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Rescuing a friend: Long Trip.

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1 Rescuing a friend: Long Trip. on Tue Feb 24, 2015 5:36 pm

Task Info:
Title: Rescuing a friend: Long Trip.

Type: Task

Rank: Tier 4

Details: "As you might know, Hiroko, the vice admiral, it's located right now at Amazon Lily, but that's the only thing we know about him, and your job is to go and look for him, and if it's necessary, save him. If you see anyone suspicious don't worry, you have the permission to destroy it"

Wait... What?, isn't this the job Kauzu already did?... Oh wait, I got confused, this is a flashback about how did Kauzu arrived to the island, and what happened when he did.
The only thing you have to do, is take your ship, and move to the island, arrive and bam! you finished your job... But what you don't know is what will happened there, while moving in your ship, Kauzu will find a new crew, a three persons crew, not that strong, but it will be able to hurt the marine.
The point of this mission is recollect materials for his last  Shi no umarekawari weapon, the pirate crew that you found is named "Flying Sea" they think that they have complete control of the sea and the sky, but they are not that powerful, non of them is able to use a devil fruit, the all use weapons, sea stone weapons, so it's your chance to get those weapons and create your own.


Crew Captain "A"

"A" is a Tier 4 chief captain, she likes to talk backwards (like all her crew) and likes to fight with a lot of elegance... Yeah, Elegance.
"A" uses a big blade made of sea stone, meaning that it will cause some problems to any logia type user... Logia users suck... The girl is ver good with the blade and with her body, she will dance while fighting so she won't stop attacking unless you hit her.
To battle "A" you first need to battle "B".

First Mate "B"

Tier 4 "B" will be very though, he has a very big strength and will fight with a lot of violence, he uses weapons, a gun with sea stone bullets (Don't worry, he only has 5 bullets) and a giant anchor made of sea stone, yeah, they love sea stone.
To battle "B" you first need to battle "C".

Second Mate "C"

Tier 4 "C" is a very violent guy, he uses two claws made of sea stone so he will be always close to you. He also has a very strong skin, meaning that he can take a lot of damage without feeling any pain or having any scratch.
To battle "C" you first need to battle "D".

Elite Crew "D"

Tier 3 "D" is a very elegant woman, even more than A, she will attack while dancing like her mentor and will try to hit you with her guns, not bullets, guns. She uses laser guns that shoot a strong red light able to burn rocks. Even if she doesn't use sea stone bullets, her guns are made of sea stone so yeah... She has sea stone too.
To battle "D" you first need to battle "E"

Elite Crew "E"

Tier 3 "E" will always be the first one fighting and the only one that will not speak backwards, he uses a sea stone sword and fights with a very elegant style. He likes to be fair and will always put challenges to his opponents, he is very loyal and will always keep his promises.

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2 Re: Rescuing a friend: Long Trip. on Fri Feb 27, 2015 10:36 am

Kauzu was looking for his lost friend, he had to do it even if he didn't want to, it was his job. The red haired marine took his ship and flew to Amazon Lily, he was there going to find Hiroko.
The blind crow flew using his ship instead of his wings, he was resting in the top of the ship, breathing with his eyes closed, waiting to arrive to that big jungle. After some hours of moving, Kauzu felt something "What is that..." two big wings appeared behind him, he moved quickly and stopped the ship of moving. The marine stopped the ship and flew even higher, flying against the clouds, moving as fast as he could, a bullet hit his arm and it turned into gas. "Who are you?..." the man thought to himself while flying, asking to himself what was happening, but then someone shouted something "Uoy rof gnitiaw era ew!" but then someone shouted again behind that persons, a female voice "Yawyna uoy llik lliw ew ,epacs ot yrt t'nod" the winged man stopped flying "Is this another language?..." but then a third voice spoke "C, D, don't be stupid, they won't understand you if you keep speaking backwards" the red haired man laughed and kept flying, crashing with the bottom part of the ship, turning into gas and entering to the ship.

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3 Re: Rescuing a friend: Long Trip. on Mon Mar 02, 2015 4:16 pm

Kauzu crashed with the ship, it didn't break, neither did he, but his body turned into gas, moving to the top of the ship and appearing at the top of the flag, turning into human. The marine laughed "So, someone actually speaks correctly" he said while laughing, then from the bottom of the ship another person started to shout "Eugnot ruoy pohc nac I os nwod emoc!", the same voice of before interrupted the first voice "C says that you should come down so we can cut your tongue!" kauzu's smile disappeared, he turned into gas and quickly moved down to the ship where the rest of the pirates were laying, all of them with their back against the floor, except one of them. One of the pirates was standing up, he had a weird custom, a yellow custom, he also had some big knifes moving out from his knuckles, it was weird. The red haired marine took a heavy breathing and started to talk "My name is Kauzu Hatake, I am part of the government, a vice admiral to be precise, I'm not here to battle so if you want to live, leave now" the pirate crew started to laugh when one of the mans spoke back, a big man with a hat, he had a big mustache and seemed to be very calmed "A kniht uoy t'nod ,ytnuob a esaercni ot tcefrep ,larimda eciv a ,os?" he moved his head to see someone, it seemed to be their captain, she started to speak too "daeh sih rof su evig tnemnrevog eht dluow hcum woh ,ysae ot eb dluow taht tub ,ebyam ,haey?"

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4 Re: Rescuing a friend: Long Trip. on Mon Mar 02, 2015 6:46 pm

"What are they saying?" Kauzu asked with a hard voice. The gray haired man answered "They were saying that we are going to take your head with us, so I'm sorry, but my name is E, that means you will have to fight me before any other person" the red haired man smiled and asked "E? Really? Why?" the stranger took out a very big sword and answered "A, B, C and D were taken already" Kauzu started to laugh and asked again "Are you serious?" the man ran against him and in a second, he was already behind Kauzu, with his sword splattered by blood "What is this...?" Kauzu had his arm injured, the swordsman didn't attack the bone, he only attacked the arm. The red haired marine laughed "Sea stone..." he then took out his sword and placed it against the floor "Sea stone..." the swordsman turned around too and shouted "We are... The flying sea!".

The vice admiral Hatake was about to battle 5 pirates, he didn't know anything about them, but he knew that they were not going to be that easy to defeat, one of them seemed to have a sea stone sword, Kauzu's and any other logia user's debility, he had a very big disadvantage.

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5 Re: Rescuing a friend: Long Trip. on Sun Mar 22, 2015 5:51 pm

The red haired man stared at the gray haired pirate, he took a heavy breathing and then acted "Are you sure you wanna do this?" the pirate laughed and answered very sure "I'll do anything to pleasure my captain" E took an offensive position and so did Kauzu, both ready to attack each other with no mercy.
The red haired marine took a heavy breathing, the pirate crew were sitting in their ship, staring at both warriors without acting. Kauzu gave a step back, holding his sword with one hand. E gave a step back too, holding his sword with both hands. Kauzu's sword started to separate, it became longer and it took the shape of a whip.

In an instant, Kauzu threw his whip against the stranger, moving it directly against his head. With an elegant move, the gray haired pirate moved back, moving his head back and then running against Kauzu again. The marine jumped back trying to move far from E. E's sword crashed against Kauzu'z, but it seemed that E was a better swordsman that Kauzu.

The marine turned into gas, moving quickly around the ship, reaching the top of the ship and taking his sniper out "It seems like I won't be able to beat you with a sword, it's a shame"

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6 Re: Rescuing a friend: Long Trip. on Mon Mar 30, 2015 1:30 pm

Kauzu took out his sniper and quickly pointed at the gray haired man. E, the swordsman, moved his head slowly, staring at the marine. The sniper was pointing directly at the pirate "Try to use guns if you want too, but bullets are easy to cut".
Kauzu laughed loud and shot the sniper "That's why I don't use bullets" he said, shutting a line of gas that exploded at the moment it touched the ship. A cloud of gas went out of the explosion, Kauzu wasn't able to see the pirate.

After some seconds of waiting, Kauzu smiled and placed his sniper in his back with the other weapons, he stood up, ready to jump down and fight against the next pirate. A sword went flying against his face, he ducked quickly evading it, and a man with a lot of burns went out of the cloud of gas, jumping and pointing with his fist at Kauzu's face. His hand passed through the marine's face "I'm made of gas, you can't touch me!" but when Kauzu shouted turning around, the pirate was holding his sword and slashing with it against the red haired man's chest. The sword landed directly against his chest, the swordsman's hand then crashed against the marine's face.

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7 Re: Rescuing a friend: Long Trip. on Mon Mar 30, 2015 1:41 pm

The hand landed directly against the marines face, throwing him directly against the group of pirates. Kauzu landed in front of them, bleeding from his chest, very tired. "larimda eciv a si eh eveileb t'nac I ,su fo kaew eht taefed neve t'ndluoc eH" ..."flesym yb mih llik ot detnaw I ,das s'tI" ..."...ecnahc a evah neve t'nseod eh ,yug rooP" "...kaew yrev si eH"... Th group of Pirates kept talking, saying stuff about Kauzu and laughing at the same time. The marine was laying on the floor, with his eyes closed, when he heard the man's foot steps he laughed. "I thought you were going to be a good opponent" the pirate said without a smile "I'll be your last" Kauzu whispered.
A cloud of gas went out from Kauzu's nose, moving and moving, becoming each time bigger. The gray haired man got scared and quickly tried to kick Kauzu, but he turned into gas evading it. A big amount of gas surrounded the ship, and at the other side of the ship, a winged man was flying, with big red eyes and blood coming out from his mouth "I don't care if you are 1 or 50, I don't care if you don't have a bounty, and I don't care if you destroy an island or not... But if you hurt me, I swear, that you will remember me at hell"

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