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1Killua || Marine Empty Killua || Marine on Tue Jan 20, 2015 5:22 pm

Name: Killua
   Epithet: The Just Fairy
   Age: 20
   Gender: Female
   Race: Human
   Sexuality: Heterosexual

   Affiliation: Marine
   Occupation: Doctor//Archaeologist

Killua || Marine 1eda7910

Killua wears exotic clothing styles. Generally things that are fluffy and frilly. Not only that, but godly jewelry. She also never wears shoes and instead wears bandages over her feet. Not only that, but she has many scars all over her body. She is always seen wears bandages on her arms of band aids due to her clumsiness. Although the simple scars and such are fine, they are hidden away with tattoos that crave her body. When naked Killua has elaborate scars and such, but also art work that is under the girl's clothes. It is not seen unless she is naked or wearing a bathing suit.

Killua was graced by her mother and father to have normal looks. She has a fine figure that is light a twig almost, but actually is pure muscle. All of her weight is from how muscular she is for a women. She has strong arms and strong legs as well. Her bust size is not big, but big enough to catch males attention. Her hands are long and slender like that of a pianist hands. She has fine eye brows that complement her creamy like skin. And always silky smooth long black hair that is usually up in a pony tail or down around her.

Not only that but since her eyes are white they were actually crystal eyes that were implanted rather than her actual eyes. You can tell they are glass because they reflect everything. Sometimes a persons soul or inner self. Her eyes change though from a deep blue to a flaming red. Complimenting her blindness, she has a rather a soothing, princess like aura surrounding her. It has a kind, earnest atmosphere that surrounds her body.  

   Hair Color: Black
   Eye Color: White (Blind)
   Skin Tone: Pale
   Height: 5'7"
   Weight: 150

On the back going from the middle and spreading out to the shoulder blades. Click me

On her right breast about the size of a dollar coin. Click me

On her left hip going from her pelvis to her waist. Click me

going across her lower back. Click me

Around her belly button around. The hands reaching towards her belly button. Click Me

Like a mirror she reflects those around her personalities. In a bar were its rowdy and loud. Killua will be rowdy and loud. If at a funeral its sad and depressed. She will also be sad and depressed. This only happens when she is with a group of people. There has to be more than 4 people for her to reflect those feelings. Due to her reflecting feelings, she doesn't friends, nor does she stand out. She follows the crowd to die down with it. Killua does not like any attention towards herself, although she does seem to draw attention in.

Killua is a Liberal. She thinks that everyone should be equal. Actually she knows that everyone should be equal. She is brutally honest when someone is mean to a different race. Killua has a way to put a person down mentally in their place. She has a strong voice that is brutally honest. Not only that, but Killua believes that anyone that approves of slavery are unjust and should be sentence to the impel down. Killua thinks that everyone is equal. From mermaids, to fishman, to giants, and skypeia and normal human beings including pirates and murders.

Killua is the definition of a Environmentalist. She is highly skilled in sewing and gardening and herbs. Although she isn't that much of a cook. She takes the earth very serious and believe that people should not litter nor leave waste around. She disapproves of chemicals and things that are not good for you. Killua seeks to improve the environment in lots of places. This also makes her a bit of a hippy as well.

Killua has a weird openness, like she will accept anything. She has a habit of accepting anyone in her arms. She will automatically understand their pain. She has a wide understanding and since she craves for information she is unique and loves to listen.

+Reading and Gathering Information
+Learning New Things
+Dead Bodies

-Celestial Dragons


+To free all slaves and make everyone equal of all races. Killua's goal is to eliminate slavery and abolish any bills that tell anyone to keep slavery. Killua believes that those that approve of slavery are unjust and will tell them honestly.

+To find true love one day or to never find true love. She wants to find at least one person that accepts her for who she is. She doesn't care if they are a lover or a friend.

-Acrophobia: Fear of heights
-Gymnophobia: Fear of nudity
-Gamophobia: Fear of marriage

   Inner Lineage:
Name: Blinds Eye
Description:The blood of gypsies flow through her genes. The clan long ago wanted to be closer to animals. They wanted to be closer to the night. They would perform rituals.  As they become closer to their animal spirit. They realize they could see in the night. Not only that, but many were skilled in the medical field. They were able to just look at a human's body and tell them what they have, just by looking. They were skilled in this area.
Usage: The user can 'see' people in the dark. They are able to know what they look like in and out. They can detect diseases and illnesses in the body. Although for Killua being blind she is able to see using this lineage. She uses this lineage to make herself not look blind. Killua has used her families genes to help her move around.

   Outer Lineage:

   Writing Sample

Plant Plant No Mi - Logia

To Save Space:

The room was locked tight. The only thing that could be hear was the water dripping from the ceiling to the girl’s mouth. She was craving water. It didn’t matter if it was dirt water. Her throat was dry with thirst. She needed something to stay alive. The little droplets settled in her throat making it seem less dry. Waiting, and waiting. That was all she had to do. She just had to patently wait. The walls were cold, and ragged. Her finger tips brushed against them scarping at the surface helplessly. The girl got to her feet. They were cold against the ground. Her pink flesh on her feet were hard now. Almost rough. Two minutes that was all it took for her throw up the water droplets. The other thing that came up was stomach acid.

Sitting in her own filth she felt like a dog. They called her a dog. She did not know anything about dogs. She forgot simply what they looked like. But through the images in her head. If she knew what a dog would smell, taste, and feel like. She was a dog then. A dog that is slowly dying in her own dirt. Her hair was stringy, but it still had this soft feel to it. Whimpering was sounded not far from her. Another person. Although she knew the next day it or herself would be gone. Killua hoped it was the person that was whimpering. She hoped that it was them and not her.

The next day seemed to have come, although Killua wouldn’t know. She wouldn’t know at all. Everything she knew was darkness. They came and stole the other child. A few seconds later a dish clattered on the table. Hungrily the girl moved her body to the dish touching what seemed to be a fruit. She started eating it like a savage animal. The people around her called her names such as savage and animal and whatever else. The fruit was foul tasting. It tasted like something died, but it was something to eat. She didn’t care if she would throw it up again. She just wanted to eat something other than bugs and rats. The taste. She would never forget the taste. She would never forget the first little sprout that shot up from the ground and greeted her. Killua will never forget the feeling of life.

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2Killua || Marine Empty Re: Killua || Marine on Tue Feb 10, 2015 2:34 pm


I posted in the approval thread a few days ago. And it said it was getting looked over. Im still not sure if that is true or not.

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3Killua || Marine Empty Re: Killua || Marine on Thu Feb 12, 2015 4:08 am


Problem with my Decreased Activity, Anyway. Sorry for the prolong waiting period.

-Custom Outer Lineage? Please change it to one of the outer lineages on the list or leave it blank. At the moment we don't allow Players to create their own Outer Lineage. I suggest the Might of the Wraith or Soul Split Outer Lineage after reading this app.

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4Killua || Marine Empty Re: Killua || Marine on Thu Feb 12, 2015 9:31 pm

Yes, please choose from the outer lineages already in play, or submit your outer for review to see if it can be put on the list.

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