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Sand's Order

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1 Sand's Order on Sat Feb 14, 2015 6:05 pm

Guild Name:
Snake Order

Guild Members:
None yet

Guild Goals:
-What Noah looks is personally for gold and money, that's primary why he opened the snake order. Anyone in the guild is there only for money and treasures, and too look for the biggest treasures of the world, including the one piece.

Guild Extras:
-The guild is made for assassins, with the only idea to work and kill to find legendary treasures, including the Rio Poneglyph.
-Anyone in the guild has the obligation to do what his leader tells them too (only IC xD, no need to do what I tell you).
-The only way to get out of this guild is in a coffin. Traitors will be exiled from the guild.

Guild Timeline:

Limitations / Requirements:
-Anyone in the guild must be able to kill without regrets.
-His/her entrance to the guild must be secret.
-Talking with non-guild members about the guild isn't allowed (it's a secrete guild).
-One may enter this guild even if he/she is in a crew, guild or cell, but he/she isn't allowed to talk about it with any member of his/her crew, guild or cell.
-There is no need to leave your actual crew, guild or cell to join this guild.

Note: I'm not willing to have many members, so if you fall inactive without letting someone know, I'll kick you out. (no dying for this though)

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2 Re: Sand's Order on Mon Feb 23, 2015 11:02 pm


Please PM Wulf that you need a section under Guilds for your guild!

Please and thank you!

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