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Island Description

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This Kingdom is held on a Single island that is made up of a city of a gold. It is not actual Gold (or is it?) but it makes the appearance of a great city of gold and jewels where travelers from all over come to see. Actually there are a few buildings that are made out of the gold, the main building is the royal place.  The main trade here is ship making and gold mining but those two things are not the only thing that is valuable on the island, there are always people looking to join a crew and have skills that will make ships run smoothly. Forests surround and tower over most things on the island and hold valuable materials as well as mining caves that are kept hidden deep within the heart of the forests. There are mining towns that are scatter across the Island as many try to strike it rich on this island full of resources. The Kingdom is great place to get started if your looking for a great crew and a finely built ship.

The Kingdown is also a very religious place that is holds many of the worlds different beliefs and ideas. Anyone with a Religious Field occupation are encourage to come here to learn more about the religious they choose to follow.

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