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Hand and Voice Style (Secondary)

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1 Hand and Voice Style (Secondary) on Fri Feb 27, 2015 5:25 pm

Skill Name: Hand and Voice style
Skill Type: Martial arts and Support.
Skill Information: Using a combination of trainings in martial arts (including some Rokushiki) as well as her singing, Tomoe is able to fight hand to hand should she lose her sword. She is also able to provide support through her voice to provide different effects for either friend or enemies.
Skill Strengths: - Provides means for defending herself should she lose her sword.
-Provide buffs to friends or debuffs to enemies
-Strong melee game
Skill Weaknesses: - Effects strength of songs depend on tier level. The Tier above her gets a reduced amount of effect. So like someone at the same tier as her gets the same effect as someone at or below her level, but it's reduced by like half at one tier above her
- requires for the friend /enemy to hear her.
-Martial arts are most often close combat


Tier 1 Technique Name: Humming Punch
Tier 1 Technique Type: Offensive
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 2
Tier 1 Technique Description: Tomoe delivers a swift punch leaving the a hum ringing if the punch connects.  
Tier 1 Technique Strengths: - Basic attack, low cooldown
-Leaves behind an annoying hum after connecting.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:- It's melee, No range
-No effect on Logia type users.

Tier 1 Technique Name: Shigan
Tier 1 Technique Type: Offensive, Close-Mid Range
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown:3
Tier 1 Technique Description:Shigan is a close-quarters combat technique in which the user pushes their finger into a certain target at a very high speed, leaving a wound similar to a bullet wound. However, there is a secondary application of this technique, one that is unlocked when the user gains some form of point to their finger, such as claws. When the finger resembles a modern bullet, the Shigan user suddenly becomes capable of firing off compressed air from their finger, which somehow contains the same force as Shigan itself typically does, making it all the more powerful, as it then can be used as a mid range technique.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:*User is able to puncture the opponent leaving a deep bullet wound gash.

*User is a good deal stronger than they would normally be, due to the force that this technique applies

*User is capable of utilizing their extended finger for a close-mid range strike, almost like firing bullets.

Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
User also loses a great deal of their own natural durability, due to the laws of physics applying this force to their body as well

*User will become noticeably slower while using this technique, due to the precise nature of the skill

*The User becomes moderately slower for two post after skill is used

*In order for the opponent to receive internal bleeding, the user is required to have at least a one tier advantage over the opponent.

Tier 1 Technique Name: Song of Flame
Tier 1 Technique Type: Support - Radius- 5m
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 5
Tier 1 Technique Description: User sings a short, inspiring song to raise the morale of their allies.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:- Gives allies within range a boost of speed and fighting spirit for 3 posts.
- Can raise the spirits of a Party
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
-Needs to use her mouth to sing.
-Requires her to be stationary to sing

Tier 1 Technique Name: Song of Lax
Tier 1 Technique Type: Support - Radius-5m
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 5
Tier 1 Technique Description: User sings a short song that calms down people that hear it.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths: -Slows effected enemies down making them easier to hit for 3 posts.
-Can be used to calm down panicking allies or civilians
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses: - Song can be blocked out via soundproofing.
-Needs to use her mouth to sing.
-Requires her to be stationary to sing

Tier 1 Technique Name: Staccato Jab
Tier 1 Technique Type: Offensive Melee
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 3
Tier 1 Technique Description: User quickly makes four jabs with their fist.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
-Multiple attacks - four
- Can be aimed for accuracy with each jab.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses: - Melee, stationary attack.
- No effect on Logia users as well can be blocked by armor of higher tier than user.

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2 Re: Hand and Voice Style (Secondary) on Sat Feb 28, 2015 12:36 pm

the effects with you singing and stuff to induce effects -buffs or debuffs- is kinda devil fruitish. I'm gonna ask for wulfrics take on it, but have a change or alternate idea in mind cause it might not be passable.

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3 Re: Hand and Voice Style (Secondary) on Sat Feb 28, 2015 3:44 pm

I thought inducing buffs and debuffs was part of the passive of my occupation with the nightingale. If it's too much, I can just limit it to one song per tier.

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4 Re: Hand and Voice Style (Secondary) on Sat Feb 28, 2015 8:51 pm

whoop, didn't see that my baaaaaad, just put a range of song of lax then

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5 Re: Hand and Voice Style (Secondary) on Sat Feb 28, 2015 9:43 pm

Fixed, I'm just using the radial area of effect range for the songs.

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6 Re: Hand and Voice Style (Secondary) on Sun Mar 01, 2015 11:24 pm

seems fine to me, going to wolf for approval

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7 Re: Hand and Voice Style (Secondary) on Mon Mar 02, 2015 11:48 am

There are some places where I feel that need just a little more explaining however that's not really that important and it's probably just me being picky :P

Anyways, I think you're good to go.



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