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Character Overhaul

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1 Character Overhaul on Sat Apr 25, 2015 3:10 pm

It's simple..

I'd like to have a character overhaul.
A whole different look to Marchosias.

If possible, I'll keep the T2 and if you want me to I'll keep the Haki/roll again, depending on what you (the mods) want.

I'm not happy with this character so what point is there to keep it if I won't bother roleplaying with it :/

Also, I wonder if I could keep the T3 equipment however.



NPC's Name:
NPC's Tier:
NPC's Purpose:
Duke is Marchosias's bodyguard and personal assistant. He does everything Marchosias asks him to do.
NPC's Appearance:

NPC Type:
NPC's Description:
Duke has been a Marine, and was a very talented Rokushiki user. He has been in a Cipher Pol unit and is known for his extraordinary Rankyaku and kicking.
NPC Cost:
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