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Enter the Veil... Chett & Germo Appear!

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1 Enter the Veil... Chett & Germo Appear! on Sat Apr 04, 2015 1:53 pm

Shunji:I'm not leaving without them, Amon! Rocket! Vicky! Phorcys!... How could you have left without them I'm going back-

Shunji's ribcage cringed as he tried to move but the pain rendered him motionless. Shunji understood that staying in Logue Town would've been his end. Vice Admiral Ubuntu was on their trail and began to systematically annihilate all of the mobsters within the city, as well as the pirates. Rocket was sure to escape, he had faith in the others fleeing, however, it was his responsibility as Captain to see to their safety.

On the sea, off the coast of Logue town where the ship lies, Chett locked onto his target.

Chett: This is the rookie I'm suppose to take out... Hehe... They look so weak. This should be easy pickings.


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