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Purgatorio [Pirate Crew]

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1 Purgatorio [Pirate Crew] on Fri Dec 05, 2014 7:30 pm

Crew Title:

Crew Type:

Crew Goal:
To rule the seas. All of them.
Crew Members:
●Maude Wright
●Padma Rotem

Crew Timeline:
The crew was originally meant to be just Maude by herself taking over all enemies that went before her. However she realized pretty quickly she wouldn't be the only one trying to rule over everything, so she expanded her crew a bit. She only allows women, because she dislikes men in general. Padma was bought by Maude when she discovered her at a slave trading ring, and attempted to free her soon after. However Padma wanted to stay, and is now a close ally.

Crew Extras:
●No men allowed


~Maude~Laced Demise~Horu Horu no Mi~
Regular Theme:
Battle Theme:
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