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Queen of Beasts techniques - Kaiju no hime

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1 Queen of Beasts techniques - Kaiju no hime on Tue Mar 31, 2015 3:44 pm

Skill Name: Queen of Beasts- Kaiju no hime. (Primary).
Skill Type: Beast Master style.
Skill Information

Queen of Beasts is a fighting style Siren makes use of utilizing the same force and influence used when she tames beasts making her emulate or call beasts to her aid to achieve combat effectiveness.  By reaching out with her willpower her commands can be felt by creatures and a bond is formed through which she can perform moves in combat.  Her techniques aren't limited to augmenting herself,  but can imbue other's with a beast-aura as well,  or to give a simple domestic cat the aura of a tiger for example.

Skill Strengths
- Queen of Beasts gives Siren a very intimidating presence with a feral/violent aura as such that she by default becomes more intimidating towards others,  particularly NPCs.  

- Queen of Beasts has a variety of uses revolving around control and bestial strength through the emulation or command of dangerous predators. 
- Queen of Beasts makes her Hao-Haki count as being one tier higher,  and makes her considered to be one tier higher for purpose of being affected by other's Hao-Haki.  If she is "Latent" she becomes t1,  t1 becomes t2.  
- This isn't an aspect of Queen of Beasts technically but I'm stating it here.   Siren's giant body when at large size is hard to damage in a similar manner to a Logia user.  Due to it's size,  thickness of scales, and so on,  she is considerably more difficult to damage.
Skill Weaknesses:
- Queen of Beast effects rely heavily on melee and few if any effects will directly benefit ranged usage.

- Queen of Beast effects rely more on brute strength or stamina than skill and finesse. 
- Queen of Beast techniques that call creatures to her aid take time to appear.

- Siren can be damaged by attacks imbued with Haki similar to attacking a Logia.
- Siren can also be damaged by large scale attacks,  like large AoE's,  though she takes somewhat reduced damage still. 


Tier 1 Techniques

Name: Tooth & Maw
Type: Support
Cooldown: 4, starting when the creatures called flee or are slain. 
Description: This technique calls a local predator to come to the user's aid.  On the user's next post,  some local predator 2 tiers lower than Siren (Minimum of tier 1),  will come to answer the call in a duo. (Such as two wolves, or two sharks)
The predator is it's own entity and can have it's own agenda,  but generally when it arrives it is considered "helpful" to Siren and will direct it's aggression towards Siren's targets.  They'll remain until they suffer heavy damage each.   

They can have one ability appropriate for the predator and environment. (Fire breathing in a volcanic location or so on).  
It can have 2 of the following:  Horns (or tusks), Claws, Fangs, Tail Spikes, or tentacles.  
And 2 of the following:  Scales (Defense), Long tail/arms/neck (Reach),  Muscular body (Strength),  Lean body (Speed),  Fins (Swimming/underwater). 
This doesn't affect predators already present with hostile intent towards Siren unless Kneel is used on them before hand. 

- Duration- They linger until they are damaged.
- Potential to do more damage than most Tier 1 techniques.
- Tooth & Maw can be used without cooldown while the creatures are already summoned as a means of directing their  attention or calling them off. 
- They leave when they suffer heavy damage from any effect,  or stacked damage totaling "Heavy" damage.
- Potential to fail pitifully with those quick on the trigger.  Meaning they could be put down before they harm anything. 
- Takes a post for them to appear with no immediate effect.  Increases by 1 post per tier of effectiveness.   t1 (Siren at t1-3) = 1 post.  t2 (Siren at t4)= 2 posts.  t3 (Siren at t5)= 3 posts. 


Name: Kneel
Type: Range/Support
Cooldown: 3
Description:Kneel sends out an intense burst of overpowering will that will dominate an NPC 2 tiers less than Siren or a creature of 1 tier less for one post.  During that one post they will cower in fear or be overwhelmed with a sense of servitude that conflicts with their own agenda or loyalties,  rendering them paralyzed for the 1 post + 1 post per tier less than the maximum ( 2 tiers less.  So at 3 tiers less it'd be 2 posts).  An NPC cannot be commanded through Kneel,  but the break in their will can lead to other techniques.  A creature, however, can be given 1 command.
It affects a creature/NPC within a close range up to 10 meters per tier. 

Kneel can be used to simply empower a command to make it more intimidating in general. 

- Make an NPC (2 tiers lower than Siren) cower,  or direct a creature (1 tier lower than Siren) with 1 command for that 1 post +1 post per rank below the maximum. 
- Quick instantaneous use,  though there can be a delay in receiving/reacting to it. 
- Can be focused with a very high intensity through direct eyecontact as such that it causes a visible ripple to make a target NPC of 1 tier lower or a Creature of equal tier to "Pause" for a second.  This will momentarily allow any creature or PC to be considered 1 tier less for the purposes of being effected by Hao-Haki,  however it only lasts a second and the effects of Hao-Haki disappear after that second,  only leaving them a little shaken.
- Only lasts a short while.
- Only works on one NPC/Creature at a time. If someone else is still affected by Kneel,  the new use overrides the last. 
- No effect against mindless enemies,  such as zombies,  plants, robots, or golemns.


Name: Shark Grip
Type: Melee
Cooldown: 5 (Only 2 if used to leave a trap)
Description: Shark Grip empowers Siren's hand with a bestial strength to strike, emanating a shark-like aura that can be visibly seen as a gaping maw.  It will leave a bite-like wound as her hand seems to grip with the strength of a shark bite,  spectral shark teeth digging into the flesh.  

Rather than empowering her hand,  she can instead leave a transluscent aura placed on a surface such as the ground or floating in the water.  When someone gets near within 1 meter per tier of the trap,  it will lunge to bite them and remain jaw-locked on them and try to keep the victim from leaving the 1 meter area from where the shark grip was placed for 1 post.  After 1 post the Shark Grip can be broken with moderate damage.  It can be broken within the first post with heavy damage.  This trap has a tier effectiveness of 1 less than Siren. 

- Shark Grip gives her an incredibly tight grip allowing her to hold onto things very securely. 
- Shark Grip also allows her to grip incorporeal targets. 
- Has a crushing force that can easily tear/smash an object gripped that fits in her grasping hand.  To living things or ships,  this deals repeat heavy (But isolated) damage each post the grip is maintained like a vice. 

- Can be left like a bear trap to lie in waiting, translucent and not easily noticed.  
- Shark Grip can be made toothless to deal no damage but still grip. 
- Her grip can be broken by making it dangerous for her to keep holding on.
- Though she can grip incorporeal targets, it's still a bad idea to grip someone made out of fire or so on. 
- While gripping someone you're quite susceptible to melee attacks and very susceptible to "aura"  / radius burst effects.

- If shark Grip is left as a trap, it wont  be able to do anything if a victim doesn't get in range (1 meter, +1 meter per tier), and could them be broken with heavy damage,  or moderate damage after the first post. 
- The strength of a creature of a tier higher than Siren is such that the shark grip trap will be unable to hold them within the 1 meter area of the trap's placement.  Equal-tier creatures will just be much more likely to break it and could do so with notable strain through their strength alone. 


Name: Beast Roar
Type: Support
Cooldown: 5
Description: With an aura akin to a fierce lion,  the user emits a roar that seems to ripple the air in a concussive shockwave capable of deafening anyone too close within a 5 meter area + 5 per tier and knocking them back.  The exact knockback isn't easily calculable but in general a human sized target of a tier less than Siren would be knocked back 5 meters per tier and one of two tiers less would be knocked back by 10 per tier. Small objects such as a thrown ball would be repelled more intensely,  with the same energy as though Siren threw it herself but in a random direction usually not hitting anyone.

Those within a 15 meter area per tier may still be deafened or have their ears ringing based on the logic of the receiving player by their own character, tier, and distance. 

- Could knock back incoming projectiles or a swarm/mob clinging at her and deals mild blunt-concussive damage to those within 5 meters per iter. 

- Reduces the effective rank anyone affected by this by 1 for the purpose of Kneel.
- Those affected by Kneel before Beast Roar are feared, greatly intimidated and will not fight for 3 posts + 3 posts per rank less than Siren.

- If used in conjunction with Hao-Haki, the hao-haki will affect a beast of 1 higher tier than normal. 

- Can't knock back projectiles of t2 or greater.   Can't knock back continuous effects,  such as a long flamethrower or beam.  It can block a short moment of something like a flame thrower or water gun but only for the moment the roar is used,  while the beam example would power through it. 
- Ear protection at all can prevent deafening.  Even simple aesthetic ear protection such as muffs and so on. 
- Those affected by Kneel before beast roar also ave 
- 3 posts to feared state if it's a PC and -3 posts per rank greater than her. 
- The Hao-Haki synergy doesn't apply to humanoids (aka PCs but NPCs as well).


Name: Ferocity
Type: Support
Cooldown: 5
Description:Ferocity spikes a target's aura with an animistic fury,  their aura visibly taking on a sharpness to it or gaining an aura with a sharpness to it.  It agitates their aggression,  making them more prone to violence,  but in the mean time it augments the target's melee damage making them deal a stage higher in melee damage terms.  A light wound becomes a mild wound.  A mild wound becomes a moderate wound. Moderate becomes heavy.  Heavy becomes serious, ect.  In general it's about 100% boost to tier 1 targets,  80% to t2, reducing in effectiveness by 20% per tier from 100%. 
Lasts for five posts.

- Amplifies damage and aggression.  Even if aggression cannot be spiked,  it still augments damage.

- Can be applied to anyone, even an enemy or herself.
- If used on Siren,  her Beast Roar will have twice the range and her Kneel will affect NPCs and Creatures of 1 tier higher, and her Hao-Haki will cause aggressiveness in proportion to Hao-Haki's normal effect on them in place of causing Knock-Out. (Someone who would be knocked out becomes blackout enraged instead ready to savagely attack anything nearby targeting people and creatures first before attacking the environment  If it's a PC they're still on control of their character, though are expected to play it reasonably.
- Can be ended early by techniques that calm emotion or otherwise sap aggression. 
- Does not augment defense or accuracy.   The buffed individual still has to actually hit to deal the added damage.
- Pretty much useless on targets who rely on ranged weapons instead of melee.  It wont augment ranged weapons or techniques at all.

Tier 2 Techniques

Name: Beast Blood
Type: Melee Support
Cooldown: 8
Description: Beast Blood Technique is where Siren puts her hands on a recipient's head and over their neck and held against her chest.  Using her fangs she will bite recipient,  taking some of their blood and giving them some of her own.  In doing so she infuses them with her haki and the closeness of this little ritual fuses their auras,  Siren's overwhelming theirs and filling them with bestial power,  or her consuming theirs leaving them all around weaker if not leaving them unconscious or dead.

Temporarily their muscles bulge and an inky shadow covers their exact form leaving them undefined while the thick bestial aura gives a new definition to them,  as though they were some savage beast... [ Link ]
They become faster and stronger all around though this mostly impacts melee and evasiveness,  not influencing ranged ability.  If they only had their fists before,  they now have a savage bite and claws as the aura has a tangible force behind it that augments their fingers or normal teeth. 

- All around physical empowerment enough to go toe to toe with someone of 1 higher tier. 
- Can be used on an ally or Siren herself. If used on Siren it allows her to use Beast Roar every 2 posts and her Hao-Haki is considered 1 tier higher against beasts. 

- If she manages to use it on a beast they because automatically susceptible to her Hao-Haki or in other words, loyal to her.  She can't overwhelm beasts of a higher tier than she is in this manner.
- Lasts 5 posts,  + 2 posts whenever they draw blood through a bite attack or otherwise consume. Applies only once per post. 

- Doesn't benefit ranged combat.
- Takes a moment to use,  similar to Luffy pausing to "pump" for Gear 2nd. 

- For Siren to affect herself she still needs a target to take blood and aura from. 
- The ally becomes savage and feral,  obeying Siren's directions out of a sense of loyalty but not overt control unless she uses some other ability. 
- Without blood,  such as if fighting a golemn,  robot, plant, ect,  the effect would be cut short.   Every time damage is taken,  and they lose blood,  they lose 1 post of duration.  Applies only once per post. 


Name: Banshee Shriek
Type: Range/Support
Cooldown: 6
Description: Banshee Shriek is used by Siren letting out an incredible shriek of such intensity that it nullifies all sound in a 15 meter/tier radius with an incredibly shrill ringing that causes glass to shatter, leaves to shake,  walls to vibrate and leave everyone caught within it deaf and causing light damage.  This is not the true effect however.

The shriek can be heard for many miles by beasts which come to answer her call,  calling four creatures as though she used Tooth & Maw twice at once,  or calling a single creature 1 tier higher than Siren that attacks her enemies but is not under her control and may not care if her allies get caught in the crossfire. 

- Deafens those caught in the area of effect.  How quickly they recover depends on their tier.  This overwhelms ear protection such as ear muffs or ear plugs.
- Calls creatures as though she used Tooth&Maw twice,  or a single more powerful creature.

- If Banshee Shriek is used while Siren is under Beast Blood it will also deal heavy damage to the environment,  mild to moderate damage to people with a visible shockwave that could be dodged by really fast/reactive individuals,  but also instill fear in everyone based on the same scale of how they would be affected by Hao-Haki of Siren's tier,  but affecting 1 tier higher than Hao-Haki would.

- S
ome things/people (such as some cyborgs) would be unaffected by the deafening effect.  And of course people already deaf wouldn't hear anything (Though they'd still feel the vibrations). 
- The creatures have the same weaknesses as Tooth&Maw.
- The more powerful creature will not consider allies when it attacks.  

- The lesser creatures will take 2 posts to arrive.  The more powerful creature will take 3.


Name: Predator's Sense
Type: Passive, toggleable. 
Cooldown: 2 (For toggle)
Description: Predator's Sense boost's Siren's senses allowing her to smell everything within 15 meters per tier with high acuity to the point that it forms a mental map,  twice range if she is downwind,  but half the range if she is upwind.   

To her eyes,  she sees everything as a thermal image full of blues and purples to reds and yellows representing temperature.  
To her ears,  she can hear things for miles.  A pin drop from the other end of a street.  The blood pumping through someone's body,  the beating of their hearts and the breath they draw. 
To her touch,  she can feel the wind and changes in air pressure with ease and feel every little detail of a surface. 

- Gives Siren an incredible range of sensory information.

- With great senses comes a lot of sensitivity.  All her senses become more vulnerable.  She feels more pain.  She smells more fowl odor.  Loud sounds would be all the more deafening. Her thermal vision could be severely hampered by heavy area temperature effects such as a wildfire or tundra.  It largely depends though,  her thermal sense is the hardest to use against her. 
- She cannot toggle the senses individually. It's all or none. 

- She can be forced out of it by repeat abuse of her sensitivity. 


Name: Predator's Feast
Type: Melee/ Passive
Cooldown: n/a
Description: Predator's Feast kicks in whenever Siren consumes living (Or very fresh) meat and blood.  She heals damage proportional to the meat/blood consumed.  If she ate a baseball sized chunk of meat she'd heal a baseball sized wound.  This isn't' actually as much as it sounds but is more of a fleshwound.  She'd need to eat a full limb's worth of meat to heal a baseball sized hole.  Meanwhile if something made a hole of the same proportionate size on Siren in her full giant size,  she'd need to eat a whale to recover enough.  

- Heal damage through the consumption of meat and blood.  As a side effect it also keeps Siren youthful. 

- This can replaced lost limbs over time and with a -lot- of meat.
- Siren can try to bite opponents in combat to heal a little bit at a time if successful. 

- It can be difficult to eat much in combat.  

- Requires meat to be at hand to eat in the first place.
- Meat consumption is proportionate to her scale.
- That said,  while it's easier to consume more meat when you're large it also takes more of it.  Meanwhile it's harder to eat a lot of meat while small,  but it takes less. 
- To replace say a lost arm,  she would have to eat an entire cow... while at normal human size,  it would then slowly regen over several hours. 


Name: Consumption
Type: Melee / natural / passive
Cooldown: n/a - Limited by available space and size of contents consumed.
Description: Consumption is where Siren attempts to eat a target live and whole.  She first has to grab them,  though she can try to bite them whole a little awkwardly unless they are at sea.  She can attempt to swallow them whole to get them down quicker or she may try to chew first.  Chewing deals heavy damage enough to kill t0's but is more blunt,  only her front teeth being sharp,  particularly her fangs.  

If swallowed she can tilt her head up/back and flex her throat in a way that a second passage opens leading to a safe secondary stomach.  If she is at full size,  this stomach has enough room to walk around in and not be so claustrophobic.  
Her normal stomach has acid that causes mild damage on contact but is similarly roomy.  It's possible that something could allow you to stay out of the acid.  

- Siren's jaw can distend and her stomachs stretch to accommodate things up to roughly 3/4ths Siren's own size.   
- Chewing can deal a lot of damage,  while stomach acid deals damage over time.  Siren's Predator Feast will effect anyone in her "safe" stomach. 

- Most creatures and NPC's of tier 0-1 won't be able to escape.  PC's can always try/perform a number of methods to attempt escape regardless of tier. 

- Siren is vulnerable to damage from those inside her,  her insides not having any toughness or special resistances.  Damage inside is direct and deals twice the normal damage.  It's possible for someone to carve their way out of her stomach leaving a wound comparable to a bullet wound, more or less.  
- Those inside her mouth can try to resist in some manner.   A very effective method would be to stab at the roof of her mouth.   
- Another method could be to just try to avoid chewing by diving in on their own.  If they know her anatomy enough they can intentionally force their way into her "safe" stomach more easily than they could carve their way out.   From the Safe stomach one can continue along a sub-tract to exit Siren's body, separate from the digestive tract (The exit isn't her bum).

- The larger the object/creature she swallows the more damage and the more vulnerable she becomes due to the stretching.  (Note: No stretching occurs with human sized... guests... while she's in her full size.) both from inside and from outside.  Making it very potentially lethal to swallow something/someone live.   If she is stretched due to eating something like that she'll also be proportionately slower.  
- Eating things limits her use of body Compression.  She could expand if she ate something while human sized,  but shrinking while having ate living or inorganic matter is dangerous proposition.  Things swallowed into her "Safe" stomach can shrink with her,  but not expand with her.  If they exit the safe stomach they'll enlarge to their normal size again.

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Please separate your primary and secondary skills into two separate threads.

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4 Re: Queen of Beasts techniques - Kaiju no hime on Mon Apr 06, 2015 11:25 pm

Interesting skill set you have going on here, its very creative and cool. I would like to start this process off by pointing out a few things. For one, we do not allow things to increase Hao-Haki passively. This is something I am going to have to ask you to change in your primary skill.

As for your t1 skill "Kneel". it would not fully effect important npcs. Important npcs are of your level or higher and work similar to a player character.

As for beast roar, shock waves are primarily from a fruit that creates it or from a skill set that primarily uses them. I am iffy on this because it also borders on the sound fruit. That being said, if we allowed this, a t1 tech is not going to create a repelling shock wave. It could deafen people for sure though and possibly slow them down to make them easier to dodge.

For your t2 techs, Banshee shriek is fine, just know it wouldn't nullify all sound. It has the potential to shut down an entire fruit.

Predators sense is a no no for tier 2 at this time. We do not allow someone to boost their senses up that high without a zoan devil fruit. Not at least at this level. You're at most going to get 2 sensory increases at tier 2 and they would be moderate. Enough for an advantage but not enough to hear blood pumping or see every little surface and so fourth. On top of that, thermal vision at t2 would be a bit much.

Predator's feast is something that needs to be looked out for. Please note any serious serious damage could be fatal or impossible to heal from, like a rather massive hole or massive internal damage or decapitation or the destruction of your heart or organs. At tier 2 you're not going to heal a whole lot. At most maybe some heavy wounds.

Consumption, I don't even know where to begin! When I see this I think attack on titan and chuckle. Honestly, I really don't know what to say about this. I'm going to let another staff take a look at that one.

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