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Arianna Von'Funk

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1 Arianna Von'Funk on Thu Feb 12, 2015 8:15 am

Name: Arianna Von'Funk
Epithet: I'll Earn it IC I suppose..
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Race: Human

Affiliation: Revolutionary
Occupation: Sniper, Ninja

Arianna stands at compact height of four feet and five inches . Her weight is a light one ninety-eight pounds, not very sturdy or meant for a beating but it's meant to keep her light on her toes and fast on her feet. Her overall body shape is very petite with subtle curves just noticeable enough to point out her female gender. Her skin is a sun kisses cream colored not tan nor pale nor peach but a mixture of the three in a odd but alluring harmony.

Evangeline's hair is quite long, as it falls way past her shoulders just inches below her butt. A midnight black it seems to give off a healthy shine and holds the an odd but sweet scent of gunpowder and apples. She keeps her hair in a neat cut, from her bangs to the ends, it's cut evenly with no strand out of place.

With the calmness of a forest her eyes hold a still and constant stare of innocence. Her eyes are doe like and round, they sparkle a perfect harmony of crystal blue. Over her eyes are heavy but well framed eyelashes. while her eyebrows matching  the color of her hair are thin but hidden behind her bangs.

Arianna tends in a very pleasing manner. She likes frilly colorful dresses and the like. Dresses on top of looking cute are actually really quite easy to move in and in turn are useful as a clothing choice.

Hair Color: Raven Black
Eye Color: Crystal Blue
Skin Tone: Warm Summer Peach
Height: 4'5
Weight: 98 lb
Tattoo: None

Arianna is as sweet as they come so much so that one simply can mistaken her for naïve. She is kind to most of the people she comes in contact with and as long as one does not anger her then they have no problems...And that's the problem with Arianna. With such a sweet disposition one would think that she was as mellow as a cool breeze in the summer.. WRONG. Unstable like a volcano many things set her off and it's never a matter of figuring out which because she could be pissed about it one second and love it the next. This is only fuel to her trigger happiness that she cant seem to control, not that she wants to either.

Looks can be deceiving as Arianna is a spitting image of that. At the tender pre-teen age she seems to be rather smart, able to pick up on rather complicated things very easily. It does not stop there as she can be seen to create strategical plots and plans that seem rather meticulous and cruel. Her mind runs thing a mile a minute and she never stays on a topic too long, especially one she does not like and would quickly pull out her gun to get out of such talks at any time. The only person who able to control her is her brother and he may even have a hard time if she is set on doing something, which is rather rare.  

Arianna for all this madness has her calm moments which actually seem to outweigh the not so calm ones. She enjoys eating and drinking apples in all it's forms, and she enjoys the company of others. Her social skills has allowed her to rub elbows with many walks of life even the ones she hates. She uses this to her advantage as she has no problems manipulating anyone for any given reason. Arianna trusts no one besides her brother and only allows him to be able to tell her anything of importance. Until the word is purged of the dirt that resides in it, it's literally for her a " Us vs. Them " deal.

Her big brother - Wulfric
Guns - Big Guns

Anyone that tries to harm her big brother
Flirty females
being punished

The be the best sniper in the world, no the best markswoman period.

Travel the world with her big brother and see all the world has to offer.

Owning a apple orchard. Apples are just that good.

Losing her brother.

Making her brother mad.

Marines. Disgusting filth on the world the lot of them. The corruption in the system is so deeply rooted it has spread like a virus throughout the world. And unforgivable lot.

Inner Lineage:
Target Practice:
Arianna is able to focus her sight to pinpoint the target of her choosing. This allows her to find targets in crowded areas or troublesome weather ( fog, heavy rain, ect ) while being able to pick them up from afar as well. This gives her a better chance at an easy shot.

Outer Lineage:
Name: Shadow Step
Description: Ever since the dawn of the story, mankind has had a certain fascination with the ability to instantaneously travel. For most, this is something that they can achieve a degree of possibility with the use of Soru. But..soru is not truly traveling instantaneously. However, certain individuals across history have kept the hope of reaching this ability alive through their bloodline blessing them with this ability. However, this is not infallible. The user does travel between two points instantaneously, that much is true. But, it is not perfect, as the user is still tangible, and can be harmed by things that move faster than them, such as light. However, the sheer speed that the Shadow Step grants more than makes up for this single drawback.
Ability: Three times per thread the user is able to "blink" from one location to another. However, the maximum range of travel is 30 meters. The user can also choose what direction to travel in, as the skill allows the user to move in all directions and in three dimensions. However, it has two drawbacks: Things that move faster than normal, such as lightning or light would still hit the user, and, if used to lead into another attack, Kenbunshoku haki would be able to detect the user.

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