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Ice King's NPC's

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1 Ice King's NPC's on Fri Dec 05, 2014 4:51 pm


Name: Xerxes
Epithet: |G|od
Age: 60
Gender: Male
Race: Dwarf
Sexuality: Asexual

Affiliation: Marine - Fleet Admiral
Occupation: Weapon Master - Weaponsmith

Appearance: Xerxes has a powerful appearance, being a figure of great stout structure and fearsome presence. He is a dwarf, short even, but that does not deny him of the fact he is superior to many, although equal to the admirals at the very least. His power is not just physical, but also mental. He has grey and black hair reaching halfway down his back as well as a full beard of half the length. There is grey often in the tips of the hair, and he has a large, bulging nose. His eyes are mighty and wide, as well as vivid, having a piercing indigo color in them. He is very bloated with muscle, but that does not deny him of speed. His complexion is rough, but it is only the sign of age he has been fighting for all these years. Also, for a dwarf he is extremely tall, an unnatural height even. Across his body are various scares, but the deepest is down the middle of his face, being perfectly vertical.

Hair Color: Black and Grey

Eye Color: Indigo

Skin Tone: Greyish with a Coal-tint.

Height: 4'8"

Weight: 350 lbs.

Tattoo: Marine tattoo on his forehead. This tattoo across his back, indicating he might have been aligned to something other than the marines at one point.

Personality: Xerxes is a very strict man, harsh to those under him and unrelenting in his iron-hammer ruling. But he is also caring, so his roughness is necessary while albeit evil in appearance. He is very wise, even if he is ruthless to his enemies and especially hateful of the Yonko. While tough on marines, he knows when to not lead them to death. His pushes to lead them in the right direction can be lethal, but never intentionally and never with the odds demolishing their favor. When penalizing a marine, or attacking an enemy, he may use lethal and brutal force. He doesn't believe in torture, but will be willing to tear someone's arm off in front of anyone if he feels he must make a point. His humor levels are hidden to those he truly calls friend and he does truly hold some as friends. To those who don't know, he is just an iron wall of unhappiness.

Likes: -Meat
-Watching Marines grow in power
-Watching pirates fall to the might of the marines.

Dislikes: -Pirates
-Hates Yonkos
-Hates the Revolutionaries
-Hates Devil Fruit, but not the users
-Hates those who are unwilling to grow.

Motivations: -For someone to eventually replace him and lead marines like he never could.
-To see the Yonkos fall and the Pirate King position become nothing but a myth.

Fears: -The Yonkos will demolish the World Government
-He will fail the marines.

Inner Lineage: Will of G - This is an inner lineage that is in reaction to those who do not possess the traits everyone may or may not share, it is unique to the rare of the rare of the rare. Usually, a century may contain one person of this nature, giving them unbelievable power. The Will of D is integrated into this, but in its own way to counter the Will of D. NPC's T5 and under are subject to influence and suggestion, following if they hold some sort of loyalty to the wielder of this lineage. Lower tier may be weak to the power of the person's Haki beyond being knocked unconscious, it may be used to tame them like animals temporarily. Mind control is often the name for this, but they only gain temporary loyalty, no orders can be given. Only the loyal may heed suggestion, but what their actions are are truly up to them. the Will of G grants the person the ability to survive death blows and heal their body if left alone for 7 posts, but they can only do this twice per topic. This prevents the person from being able to wield a devil fruit, keeping them pure of their corruption and allowing the person to achieve mystical power in a different form. It isn't usually a normal sense of superpower, it resides within unique structure and purpose. The Will of G is truly awe-inspiring, albeit invisible to the majority. Haoshoku is an at-birth ability in its complete form, as well as Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku.


Xerxes' Weapons/Armory:

Name: Celebrimbor
Tier: Legendary
Type: Sword
Ability: This sword is capable of releasing arcs of energy from it, not electrical or anything but pure force. They can slice through objects as if Xerxes had stricken them normally, up to twenty meters. The sword is also known as the "Devil Slayer" and allows Xerxes to cut logia without Haki coating it. It is made from sea-stone, allowing this. There is a chain connecting to Xerxes, entangling it and allowing him to send it out and pull it back. Also, Xerxes may charge power into this blade, attacking as if he had the force of up to three attacks at once.

Name: Paragon
Tier: Legendary
Type: Gauntlet, Left hand
Ability: This allows Xerxes to use his "Forge" abilities, feeling the presence of metals in a fifty meter diameter. It is also clawed, allowing him to use it as a weapon. It is capable of stopping weapons in place completely if they are lower tier and the person is lower tier than Xerxes. Also, he may thrust his hand with the force of five punches behind it.

Xerxes' Abilities:

Forge - Xerxes is capable of taking any kind of material and can manipulate it with telekinesis. He may also fuse material in order to create any sort of construct, mechanical or otherwise, on the fly.

Aegis - Xerxes is known for having the most superior Busoshoku of his tier, possessing the ability to stop attacks made by someone of equal or lower tier once per post per tier difference if they end up going lower. Also, he may use Busoshoku infinitely and on the fly, but it only takes a T5's base physical power to go through it, it just pillows the blow by a tier.

Messiah - Xerxes is capable of tearing away the power of Devil Fruit as if the person who had that power just died, casting it into the nearest fruit that is devoid of corruption. Alternatively, he may transfer the power into another person, or completely negate the power if the person is within the range his Kenbunshoku stretches out to. He may create stamps with his attacks that negates the power of the fruit for 1 post per stamp.

Weapon Master - Xerxes is capable of wielding any weapon with mastery, having an innate ability to wield any type to its fullest potential with his body structure.

Rokushiki Guru - Xerxes is capable of creating combinations of Rokushiki techniques on the fly equivalent to T1-T4 techniques, but cannot create more than the tier limitations for each, they just last the thread and he can even reuse them. He has one T5 Rokushiki technique based on Rokuogan, called Dragon Pulse, which essentially injects a singularity of force into an area, which then creates an explosion of force similar to an airburst from that point. Meaning it will destroy someone's insides and explode their body if it succeeds. Dragon Pulse can only work on lower tier characters, but there is the T6 Rokushiki move named "Bolt" which essentially acts as a Geppo + Soru combination that allows him to surpass the speed of those equal to his tier, as well as being able to on-the-fly cast T5-equivalent-in-power Rankyaku with any appendage.

Xerxes' Ship:
HMS Deity

Description - All along the ship are large quad-barrel cannons that fire explosive 105mm shells that release a cloud of seastone powder. This ship is 60% sea-stone and the other 40% is that of a mysterious metal that can experience metallurgy from Xerxes' power. On the front is a bay that opens up to release aircrafts that are equip with 40mm tri-barrel cannons that are fed shells with the same properties of the 105mm, except they rest close to the body of the ship. Incendiary dual-barrel puckle guns rest on the outer part of the wings of these aircrafts and they are large enough for one man and can fly for 8 posts before having to return for re-fueling. The airship itself has an under-belly that may release a gatling of Greek Fire that will rain hell upon anything underneath. At six points, three on each side, are manually-fired harpoon guns of massive proportion that will fire seastone harpoons without any connection to them. At two points on each side are seastone harpoons designed for gripping a ship and are capable of firing out to 200 meters.

On top towards the back are two giant mortars that can rain fifteen shells of death upon an area at a time, with a maximum combined radius of destruction amounting to 150 meters. The problem with running the ship is that it's slower, and can only speed up in bursts, moving 100 meters almost instantly with a 5 post cooldown but not moving the tip more than 40 meters a post. Also, at the start of the topic it has a 30 post supply of water as it runs on steam and a watermill to power its rotors. It can release a hose to drain water to refill it. It has a 10 post supply of coal to keep it running in case the water runs out. It is 250 meters long, 120 meters wide. There are a total of 5 aircrafts in the ship's bay, and it is like a small village inside the ship. It has hybrid capabilities for becoming an on-sea ship, but it can't move on water.

Xerxes' Crew:

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2 Re: Ice King's NPC's on Mon Dec 15, 2014 4:00 pm


Name: Snaz Laka
Epithet: Snake
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Race: Beast/Long-Arm
Sexuality: Asexual

Affiliation: Marine - Rear
Occupation: Brawler - Beast Master

Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Skin Tone: Pale
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Tattoo: Marine tattoo on the right arm.

Personality: Snaz is a very sultry man who often speaks about people as if they are meals. He treats them all as expendable, and will not even flinch if his marines were to die. He is truly stoic in terms of relationships and hardly attempts to manipulate those lower than him. If the person is not a superior Marine, he will treat them like dirt and insult them. He will mock those who are not marines, even the Shichibukai whom are often equal to the Rear Admirals.
Likes: -Hurting others
-Using power to extort citizens
-Creeping on younger people

Dislikes: -Independent people
-Naive people
-Those who shy from harming others or getting harmed
-Voreaphiliacs run the mood of him trying to make those he eats suffer.

Motivations: -To eventually take over as Fleet Admiral and start an era of tyranny.

Fears: -Being defeated
-Dying from someone who he thought was weaker.

Inner Lineage: Tyrant - Snaz is immune to supernatural persuasion. Also, he is capable of instilling an aura of fear and avoidance into the weaker. Since he has no Outer Lineage, his Inner allows him to imprint orders into the minds of non-important NPCs so they will follow until death unless he says otherwise.


Skill Name: Hebi Hebi no Mi Model: Boa Constrictor
Skill Type: Zoan
Skill Information: Snaz transforms into a muscular snake that may extend his arms up to 20 meters passively. He gains the attributes of other reptilian creatures as well, such as being capable of shedding minor wounds by molting himself. Also, his scales allow for flexibility and the form of a powerful hide.
Skill Strengths: -Grants him reach
-Grants him Buso-level protection while active.
Skill Weaknesses: -If it gets too cold he will stop moving
-He is slower, but much more flexible.

May make techniques on the fly:

King Kobra - Snaz has superior strength and prowess than most of his level, having an upper hand and holding Haki of a tier higher than his own. He is able to expand his muscles to show that he is capable of increasing his strength, as well as condensing them for speed.

Endless Snake - Snaz is able to shed more than minor wounds, once per three posts he may shed his body for a new one of equal size, crawling out an expanded mouth. This allows him to recover from moderate wounds at rapid speeds, showing a high prowess for healing.

Devour - Snaz is able to stretch his body as it has the elasticity and flexibility of a snake, capable of expanding his organs, mouth, throat, etc. to seven times their size.


Name: Scorpion Tails
Type: Karambit x2
Description: The Scorpion Tails are a pair of karambits with a wicked design to the blade for heavy internal damage. They are meant to be utilized with Snaz's radical fighting style. Appearance
Ability: They are razor sharp, able to cut through stone with ease. Also, they may be thrown like boomerangs and they will return to Snaz afterwards.

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