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Blake "Black Glare" Johnson

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1 Blake "Black Glare" Johnson on Thu Feb 12, 2015 6:00 pm

Name: Blake "John" Johnson
Epithet: Black Glare
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sexuality: Straight

Affiliation: Pirates
Occupation: Martial Artist

Appearance: A young, dark skinned man, John is in fairly good shape. He sports an athletic build, despite being a bit on the shorter side. He has a cross shaped birthmark on his right cheek, has a button nose, straight neat eyebrows, and a small scar on his chin. He often wears a sleeveless black shirt, dark blue jeans, black boots, and fingerless black gloves to protect his hands in combat. He also wears a dark brown jeep cap, and his trademark black sunglasses, earning him the name Black Glare.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Skin Tone: Brown
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 165lbs
Tattoo: He once had a tattoo on his back, but it was burned off, leaving a scar on his right shoulder blade.

Personality: Friendly, rhapsodic, and defiant, John has no deficit and enthusiasm. He enjoys drinking, and can be a bit competitive. He isn't particularly drawn to violence, but he doesn't hesitate to spring into battle and relishes punishing opponents. He despises the misuse of strength, and admires anyone who uses their power for good. He is not without flaw, however; he can sometimes be a bit bull-headed, charging headlong into confrontations. He's learned to think before acting due to a near death experience, but he still tends to solve his problems with headlong brute force. He is comically terrified of sticky surfaces and slime, and is a bit of a neat freak, often assuming the role of Janitor wherever he goes in order to ensure that he doesn't step in or touch anything sticky. He is aware that he's fairly handsome, and tends to flaunt it when it can land him with the woman he wants. He prefers one night stands, but he does make this relatively clear before choosing to be with someone, hating the idea of hurting someone's feelings for his own gratification. He can be a bit of a hopeless romantic when he meets a woman he admires, but thus far, he's been unlucky in that regard.
Likes: Proving his mettle, drinking, female company, cleanliness, surfing.
Dislikes: Slime, syrup, sticky surfaces, birds.
Motivations: To reunite with his long lost crew, to become the King of Gypsies and other free folk, to find Allblue.
Fears: The subjugation of free people, imprisonment, losing allies, growing old and weak.

Inner Lineage:

Name: Red Glare      
Description: Inherited from his father, the Red Glare is a gaze so piercing that it can see the devil within a person or a fruit.
Ability: Twice per thread with a five post cooldown, John can peer within a person or Devil Fruit, and gain a rudimentary understanding of the devil's power that the person or fruit possesses. It is not perfect, however. Even if John knows the power of the devil fruit user, he cannot predict how a clever fighter will employ their power. Knowing rarely even half of the battle.

Outer Lineage: 

Name: Legendary Speaker      
Description: There exists, for everyone, a sentence—a series of words—that has the power to destroy you. Another sentence exists, another series of words, that could heal you. As a Legendary Speaker, you have mastered the art of talking to a point where you can win battle simply by saying a few sentences to your opponent, causing them to simply accept defeat or even persuade  them to be your ally.
Ability: Twice per Thread you are able to persuade a non-important NPC of lower tier than you to cease hostile actions against you for the rest of the thread. This ability will not work on PCs or Important NPCs.

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