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Otori Shirakawa

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1 Otori Shirakawa on Mon Mar 30, 2015 9:13 am

Name: Otori Shirakawa
Epithet: The Sea Minstrel
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Merfolk (cecaelia)
Sexuality: Bisexual

Affiliation: Marines - Ocean Hydra
Occupation: Bard


A dark skinned beauty, she resembles what sailors would tell stories about beautiful maidens of the sea. Her top half is a dark skinned woman with hair as black as night, save for the deep red tips of her hair that seems to have a mind of its own sometimes.
Traveling above the waters most of the time, she prefers to wear dresses and long skirts, but can compress her tentacles enough to wear pants when necessary. When she preforms for taverns or other hired work, she uses her best dresses of soft red velvet, or white satin. When playing in the streets, or on ships, she will wear loose clothing for comfort, less fancy dresses of whites and blues, though in either case, she keeps her tentacles hidden. Only when she is alone or with people she can trust, does she really relax her appearance, often stripping most of her clothes off, leaving just a few shells or sea plants to cover her intimate bits.

Hair Color: Black messy hair, with deep red ends.
Eye Color: Pale Amber
Skin Tone: Darker Skin Complexion, her tentacles vary from dark purple(Top) to dark pink(underneath)
Height:Waist up : 2'06", tentacles maximum length : Between 3'00"(Normal) and 7'00"
Weight: 250 lbs.(Tentacles pure muscle)
Tattoo: N/A


Day Dreamer - Usually when she is singing, but often when there is nothing to be done as well, she slips away from reality and dreams about the stories she has heard or read about, as well as previous adventures she herself has been on, recalling how they went, and often changing her song partway without realizing it in the process.

Quiet - When she is not singing or telling tales of the past, she is often quiet, listening to the world around her for a hint of a story. She knows that the next song she sings could be just around the corner, or be a local legend to that place.

Optimist - Even when things are down and hard, it is very difficult to get her to cave into sorrow and despair, believing that at any moment that things will turn around for her. Only in the most desperate or darkest of times does she give up, and then she cries silently, not even having the energy to sing, but not the heart to bring her fellows down if she can help it.


1. Music - Both Preforming and listening to music.

2. Stories - Any story can be turned into an inspiring song, or a thought provoking lyric, and she seeks to do both.

3. Adventure - Doesn't matter whether she is being held hostage by pirates or braving a storm, its all part of the fun, and will make a great story to tell later, no matter how frightening things may be at the time.


1. Sushi - Those were probably her friends, and the thought alone makes her cry.

2. Slavery - Though shes been able to avoid it so far, she knows many have not been so fortunate, and hopes to help end the practice.

3. Boredom - Any day that nothing happens is a day wasted, and thats something she can't stand.

Main Goal : Bring people together with her music, and help the Merfolk and Fishmen be accepted amoung the humans.

Secondary Goal : Preform in front of a large cheering audience, and be famous as a merfolk musician.

Third Goal : See what the surface is like, and find a way to visit home safely again.


Top Fear : Enslavement - Being forced into slavery, to have her freedom taken away, and forced to do someones bidding. This is a real possibility for her, and she knows it, and it frightens her more than most things.

Secondary Fear : Drowning - Having eaten a Devil Fruit, she can no longer swim, even if she can communicate with sea creatures and breath, she would not last long now, and its a fear that she is not used to having.

Third Fear : Cannibalism - Not herself being eaten, but mistakenly eating fish or any sea food that isn't seaweed or some other plant of the ocean.

Inner Lineage:

Name: Multiplay
Description: The individual has the ability to use do multiple things at the same time, and in this case, it is playing music. The individual can play a while band by themselves, and nearly any instrument, in perfect harmony.
Ability: Music is enhanced, garnering stronger reactions from people, whenever using multiple instruments.

Outer Lineage:

Name: Fortune Finder
Description: These people through out time had an eye for finding the rarest of riches and treasures. Obtaining wealth was second nature to these people, as they always seem to find ways to get better rewards & payments for their work.
Ability: Unlike, most outer lineages that have direct use in combat. This lineage is one of the few that doesn't instead it allows the user to gain riches more quickly than others. Anyone with this lineage earns 50% more Beli for Beli rewards.

Claiming New Player Bonus! Thank you!

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2 Re: Otori Shirakawa on Tue Mar 31, 2015 1:32 pm

Approve 1/2 :D

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2/2 approved

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