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Zoids: Infinite Era (Needs staff members! (See info on site)

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Are you looking for excitement? The ability and encouragement to pilot giant robots into battle for both money and fame? To bond with your very own walking, flying, or swimming death machine?

Do you want to be a part of a worldwide war, fought on a much larger scale? To be a war hero, or to be behind enemy lines as a covert agent?

Perhaps you're looking for a more down-to-earth approach. Do you want to be a traveling merchant? Sell equipment, parts, etc. to Zoid battlers?

Or maybe you want to be a jack of all trades. Whatever you may want, we have it at...

Zoids: Infinite Era!

So what IS this, exactly?

This is Zoids: Infinite Era, a stat-based roleplaying forum based off of the anime, toyline, manga, and game-line known as Zoids. Zoids is pretty much set around the usage of giant, biomechanical, animalian constructs known as Zoids, that are inhabitants of the planet Zi. In this forum, the planet Kainos is the planet of the current canon. It has similar, if not identical life due to the near-identical conditions it has. It is also said that a splinter of Zi landed on Kainos millions of years ago, when one of Zi's old moons collided with the then-smaller Zi. This brought with it the potential for Zoid growth.

The RP takes place on a planet known as Kainos, hundreds of years after the inhabitants of Zi were forced to leave their planet due to catastrophic volcanic eruptions that clouded their skies and blocked out their sun. These were caused by the creation and use of a now-illegal, extremely powerful device known as the Zoids Overload System, which inadvertently interfered with gravitational fields and weather patterns across the planet.

Their new planet, Kainos, is extremely Earthlike in appearance, size, and temperatures. Comparatively, it is close enough to Earth that its temperatures emulate it almost exactly. There are only 5 continents, however. The continents are known as Tepi, Caldu, Fervo, Coryzus, and Inusi. All of the continents, save for Coryzus, are populated by one of the 4 main factions.

This Zoids universe is inhabited by both of the original factions, plus some of the newer ones. The Guylos Empire, the Helic Republic, Zi-Arms Corporation, and the Zoids Battle Commission. They each have a stake on one of Kainos' five continents, and are currently in a state of somewhat-disgruntled peace. Zoid Battling sates their appetites for warfare... For now.

What's going on right now?

Currently, reports of the Guylos Empire creating yet another Death Saurer, one of the most feared of all Zoids ever created, are spreading around Kainos. Though many have tried, no government has been able to find proof, be it through sabotage or actually asking the Guylos Emperor. Zi-Arms, a known former associate of the Guylos Empire, has denied all of such allegations, completely discrediting any "proof" as to their cooperation.

Check us out today!
Zoids: Infinite Era!

Thank you for considering us,

Head Administrator Yahtzee

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