a great and ancient City located in the middle of the right island. within the forever changing sands of the islands many sandstorms rage making it very difficult to navigate through. On top of the changing Sands there is a tremendous heat that can fry you alive if you are not careful. On the bright side, Many secrets lay hidden under the sands and if you are lucky you will see what magnificent treasures lie in wait. An amazing place for players with the scavenging occupations to practice their trade.

Cities are central gathering places for the citizens of Alabasta. Alabasta is a very old country; there are few oases, but where they exist a town is likely built around it. Some older cities are now in ruins, while new ones also exist. The Sandora Desert is extremely desolate, and is usually only entered for travel. The cities are further divided by the Sandora River, which splits the country in half.

Alubarna is the capital city of Alabasta, and is rich in culture. It is an extremely large city, on a huge rock. Stairs are carved and paved for entrance to the city. It is extremely circular, and features both a clock tower and the Alabasta Royal Palace. Nanohana, the Kingodm's port town known for its wondrous shops and its irresistible perfumes (At least to natives). It is Located on the right side of the kingdom and is very busy as well as crowded. Be careful of con artists and shady business people trying to swindle you out of your Beli. They like to target travelers the most.

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