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Generations has passed since the days of Naruto, hero of the Ninja World. Much has changed. In an effort to ensure peace and unify the lands, the Kage of old decided to elevate one of their own to the title of Shougun. After a vote, Uzumaki Naruto was named Shodai Shougun unanimously. The lands were made one under the rule of the Shougun, and the village and clan system was abolished.

In the time that came, the ninja world flourished, but slowly, yet surely, people began to question the new system, the peace, and the Shougun. The reasons for this were many, but only a few gained a following. Groups, or "Clans", were formed all over the ninja world, led by people that openly, and often violently, opposed the rule of the Shougun. The peace now hangs in a balance.

Naruto Taifuuden is a Naruto based RP set in the future of the series. The world is united, the five great nations now reduced to regions of the new Empire, led by a Shougun. Clan have been given a new meaning, and the blood of ninja has been spread out, giving rise to hybrids of all kinds. Taifuuden is a different way of playing Naruto, and includes a fairly simple EXP system that helps you build your character any way you want.

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