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Prima C. Meridianne

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1 Prima C. Meridianne on Sat Mar 28, 2015 10:02 pm

Prima C. Meridianne

Name: Prima C. Meridianne "Siren". 
Epithet: "Blood Siren"
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race: Mer-Giant
Sexuality: Bisexual

Affiliation: Pirate
Occupation: Beast Master

Personality: Siren is normally pleasant company.  She's somewhat quieter and not all that rowdy, though not so gloomy as she still has a smile,  especially around new people she hadn't met before or gotten to know she wont talk too much.  She isn't use to talking and it can be hard for her to work with words because she's been made to keep silent for most her life.  

Other times she can get worked up and be cheery and can be really playful and free-spirited,  just wanting to have fun and make the most of freedom.  Laughing and even getting into a song or dance along with others,  even just on her own if she's in a good mood and enjoying the environment.   She likes to enjoy herself and she likes getting others to enjoy themselves as well.  
Despite her usual quietness,  Siren has a fierceness to her.  A level of intensity that can be seen in her posture,  her eyes,  her expression when she lets her smile slip.  This fierceness of hers comes to play when something grates against her morals or ideals, or just when faced with opposition/enemies in general.  
In times like these she can be really intense and holds her ground with a tenacity and will to assert herself and not cave to the wills of another.  This intensity can inch closer to anger as it goes on as someone continues to try to assert their own will over hers,  whether by blade or some 'authority' they try to lord over her.  

She can be quick to change her opinion of someone if it doesn't include some of her higher ideals regarding authority and oppression,  if you simply annoyed her she can be really short with you and dislike you,  but then you could easily sway her into liking you with just a little effort.  Likewise, if she likes you you could easily make her dislike you just as quickly.  No matter how much she likes you,  if you engage in slavery you'll be marked as an enemy. 
If she likes you,  she'd do just about anything for you and could go far out of her way just to lend a hand.  She doesn't hold much stock in her personal affairs and doesn't often share her own worries or needs with others,  but is quick to take on other's problems and listen to their own fears and worries.
If she dislikes you,  expect to be snubbed or ignored.  She doesn't do much if anything for people she dislikes,  as she views it similarly to being forced to service her past masters.  

If you engage in tyranny,  corruption,  and cause suffering,  Siren will seek to take your life if given the chance.  Likewise,  she wont hesitate to use lethal force against those who serve that tyranny,  whether they be Marines or Bounty Hunters alike.  She wont double check her work,  once you're out of the fight you're out of the fight unless you are her target,  in which case she takes great care in ensuring you wont be a problem to others again and leaving a display to make sure everyone knows WHY.

She can be very singular and extremely determined in pursuing such targets,  but perfectly willing to take her time and look at different angles, waiting until well prepared and letting her prey expose themselves or walk into her traps as she lies in wait.   She does what it takes to get a job done,  whatever it takes short of giving herself up to captivity again. 
When the pursuit really starts,  when plans kick into gear,  she goes from being a pleasant smiling little flower to a fearsome enemy radiating hostility and intent like a tangible force that can be felt thick on one's shoulders and grips their hearts.   

Very little can persuade her to drop her pursuit of someone,  but she can give in if her target is too far her superior.  She may have a hard time parting if it's just some bodyguard that is stronger than her,  in which case she tries to plan and lure,  but sometimes it's just not possible for her to get at someone,  and she has to mark them for later,  to wait until she can get stronger or have more allies.


- Friends & Companions: She had very very few friends for over a decade.  She was usually kept separate in her own tanks away from other mermaids or slaves,  the only people she usually got to see were the nobles who looked on her for amusement or as one would a trophy.  She would occasionally get to meet with others,  usually during transportation.  Being free she longs for companionship and friends to call her own. 
- Sleep & Relaxation: When she was a slave it was hard for her to get enough sleep and she wasn't really able to relax.  Someone was always seemed to be making her do something,  doing this or that usually to entertain someone.   Even when she was sleeping or trying to relax,  she was always on display for someone.  An attraction,  a novelty.  Since being free she can sleep well and relax away from prying eyes or fearing someone will prod her to get up and entertain someone. 
Indulgence & Excess: She loves being able to indulge in things,  and loves having excess resource, wealth, or an abundance of food.  She was always well fed as a slave,  not feeding her enough would have reduced her value,  but she only got good food, drink, or even items as rewards for good behavior and submitting to something at the will of her then-masters.  By having excess,  she feels as though she's doing well,  but also that she's giving a finger to her past captors. 
- Authority & Domination: Siren dislikes most authority figures as most seem to be corrupt and take bribes or actively engage in criminal activity,  or activity that -should- be criminal,  or even ignoring their own laws as though they are better than the law, that they don't have to obey the very rules they impose on everyone else.  This takes on a whole new level when they don't just throw around the law like this,  but are actively enforcing their behavior and push down on the lives of those who they presume themselves to be above.  This bridges the gap from corruption to outright tyranny. 
- Death & Suffering: Siren strongly dislikes those who kill indiscriminately and cause suffering wherever they go.  The people who would hold towns hostage or ransomed with "Taxes" or "Tributes" and bully the inhabitants.  Anything that causes suffering for the undeserving is despicable.  Those who take innocent lives don't deserve to draw breath,  less they take more innocence. 
Marines & Bounty Hunters: Marines and Bounty Hunters are either blind and deluded into believing in their cause or are active participants in a grand scheme of corruption and intimidation of the weak.  At least the worst of the pirates don't pretend otherwise,  but countless pirates have more honor and decency than the marines,  or the bounty hunters who don't even have some "duty" to hide behind when they bring in those who would fight to keep their freedom to captivity.    Siren has a very low opinion of such people.
- Avoiding capture: An obvious motivation for most people,  but Siren has spent too much time in captivity as it is.  Avoiding capture isn't just common sense for her,  it's the active avoidance of her own past.  She escaped,  most don't,  she has her freedom she hadn't experienced since she was a young child.  She avoids capture because she is running from her past and the people who would see her in chains again.  Even detainment by the marines would result those people catching up to her,  behind bars or in a collar, Siren will do everything to avoid it. 
- Dragon hunting: The "Celestial Dragons" are some of the worst scum on the planet and are avatars or corruption that throw their weight around inspiring fear and doing as they please without consequence with the expectation of people caving to their every whim and fancy,   if they see someone they like they take them away for their pleasure.  If they see someone they don't like,  they kill them without a thought or a cause.  Siren wants to make these people experience the same fear they impose on everyone else,  and will go out of her way to try to hunt them.   She has her limitations however,  as many are guarded by people much stronger than she. 
- Abolishing slavery: Slavery is an abomination and a sickening practice that ruins lives,  leaving -people- at the mercy of strangers,  incapable of resisting their whims and desires.   The young and the old alike,  put on display or made to entertain,  or even work laboriously driven by whip and chain.   Siren will actively go out of her way to investigate and tear down any slave trade she suspects or witnesses,  the slavers themselves unlikely to leave without at least missing a few pieces of themselves.  
- Captivity: She's afraid of being put back into captivity.  She would sooner die and take everyone she can down with her before being put back in chains.  She's had more than enough time in chains and cages at the hands of others.  The prospect of being put back in captivity both angers and panics her.  
- Contagions: She's spent over half her life around nobles and celestial dragons,  their... oddities,  shaped her a little.  She fears contagiousness and germs,  despite not knowing exactly what that means. She just mostly avoids breathing the same immediate air as someone, holding her breath and so on until they pass or she moves,  and is afraid of sick people.  
- Sea Kings: Sea Kings are some of the only creatures larger than her,  and are known for their visciousness.   As such,  Siren worries about them and is always at least subtly on the look out,  as Sea Kings tend to search for larger prey which is why they attack ships and eat other sea kings.   To them,  she's a snack.  They're also some of the only creatures she cannot seem to communicate with and command,  if they do hear her, they ignore her.

Appearance:  Siren is a beautiful mermaid with flowing vividly red hair usually worn up in one loosely gathered tail leaving some bangs and long strips of hair on her sides while her eyes are yellowish green.   She has a very attractive body,  curvaceous and lush with an ample supply of cleavage.  Her wonderful skin is marred with a large brand on her back that once marked her as a slave to the celestial dragons.    She has a little bit of fishman in her ancestry that gives her two fang-like canines,  not too long though.

From her waist down Siren is not so human.  Based on the Longfin Red fish ( Link , Link ), from her thighs down her legs are replaced by a long serpent-like scaled tail lined with fins at the hips and along the back of the tail and ends in a larger luxurious tailfin that flows/billows on the currents gracefully,  and is silky or velvety to the touch.    
Her scales, shaped like gems (Rupees from Zelda), are like rubies and glisten when they catch the light and is accentuated by a subtle blue glow,  that's not so subtle depending on the light forming patterns between scales and along her fins. 
The scales closer to the ruffle-like fins along the back of her tail extending from her spine down,   are dark red like blood,  meanwhile from her torso down on the underside of her tail her scales don't appear for a short distance, leaving a pinkish soft underbelly connected to her soft human torso.   
Around where the tail starts she has two small fins on her front that stay folded against her body,  a foot or so from her naval.  A similar pair of small fins are on the opposite side,  but with a large curtain-drape like fin that extends back almost like a dorsal fin but is long and luxurious,  and flows on the water with a certain grace.  

Hair Color: Red.
Eye Color: Yellow-green or golden, depending on the light. 
Skin Tone: Light, even a little paleish but flush pinkish. 
Height: 45 meters from waist up.   140 meters long with the tail.  If she has legs,  she stands 99.6 meters tall.

"The Giants that still exist are 70 Feet - 100 Meters tall. When picking this race you will need to put at least 70 feet tall or up to 100 meters in order to be a Giant." - Having a longer body however I worked out a middleground between what the equivalent size would be on someone with a long tail-fin rather than legs.
Weight: 110k lbs
Tattoo: She has a brand on her back from when she was a slave.  She's rebranded herself,  elongating and widening the "claws" making it more clawlike and intimidating rather than the slave brand's short small "claws" on a large circle. 

Inner Lineage:  
Name: Body Compression
Description: Body Compression is a trick passed down Siren's tribe of Mer-Giants,  baring the blood of Sea Kings within them. 
It allows the Mer-Giants to reduce themselves to stand face to face with humans or their kin.   For generations it had allowed the tribe to remain in hiding from the World Government until the tribe was discovered and raided,  resulting in many deaths and many more taken into captivity. 
Usage: Body Compression allows Siren to reduce her size to within normal humanoid sizes and anywhere in between.   Strength remains,  but the natural resistances due to size is lost and even though the strength is the same,  you can't get as good grips or balances as with full size.  Likewise,  everything she can do aside from strength is scaled down significantly to match the new size.  
Body Compression is tiresome,  time spent with Body Compression active is always considered active time.  While she could relax while body-compressing in the same way an early morning swim or jog is relaxing,  she cannot rest to recover fatigue or sleep with it active. 

Outer Lineage:

Name: Legendary Speaker      
Description: There exists, for everyone, a sentence—a series of words—that has the power to destroy you. Another sentence exists, another series of words, that could heal you. As a Legendary Speaker, you have mastered the art of talking to a point where you can win battle simply by saying a few sentences to your opponent, causing them to simply accept defeat or even persuade  them to be your ally.
Ability: Twice per Thread you are able to persuade a non-important NPC of lower tier than you to cease hostile actions against you for the rest of the thread. This ability will not work on PCs or Important NPCs.

Writing Sample:
Far from my best post,  but it's my most recent.


^ No cat ears.

Bored,  Claire drew her hand into the pocket of her hoodie where she imagined her prize and willed it into being,   her hand clutching something as she pulled it out.   She held a mysterious black ball that radiated mystery and an aura of secrecy.   

Shaking it once,  twice, and three times she held it to her cheek as the light dimmed and she spoke in a whisper.

"Should I explore somewhere new today?"   

The mysterious orb grew hazy as a purple and blue mist revealed two words...

"Outlook Good."

"Alright then." Claire said dismissively as the lights went back to normal and the ball vanished.

Claire woke up from bed as she always did; Suddenly.  From her sprawled position bunching up her nightshirt and sheets,  she leered out the window that stood parallel to her bed and out to the city outside.  The window was open as always to let her feel the breeze and taste the night air,  but it also let her hear the sounds of the city beyond it.  Connecting her to the outside world it comforted her somewhat.  

She sighed and sat up a little too quick and easily for someone who had just woken up.   With every step an item of her night attire disappeared in a purple haze on her way to the bathroom.   
When she left it,  her hair was still damp when she emerged fully dressed with long black stockings,  tan skirts,  a white buttoned up shirt and a black hooded jacket.   A pink backpack was slung across her back and her expression was brightened up considerably,  as she had just caught herself making faces into the mirror and was amused with herself.  

She was staying at an inn within "Central District" within the Neutral Grounds.  A city without magic,  they say,  though it hardly affected Claire as a red sucker appeared in the air in front of her and she bit it casually out of the air and rolled it around with her tongue.   It was a cinnamon-pepper flavor and warmed her mouth pleasantly.    

Getting the inn was hardly a concern,  she could have chosen any inn or hotel in the city should she have wished.  Physical possessions were of no concern to her whatsoever,  including coin.  All it took was a wave of her hand to satisfy someone's monetary concerns.   

You might imagine she'd be living lavishly in some golden penthouse,  but the small inn suited her well enough.  She didn't even really need the sleep,  but it was a luxury in and of itself and helped give her a sense of normalcy and a chance to touch back with the world she had known for centuries being none the wiser.

She was tempted to leave a surprise for the innkeeper,  a nice woman.  But Claire knew not to tempt fate.  She had a minimal-impact policy that served as a security blanket,  not for her,  but for those she would affect.   Sure she could shower the woman with gold and riches,  but what then?  Someone would likely kill her for her treasures,  or she'd go on to lose it all in some other horrible way or by her own undoing.   Or what if people started asking questions?  You don't just gain a small treasury overnight.

Instead,  Claire had spent the morning helping the woman in her kitchens instead doing some volunteer work.    Wherever Claire went,  she made small repairs and replacements.  Subtle things.   Replacing a fraying broom,  a broken stove,  missing or old spices.    When Claire left quietly,  there was a small bounty of food and fresh ingredients both new and replacing the old and a pot of stew and bread out for the innkeeper's guests.  

But Claire wasn't here to help one random innkeeper,  she had come to this city to explore.  She was incredibly new to Earthland and  every little thing was new to her in some way.  The more Claire explored the more memories of her lives in this world came to her in bits and pieces.  Fragments of memories and lives long lost.   It wasn't much,  but they built up.

If Claire could help people as she went,  then all the better.   Which is why Claire had chosen to start in this Central District,   said to be the most dangerous place in all of the Neutral Grounds.  Everything here was hella shady even during the day.  Even that innkeeper may have been affiliated to some gang or crime network,  or at least under the thumb of one.   

She could fill the darkness and corruption throughout the population of Central,  it weighed on her,  it dragged at her heart.   Suffering.  Sickness.  Oppression.  It was thick here,  and she could feel it well.   Ever since entering she'd been sending out ripples of positive energy through the unseen network of emotion that connected all people.  Every little tweak subtly changing the mindsets,  combating the darkness that had settled here. 

Even now after only last evening and through this morning,  she was starting to feel the change.  Claire may not be able to help everyone in this black-spirited district,  but she can wake them up.  She can help them help themselves.   Her eyes were open as she walked down a largely empty street passing run-down buildings,  but in her mind's eye, or at least one of them,  her attention was on the various threads of suffering and unhappiness,   the aggression and displeasure.   

Thread by thread she boosted the livelyhood of this district, pulling this and snipping that,  or drawing her own connections between emotions and concepts.    It may not change things for now,  but it would be the chance for the people to change themselves.  

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Approve 1/2!!! :3

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The only issue I am having is with the inner lineage. We have a fruit that lets you change your size basically. But with your drawbacks I don't see it being a big deal honestly. Just please don't abuse it.

2/2 approved.

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