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Nymeros' Updates

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1 Nymeros' Updates on Mon Feb 16, 2015 6:05 am

Registry Updates:



Crew & Members of It / Allies

Zell Sheijiro
Captain of the Hellfire Pirates and the guy that Nymeros views as most closest to him. He respects him the most and would risk his life for him. He views him as someone who has the potential to drastically impact the era.

Malik J. Roberts
A funny, weird guy is Nymeros' optic on him. He however does respect him and has him in high regard.

Roshu Northgate
Roshu.. A mysterious fellow. As with all Hellfire Pirates, Nymeros respects him and has a good feeling around him. He can rely and trust on the one with sleight of hand. He however, does have a slight dislike towards him, as he doesn't kill.




''There is life..
There is death..
And than..
There is me.''
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