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Maze Runners (W.I.P)

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1 Maze Runners (W.I.P) on Mon Feb 16, 2015 2:03 pm

Title: Maze Runners

Type: Task

Rank: 2


What? You wake up and find yourself in a maze? How'd you get here and more importantly, how'd you get out? This is gonna be a pain in the ass. Little do you know that this maze is infested with animals and other beasts. However you're not the only one that's stuck here, there are also some other people who were caught up in the mess. Work together and escape this situation! Find the guy who trapped you here and give him a good beating!

Good people in the maze:

The Cat Guy:

A weird and shady guy has an obsession with cats. It's best if you stay far away from him. He enjoys to talk and is always smiling for some odd reason. Tier 1

The Douchebag:

Thinks he's so cool. Moves quite fast but sucks with swords so bad, I bet he just carries one to look cool. He can be quite useful at times but at other times he's just an idiot. Has a weird stomach problem which causes him to pass gas quite a lot. Tier 2

The Strategist:

A levelheaded and calm fellow. He thinks quite fast whilst in tight spots and comes up with great plans. He doesn't know the meaning of pressure and is sword-handling is quite admirable. He has an eye for battle and a tendency to fix his glasses quite a lot. Tier 3

Bad people in the maze:

The Vampire:

A muscular dude with a cold tone to his voice. He knows no mercy and loves blood spill. Hence the nickname "Vampire". His strength and bloodthirst is not to be taken lightly. Tier 3

The Dead Body Fetish Guy:

Enjoys the sight of dead people and likes to do weird things to them, things that I will not go into detail with. He's great at making plans to turn things into his favor and he comes up with the most unexpected things. He's quite the scary dude.

The Scary Thing:

This monkey is extremely frightening. It stares into your soul and will slowly tear you limb from limb. It likes your tears, feed it your tears. Jk, it steals stuff and is quick on it's feet so keep your belongings close to you if you don't want them snatched. Tier 1

The Maze also has some other random people but they are not very important and are all Tier 1 or maybe even below.

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