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Viktor D. Coyote

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1 Viktor D. Coyote on Sat Mar 28, 2015 2:00 pm

"As Loyal as a Dog, Vicious as a Wolf, and as Sly as a Fox"

Name: Viktor D. Coyote
Epithet: Red Eye Coyote
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Affiliation: Pirate
Occupation: Gunslinger / Assassin

Appearance: Viktor possesses a very slim athletic physique.  He's narrow and a bit scrawny, but extremely fit and muscular with barely an ounce of fat on him.  As an albino, his hair and skin are completely white, so he burns easily in the sun which prompts him to bundle up in very conservative clothing, even in hot climates which can be a bit of a pain sometimes.  He's fond of turtle neck jackets and leather gloves, which not only protect his skin, but makes free running and climbing a bit easier.  His lack of color greatly emphasizes his crimson red eyes, which has earned him the Epithet "Red Eye Coyote."  An epithet he's had since childhood.  To hide his identity, he wears a variety of stylish sunglasses.
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Red
Skin Tone: Fair
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 149 LBS
Tattoo: N/A

Viktor is a snappy young individual with a vicious mouth and sharp tongue.  He's a cunning speaker, but he's got a rowdy attitude about him that sometimes gets the better of him and leads him to trouble.  Growing up surrounded by rowdy pirates has made him prone to trash talking.  He's arrogant and foolhardy and more often than not bites off more than he can chew, but he's quick on his toes and is able to think himself out of almost any situation he puts himself in to.

In a casual setting, Viktor is a merry and care free person.  Enjoying life to its fullest and making friends wherever he finds them.  He's extremely easy to get along with, so long as you don't openly insult him or his friends.  He can take a harmless joke, but he'll defend his honor and the honor of his comrades to the bitter end. If all is resolved however, he's also quick to forgive and forget. Viktor lives in the moment and doesn't dwell on the past for the most part.

Despite his attitude and recklessness, there is a sly aspect to the Coyote that often catches people off guard, based on his rowdy exterior.  Viktor is a master of the "Poker face" which actually makes him a brilliant actor.  While some times he really does let his attitude and arrogance get the better of him, other times he does it to throw people off from his true intentions, or appear entirely calm and collected without a single tell to reveal his intentions.  He uses this talent to get the better of others, but he's not the type of person to take advantage of nice folk.

Viktor is an honorable man with good moral values, despite what some people might think of the savage Coyote.  He is viciously loyal to his comrades and would die to protect them if there was no other option. not only that, but he would also defend others who are being mistreated. Were someone (Especially a woman) being mistreated in front of him, he'd step in and resolve the matter in a manner that would ensure it never happened again...

Playing Cards: Viktor's favorite pastime is playing cards, poker especially.  Even under normal circumstances when he doesn't cheat, he enjoys games that require cunning and any time he gets to show off his fancy card flourishing tricks is a bonus.
Cities & Densely populated areas: A city is like a playground to the Red Eyed Coyote.  In crowded areas Viktor can make use of his skilled hands to pickpocket and swindle civilians, as well as gather information relatively easily.  Tall structures make free running exciting and makes for easy escape routes when being chased.  For the Red Eyed Coyote there is opportunity around every corner.
Indulgence: Viktor's not very good at saving his money.  He doesn't deny himself any pleasures and takes full advantage of "The pirates life" drinking and partying his booty away.  He lives in the moment and never regrets a penny spent.
Fiddling: Viktor likes to keep his hands busy.  He will most often be seen shuffling a deck of cards, flipping or rolling a coin on his fingers, twirling his gun etc...

Authority:  Viktor has a love hate relationship with Authority.  He really hates being put in his place and being told what to do, but he absolutely loves defiance, and the thrill of breaking the law.  Viktor will always hate the marines, but without them he would never be able to live the lifestyle he loves.
Wide open spaces:  Viktor feels naked out in the open.  No corners to cut or buildings to scale leaves him without any form of clear escape route.
Scumbag Pirates:  Viktor likes to break the law as much as the next guy, but even he has moral standards.  Pirates (or anyone really) Who have no respect for life of any kind or a persons civil rights are nothing more than the scum of the earth.  Slavery and the murder of innocents are things that Viktor cannot accept as a form of piracy and will go out of his way to thwart those scumbag pirates to protect the reputation of pirates everywhere.

To find his fortune:  Viktor grew up in Mock Town, a town inhabited mostly by pirates who wold regale him with stories of the grand adventures of so and so, pirates who've accomplished incredible things and earned their fortune and fame.  Viktor's dream, is acquire his own fortune, one grand enough to earn the respect of all other pirates.  However to acquire this fortune, he won't attempt many small scores over his entire lifetime.  Viktor's sense of adventure would not allow that.  Viktor is after that one big score.  Something so incredibly rare and valuable that simply by acquiring it, his name will be remembered, the thing that will set him apart from all other pirates and earn his place his history among the greats.  

Imprisonment:  Viktor's greatest fear is life in a cell.  A fate far worse than death for anyone who travels the high seas.  He treasures his freedom more than anything and would rather die than let it be taken from him.
Growing old & Dying:  The one thing no man can conquer.  Eventually we all gotta go, but Viktor seems to have a hard time accepting that.  He loves the pirates life too much to give it up to old age.  To him, being an old cripple is almost as bad as being imprisoned and he can't bear the thought.
His Mothers Well Being:  Viktor's mother Claire is the only known family he has.  He often worries about her while on his voyages, and fears for her well being while he's away from home.

Inner Lineage:
Sleight of Hand: Viktor possesses tremendous dexterity with his hands and a cunning mind.  With this he has developed numerous techniques to misdirect, distract and amaze utilizing his hands to rob, cheat and swindle people out of whatever they're worth.  
Usage: Viktor utilizes Sleight of hand to manipulate the flow of an RP outside of combat.  Making things disappear or reappear in the right situation, or seamlessly manipulating objects to his whim.  For example a deck of cards that can be shuffled to his benefit, or handcuffs that can be "Slipped" with ease and any general object that can be "Swapped" for a fake.  

Outer Lineage:
Name: Fortune Finder
Description: These people through out time had an eye for finding the rarest of riches and treasures. Obtaining wealth was second nature to these people, as they always seem to find ways to get better rewards & payments for their work.
Ability: Unlike, most outer lineages that have direct use in combat. This lineage is one of the few that doesn't instead it allows the user to gain riches more quickly than others. Anyone with this lineage earns 50% more Beli for Beli rewards.

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5 Re: Viktor D. Coyote on Tue Apr 07, 2015 2:13 pm

I am willing to give you your second approval with your Inner-Lineage's usage outside of combat in mind. Blatantly using the switch-trick or otherwise in combative purposes, depending on the situation, will receive your inner-lineage an immediate post-review. Take peace of mind in knowing that at the worst, you'll probably just have to remove your outer-lineage. Anyways, carry on, you've been approved.


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