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Mirage Hearts: Kingdom Hearts Alternate

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Mirage Hearts


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A broken heart that reeks of darkness...
A yearning heart that wants to cleanse it...
A blackened heart that wants a war.

The Keyblade War was the first evil that we faced. It was monstrous- a cataclysm of unbelievable measure. The realm of light was left shattered, and now? Centuries later another cataclysm has occured. One man got a Keyblade and now all the world leaders lie dead. Everything evil won. Even though the evil was vanquished, it feels that we can't come back from this... Everywhere I look, I see bodies. Images and mirages of corpses and blood, hearts released into the skies and heartless appearing in droves. I don't know that we can get to our feet fast enough to stop them.

We need heroes. But they're all gone, right? []Right[/url]?

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