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The Just Fairy in the Ocean's Hydra? (Killua)

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1 The Just Fairy in the Ocean's Hydra? (Killua) on Sat Mar 07, 2015 9:31 am

Killua, It would be a pleasure for
me to get to know you.
I wish to talk about something with
you personally. If you don't mind, I'll
wait for you in Marineford in 5 days at
noon. I'll be waiting in my ship in the decks.
You'll recognize it when you see it.

Noon already. Hiroko was seating in the ram. It was the perfect spot to wait, anyone in the decks would be able to see him easily. He wasn't really sure if Killua had gotten the letter he wrote, but he had the feeling she actually did. Hiroko had heard some things about this specific woman. She seamed not be like other marines, she didn't really follow the rule, so even if she got the letter, there was a big possibility about Killua not meeting Hiroko. He anyway decided to wait. Hiroko saw something in her that maybe not much people could see, he thought she really could fit in his crew, her personality was something he was looking for, and he had finally found someone like that.

He used his time there watching the other ships. His ship was... different. The red sealing and the wings in the ship's sides where unique to his ship, but the red color was what mostly made his ship diferent. He knew Killua would find the ship, even if she was blind. The Just Fairy was somehow interesting.

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“Killua you have mail from Vice Admiral Hiroko.” One of the marines said as he looked at the girl. She was sweeping the floor, her long black hair was in a ponytail as the marine hat was one. Although she wore a kimono that was loose around her body. Her bare feet were as white as the walls around her. The girl stopped her sweeping as her cold, hard eyes stared at the marine. He would never get use to the blind girl that sweep these hallways. The girl put her hand out although the man seemed to tease her as he moved his hand, so when she reached out she wouldn’t be able to grab it. “Ahh. Ghesh you’re hopeless.” Before he even put it in her hand a plant sprang out of nowhere and took the letter from him. The plant then ripped the paper to shreds as Killua began to sweep up the pieces. “Hey! That was from Vice Admiral HIROKO! Show some respect!”

The Killua continued on sweeping as her back faced the man, “Do you enjoy bullying people?” The man was not sure where this came from. Although he knew, that she knew, he was teasing her.. Although this teasing could be called bullying. “Even when you’re a marine. You bully the weak to cover up your weak yourself.” The marine bit his lip. Every time she spoke it was like she was watching in his soul. The only person that could actually put up with this person was Vice Admiral Lung. Maybe it was because she was pretty. Although with him gone, it seemed that she got a little colder.

“Now that Vice Admiral Lung, is gone… no one wants you in the marines. You’re only a hindrance. Half the time you take the enemies side. Not only that, but you spoke out of line to the Celestial Dragons!” By now the marine boy was angry. Although the girl seemed to keep on sweeping. “Vice Admiral Hiroko wants you to go to the docks at noon. Don’t be late.” He hissed under his breath.
It was nearly noon, the blind marine to see to be wandering down to the docks by now. The girl now was wearing a frilly, puffy dress that was laid in the marine colors. It was pure light blue with white trimming frills along the bottom. The front was like a corset that was pure white. Her hands were covered in gloves. As she walked around the ship yard. Her blind eyes seemed to have set her presence along something. It was a strong scent in the air. Showing power and had another touch of curiosity. The feeling was strong as she approached the ship. Turning her attention toward the ship, her voice was light. “Hello, Vice Admiral Hiroko. I assume you have been waiting for me?” She was formal as her head never looked up at the admiral, her head was down in front of her.

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Hiroko noticed the young woman walking through the docks. He didn't say a word until she stopped by his ship. "Yes, I've been." He said and stood up. He jumped from the ram and landed in front of Killua. "Let's take a walk shall we." He said and started to walk hopping the blind girl would actually follow him.

Hiroko looked at all the ships in the coast as they walked. "Lets get to the point... I need to ask you a favor." He said without looking at her. "I want you to join my crew, the second branch." He continued walking without really hopping an answer. "I heard you're maybe one of the best doctors we have and you are also one of our only archaeologists." Hiroko then looked at her. "And not to mention you have the power of a devil fruit." Hiroko then suddenly stopped walking. "So would you join my crew?" He asked finally. "It's little right now, and I actually wish to leave it like that, I'm only recruiting strong people... That's at least what I have planned." He said and then continued walking. "So what do you say?"

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Killa walked behind the man, only because she had no idea where she was going. Although she kept up with him. A good amount of distance was from the Vice Admiral. She didn't trust some marine officials. They were weird and made her uneasy. The only one she felt safe around was Vice Admiral Lung. He was her lover you could say. They both doted on each other and maybe were in love. The few kisses they shared were precious. Vice Admiral Lung had a deep sunken scar across his face making him almost intimidating. Although Killua never found him that way. She found him special and full of life. They were both marines secretly in love, but not so secretly. Although those days were over. When he died, Killua blamed no one. He did the right thing. Although he was looked upon as a traitor secretly. They ruled out as an accident to cover up the real story. Killua touched her stomach as her tattoo was there, she had gotten it after he died. Vice Admiral had the same tattoo on his bicep. He would describe it to her over and over again. Shaking herself from the memories.

Killua still walked behind him, it was silent now. She had heard everything he told her. "Whats your definition of the marines?" Killua asked as she stopped walking. Her eyes were trained on the ships. She was testing him in a way. Her eyes reflected the ships like glass. "Serving, Protecting?" Then looking back at Vice Admiral Hiroko. "What do you want to protect and serve?" The girl asked as she stood there, not walking any more. She walked closer to him though. To feel his body heat. She was inches from him, although her body did not touch his. "I want to serve and protect Civilians. I want to free the slaves. I will abolish it some day. And you will be my stepping stone. I will destroy the Celestial Dragons and make sure they are all sent to justice. Because, keeping innocent civilians on a leash. Is wrong. Even if they were pirates." Killua was being honest with him and very blunt.

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Killua caught Hiroko's attention. He looked at Killua quite impressed. What was his definition for marine? What did he want to protect and serve? Those were difficult questions. The woman's inspiration, if you could call it that, weren't very common. It was maybe the first time Hiroko heard a marine talking like that about the celestial dragons. "Celestial Dragons? That's new. I think Marines can be described as an army made only to follow orders from the superiors." He said and paused a few seconds. "One of the things I want, is to become fleet admiral, to control this army and give them a real reason. I want to end with the monarchy and the bad government we have. Celestial Dragons... those are also one of my targets. And to be honest, I don't see pirates as a bigger threat than our government." Hiroko was actually saying the truth. He didn't specifically think about the slavery, but he had to end with those above him, those who only thought in themselves. "But now I ask you... Want some help with that?" He asked the marine in front of him. He had no idea if he convinced her with that. It was indeed the truth, but that wasn't everything he had planned.

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Killua reached her hand out and touched the boy’s face. His skin was smooth like honey. Her eyes never left his face. She could feel the cloth that cover his eye along her fingers. Faintly racing it, the she touched the other eye. His eyes were slanted, and narrowed down. “Orders from superiors? Do you believe they have no free will Vice Admiral Hiroko?”

Moving on to his nose, it was too big nor too small. Killua’s hands smelt of roses because of her devil fruit. “You are power hungry?”

Then moving down some more. Her long fingers traced his jaw line.  “Do you beilve you can give these men and women a real reason?” Her thumbs lightly touched his lips. Slightly she moved her hands down his neck. Lightly, touching his neck feeling his jet black hair along the way. Her hands then made it to his shoulders as she felt them. This helped Killua get a visual image of the man. The way she moved her hands down his body, was soft and gentle.

The young lady began to back away from him, although she was still close to him. Mostly so that she can have her full attention on him. “What will be your first step? What will be your final step?” She was overly curious about this. For some reason her eyes reflect his face. It was like she was reading his mind in some ways. Mostly because of the glass eyes.

Then getting closer to him, she could smell a lingering odor from his shirt. “There is another on your ship?” She asked titling her head to the side.

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The woman started to touch Hiroko's face. He knew she was blind, so he didn't really care. "I wouldn't call it power hungry. I call it need for help." He said as the girl continued touching his face and ignoring the first question. He felt no need to answer it, he knew they had free will, or something similar at least, at least in his opinion. The next two questions were difficult to answer. "I don't really know how to do it, but I'll get to it sometime." He said. "That's why I need help. I don't know how to start or end my plan... so I'll just plan it in the way." He finished talking as the girl walked back towards him.

The girl made another question. "Yes, Vice Admiral Kauzu. An old friend of mine, have you heard about him?" He asked. Kauzu was indeed a vice admiral, but that didn't mean he had to be known by everyone, and same thing happened with Hiroko. "He was the first one joining me, and since both want similar things, it was maybe the best thing to do." After his answer, he realized he knew almost nothing about Killua. "Wait... before you continue with your questions... please explain me... I heard something about you and Vice Admiral Lung."

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“Vice Admiral Kauzu?” Her eyes lifted to the man. “No I have never heard of him, nor have I heard of you.” She spoke softly and lightly as she replied to his question. “In all my years of working. I have not heard of you two.. Maybe. Or maybe I have forgotten.” Killua spoke softly as she let out a small giggle. She stepped backwards making more room the two people than was needed. When he brought up Vice Admiral Lung. Her face darken as she reached her hand out. Plants began to form around the boy, “Vice Admiral Lung?” She repeated his words in a question almost.

She closed her eye lids as a small smile was upon her lips, “He was my most closest person. He was my lover. He was my only friend.” Slowly she opened her eye lids, “He did what he had to do.” She walked over to Hiorko. “Could you betray the marines if it meant saving lives?” The woman asked plainly as she waltzed around. Her long arms flowed around her. “Can you do it? Are you strong enough?”

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It wasn't nothing unusual for Hiroko. Not many people actually knew about this two. When Hiroko asked about Lung, Killua started to act differently. It was obvious how she felt pain just remembering about him. He almost even ignored the plants just to hear what she had to say. And what she said was indeed interesting. The question also caught his attention. The woman in front of him had no idea what was Hiroko capable of. "The Purato Purato no Mi right?" He asked. "A powerful logia if I'm not wrong..." He was trying to evade the questions, but he knew it had no sense. "Do you really know what your asking? This is kinda... dangerous to talk about..." Killua probably knew that, and Hiroko was aware of that. "I promised I would keep my loyalty no matter what... but yes... I would." He said. Answering the first question. "And no, I'm not strong enough, that's why I have people to help me..." He finished his sentence before doing anything else. "And since it's now my turn to make a question... Are you looking for someone powerful enough to do such thing easily? Or were you just curious about my answer?"

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The plants wrapped around the girls legs as the young girl smiled at him. “It may be powerful, but in the right hands.. It’s a treasure.” Holding out her finger. The vine reached to her finger as a flower bloomed. It was a white rose. She put the white rose in Hiroko’s hair as she smiled softly at him. “I use it for medical needs mostly. You probably already know about me, but just in case you don’t. I am a doctor of sorts. Seek knowledge about this world, and its history and look for medicines to heal people.” The vines dispersed around her as they began to lay flat. Her bare feet danced on the ground as she walked around him. Letting her arms fly around her.

“It’s a dangerous question indeed. A question that will decided if I join you.” She said calmly while stopping in front of him. The long black hair swung around her body. It looked like she was princess of some sort. She listened to his answer. Then walking over towards him. Her face was inches from him. As her glass eyes seem to glare into his. Reflecting the color of his eyes. When he finished his sentence, she was laughing hysterically. She couldn’t stop, holding her stomach she fell to the ground, rolling around.

It was deep in her memory… Killua had a hold of Vice Admiral Lung. Her eyes reflected that of the sea. “I have to go.” He replied. His eyes were serious, and his voice was soft. “Even if I’m marked as a traitor. I must save those people. But don’t worry. I will come back to you my flower.” He had reached down and tucked a lose strand of hair. “I am not strong enough alone, but with help. I can make it.” Vice Admiral Lung leaned down and kissed the young girl on the lips softly. “Please.. Please help me.” He whispered begging for her help as he pressed his forehead into Killua’s forehead. All she could do was nod her head and say three simple words, “I love you.”

The adult got to her feet and smiled at Hiroko. “I shall join you. On one condition though.~” She said in a teasing way. “I will heal anyone I choose. I have the right to heal anyone. Enemy or not my enemy.” Killua said softly.

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Hiroko listened interested at Killua. He had sometime heard she was a doctor, and that was something he didn't have. Anyway, he smiled slightly when she said she would join depending on the answer. Hiroko never stopped looking in front of him. Killua's crystalic white eyes did put some pressure on Hiroko when he saw them.

After Hiroko's answer, the girl fell to the ground laughing and rolling around. She laughed without stopping, she looked pretty much crazy. "Mmm... Killua... are you okey?" He asked to see if he should do something or not. She was just laughing anyway, but it was weird. The girl then stopped laughing and got on to her feet. It really freaked out Hiroko the strange way she just fell to the ground laughing, but who cared. "Condition?" He asked before she could finish. "Healing anybody?..." He thought to himself before answering. "Okey Killua... I promise you can heal anyone you wish, enemy or not, they will be healed if you wish. You have my word..." Hiroko smiled at her good intentions. "This will be our deal..." He continued. "So... welcome to the crew I guess." He finished glad that this woman joined his crew. "Now.. shall we walk back?" He asked.

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