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[div align="center"][img src="" alt=" " style="max-width:100%;"]
[font size="4"][font face="impact"]Everyone Has Grown Up[/font][/font]

[font size="1"]All of the original Glee members have grown up from their high school and college days.
Some have taken jobs at their old school while some have had bright careers.
Some have moved back to Lima and have had families of their own.
Now their children are the future.

Joining the football team, forming bands, joining glee club, all around having the
teenage experience really.

The 'new' New Directions has formed back again at McKinley after a long hiatus.
The club is trying to get members to join in hopes to get back to their former glory.

A new performing arts school is quickly gaining popularity. Their glee club is now being
called the 'new Vocal Adrenaline', being almost as ruthless as they once use to be.

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