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Evangeline Lisette

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Evangeline Lisette IIy97Zf
Evangeline Lisette
"The Phoenix"

Name: Evangeline Lisette
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Kuja
Sexuality: Bisexual
Affiliation: Pirates - Shichibukai
Occupation: Samurai


Evangeline Concept:

Evangeline Lisette G0j9IMZ

Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Pale
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 124 lbs

Personality: To become the best requires effort, skill and a resolve that cannot be broken no matter how badly someone gets beaten down. Those that choose this goal must rise back up and keep fighting for what they believe in. That is everything that Evangeline stands for, she is a Kuja woman with a strong will, determined to change the course of history forever. While she is still has much about the world to learn while she walks along her path of change, she continues to believe in the need to better herself. Showing that while Eva wishes to strengthen herself quickly, she is wise enough to know that things like that take time. She is a concentrated warrior that takes no prisoners unless required to and any that cross her will know only the sting of her blade as it cuts them down. The skills of an assassin are not the only thing this woman is trained in, being quite quick to snip her mouth at any man that boasts themselves too highly. Honestly, what is with the men in the world? If Eva could possibly have her way she would no doubt make them kneel before every woman and pay their proper respects, instead of treating females like their just some kind of trophy. Seeking to make her goals into reality, she has become a determined woman with a steel wall around her heart, pushing all but the goal of every mission aside. Yet, Eva still longs for someone to love and that could understand her where most do not. It's hard to believe any man could ever manage something like that.. but she may be holding out for that certain person that does.. female or male, it matters not. Being efficient, gaining profit and growing stronger are the main three focuses of Evangeline Lisette and she'll cut down anyone she does not consider close to her that gets in her way. Pray that you never become this nimble woman's target, it may just be the last thing you ever do.

- Moonlight
- Winter
- Vanilla Tea
- Kuja Women
- Roses

- Males (Although Curious)
- Puppets
- Rainy Weather
- Marines (Despite being a Shichibukai)
- Doctors

Motivations: Eva has the urge to become stronger so that she may right the wrongs of the past, having seen good women sold through slavery and suffering fates worse than death. She has vowed to become a woman of high enough impact to change the world and destroy anyone that would steal someone's freedom from them. 

- Injection Needles
- Lightning
- Passing away and becoming forgotten

Inner Lineage: Soul-Rend - Throughout the Lisette Family, every generation had one member of the family branch that had the capability to not only see spirits and lost souls, but capture and seal them away. Originally the Lisette used this ability to make contact with ghosts and lingering souls of loved ones that were earthbound by grief, however as war and piracy claimed the world this ability was turned into a battle style. Those of the family with this trait often now use this to render and seal captured souls into a weapon to make use of a soul or a mass of souls to power their weapon and devise techniques that utilize the souls into it. Those of this trait can only select up to two weapons at a time that can seal souls inside of them, if the weapon is broken completely then the contained souls are released back into the world again and the user must obtain the lost souls over again. If one of the seal weapons is broken then they may either continue to use just one of the seal weapons or create another seal weapon. It is easy for those of the Lisette to know if a user is capable of using the Soul-Rend trait or not as the users of the ability often have the family symbol somewhere upon their body as proof of their inherited lineage.


The cold of the winter night passes along the breeze as it sweeps along the porcelain skin of the young maiden whom stepped along the snow-riddled pathway inside Lvneel Kingdom. The area remains still, the only sound that breaks the silence was Evangeline's warm breath rising out in visible wisps of steam and the clicks of her swords as they tussle about inside their individual sheathes. "Another night passes and I've only grown so far, I must hurry and become strong for the sake of others and my future." she whispers to herself as footsteps sounded out from the alleyway shadows in bordering between the buildings around her. Emerging from their depths were several thieves, their daggers already drawn and their reason for arrival being as clear as the night sky. Eva hardly bothered with the foolish nature of such men that needed to steal for their own personal gain, belittling them silently as she did not raise her gaze to meet them. Only when one stepped a few feet in front of her and spoke did she look up to lock her narrowed gaze to the singular man, the leader of the thugs without a doubt.

"Out awful late aren't you? Why not hand over those swords of yours and we can spend some time together, consider them as payment for us leaving you.. unharmed." The man before her was of a bulky muscular build, holding a cleaver which set him out from the rest who only carried the aforementioned daggers. "Sorry but.." in a vivid burst of glowing cyan flames, her arms became like wings while her lower backside obtained tail feathers that made the air sizzle from each fluttering feather of flame that danced along the air. "..I don't have time to deal with you." The cocky faces that once looked Evangeline over like she was simply another easy profit, now had mouth's agape and even the leader began to step away from the girl, almost as if to them she was a.. "M-monster! You stay away from me!" That's right, a monster. As the band of thieves cleared back into the shadows, Eva's flames dissipated around her and along the cold air until they became nothing to it, as if without existence. "I wonder if men will ever change..?" That was the question lingering upon her mind.. but for now Evangeline simply continued to walk along the pathway alone.


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Awesome sample. Enjoyed reading it. Now don't know if this is WIP or not since there's no tag, but need a inner lineage. If you don't want one just state none in the inner lineage area. Then a second opinions is needed and BAM, approval.

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Told through Skype that lnner lineage will be added later when they come up with an idea. Everything else is fine.

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