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Ninpocho Chronicles

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Ninpocho Chronicles KkjuVyB

Humanity creates legends. Not a soul can whisper that is not so. With the ability to push themselves harder to become the best, this is where the lore of the shinobi have come from. However, within these walls, this lore rings more true than anyone can possibly imagine.

Ninpocho Chronicles is a non-canon Naruto roleplay where great minds come to write incredible stories that will be told for ages. With a long standing record of ten years, the site has seen its fair share of great roleplay and incredible battles come to light. Many of the writers on our site have formed friendships that extend over these years. Harboring a friendly environment for new people to come in and get started with roleplay, Ninpocho is great for people of all levels of writing skills. If you don't feel comfortable with your roleplaying, it is fine! We have people here that will gladly take you under their wing and help you with what you wish to do.

Ninpocho Chronicles offers the ability to make a character customizable to a person's liking. The possibilities are nearly endless with all of the bloodlines and core abilities that were designed for the site. We have a fully functional battle system if a person feels blood thirsty enough to have a good amount of fights in their time on the site. Even if one wishes to be a pacifist, that is fine. Everyone on the site flourishes one way or another.

Currently, our village openings include:

Sunagakure: Village Hidden by Sand
Kumogakure: Village Hidden by Clouds
Iwagakure: Village Hidden by Stone

If you do not see your prospective village on the list, do not fret. The site is constantly growing and has opportunities to bring new villages to tread ground in and explore. We also have non player character villages for the community to roleplay within.

New Player Guide | Character Creation | Rules | Character Revival

P.S. The answer to our security question is Sasuke.

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