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Type Dominus is a site dedicated to the world of the works of Kinoko Nasu including Tsukihime, Fate, and Kara no Kyoukai. A dedicated and friendly community that love role playing the setting and interests that range to just about anything.

Almost all canon characters that aren't already filled are open as well as space for hundreds of original characters that can take their place as part of an evolving and dynamic plot that you can play a key part in progressing. Be it fighting, solving mysteries or just making friends there is space for just about anything, from a garden variety human to a pesky Kitsune.

In the Tsukihime part of the story a a fractious group of Church Agents, Humans, Ancient Spirits and Mixed Blood Demons face the coming threat of almost undefeatable vampire menace that may well spell the end for all humanity. Somehow this group must discover both the plans around them along with how to defeat enemies that seem impossible, while trying not to kill each other at the same time.

In Fate Magi have been summoned and partnered with the most powerful of histories legends to fight to the death in the ritual of the Holy Grail War, the winner a wish that can change the world and the rest only despair. From King Arther to Hercules and Guan Yu they fight in a free for all battle to use whatever tactics their masters see fit to use to gain victory.

You can also join and take as much or as little part in these plots as you want. Side stories are welcome and we'll be more than happy to help set them up.

If any of this takes even a little bit of your fancy there is no harm in dropping by and seeing how things are, you can ask any questions here in the welcome area and say hello to our lovely bunch. Welcome.

Have a lovely day.

Home | Welcome Area | Recent Threads | Plot | Open Characters

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