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Trident's Tyranny

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1 Trident's Tyranny on Fri Dec 05, 2014 11:01 pm



Crew Title: Trident's Tyranny

Crew Type: Marine

Crew Goal: -To dominate the seas and eventually become a superpower of the world.
-To eliminate the powerful pirates who claim land from the marines.
-To exterminate the revolutionaries.
-To lead the World Government.

Crew Members: Captains: Adrian Rhyfel and Atep
First Mate: Raiun

Crew Timeline:

Crew Extras: -Adrian is ruthless. Please acknowledge that
-The Captain, Adrian, has a ruthless curriculum.
-Atep is pretty chill and lazy.
-Shichi and Pirates will be allowed to join with the agreement that if they are pursued by marines, they will be cut from the crew if the crew cannot protect them without discovery.
-The Shichi/Pirate portion will be known as the Shinobuntai or Death Squad. They must work for the marines, but they shall not be counted as a marine if they do not take the initiative.
-If a Shichibukai serves Adrian long enough and survives, he will give a recommendation for them to either become a marine or a Rear Admiral.

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