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The Amazing Alpaca Man -- Tenegao Subarashi

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1The Amazing Alpaca Man -- Tenegao Subarashi Empty The Amazing Alpaca Man -- Tenegao Subarashi on Tue Dec 23, 2014 4:34 pm

Name: Tenegao Subarashī
Epithet: Fist of Punishment
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sexuality: (Flamboyantly) Homosexual

Affiliation: Viper's Fang Pirates

Occupation: Navigator/Rogue

The Amazing Alpaca Man -- Tenegao Subarashi Momo_doodle_by_godlyapplejuice-d71x6q6

Appearance: If there ever was a man worthy of the title bishonen incarnate it'd be Tenegao Subrashi -- with feminine features galore. His hair flows down to a short degree; each combed perfectly in a neat and luscious gleaming strand. On each of his fingernails is a bright pink paint; complimenting his slightly-tan skin almost supernaturally. In his eyes is the window to his soul -- beauty. Their bright emerald color often invokes a feeling of awe as if one had just achieved true euphoria; their beauty almost being overwhelming. As for his height and weight, his few pounds of fat go to all the right places. Being rather skinny, his exception is his magnificent backside; which many a-man have desired to grope. It is, as the kids say, "One big ass booty."

In terms of attire Tenegaro often dresses rather flamboyantly and stylishly. He's seemingly able to pull off any outfit: from his maid outfit uniform to his casual dress. Speaking of that, Tenegaro crossdresses. Most of his clothing is female or unisex but he has no quarrels with wearing male clothing; he just prefers fabric suited to females. The one exception is combat-attire of course -- wherein he prefers articles of clothing that don't interfere with his capabilities, balance, or anything of the sort. No Ruby -- he doesn't wear a combat skirt.

Hair Color: Golden
Eye Color: Emerald
Skin Tone: Slightly-Tan
Height: 5'2 FT
Weight: 101 LB
Tattoo: A full color rendering of a skeletal hand holding a pair of scales; located specifically on his back.

Personality: Tenegao Subarashi is an individual with a heart of gold, a smile of charm, and a fighting spirit. He acts rather flamboyantly and more often than not plays the role of a tease -- luring individuals in closer to him either for the sake of humor or legitimate interest. Essentially, Tenegao is a walking stereotype. He tends to address every person he isn't sexually and/or romantically interested in as "guuuuurlfriend" and has a passion for gossip, nailpainting, and gardening. Aside from that he also enjoys the prospect of herosim -- having idolized it since he was ever a child.

Overall if you love makeovers, punching things, and everything of the sort Tenegao is your guy. If not you'll still probably love his personality -- or at least his booty like pow.

Likes: Muscular men, intercourse, teasing, bananas, practical jokes, makeovers, fashion, heroism, cleaning, fighting.
Dislikes: Prudes, lack of fashion, dying, chronic backstabbing disorder, discrimination, sadness.
Motivations: Love, the prospect of aiding others, ambition, happiness, profit, adventure, intercourse.
Fears: Death, being alone, oppression, the innocent being harmed, the malevolent going unpunished.

Inner Lineage:
Passionate Smile: Tenegao appears more genetically appealing towards others. While their outlook on him isn't certain and while this could even make him appear more ugly to them arguably (it depends on the person after all) he carries an aura of beauty with him and almost appears to sparkle. This ability certainly can't override a character's perspective but it adds a natural charm that many find themselves attracted to; adding a new layer of charisma to him and in general making him appear more beautiful and sexually appealing. Essentially, Tenegao and his relatives carry around a naturally attractive aura that works quite well in aiding in persuasion and seduction; not to the point where it has an always definite effect but to the point where the influence carried around by him is undeniable and, in the majority of cases, many people will find it hard not to comply with him. (Again, it does not have a definite effect and depends on the character. The actual potent influence though will always be present; even if it doesn't affect the individuals he's talking to in the slightest.)

[00:09:13] Zalton : What does Alpaca meat taste like? Anything like wild Itome?
[00:10:49] Alpaca Meat : It tastes wonderful
[00:10:53] Alpaca Meat : Like a thousand herbs and spices
[00:10:57] Alpaca Meat : Singing out in harmony
[00:11:03] Alpaca Meat : And bringing divine alpacaness to all
[00:11:25] * Zalton wipes up drool off his pants
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The Amazing Alpaca Man -- Tenegao Subarashi Approved

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