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Hannibal and the Cannibal squad

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1 Hannibal and the Cannibal squad on Wed Feb 11, 2015 6:08 pm

The smell of blood flooded his nostrils as he trudged his way through the dense trees towards the nearest farm a slip of paper dangled from his pocket and fluttered to the ground Chen stopped momentarily and turned around to pick it up. He opened the piece of paper and re-read the contents to himself 'wanted for repeated slaughter and cannibalism, group of 4 as follows Hannibal the Cannibal, Lector The surgeon and the Crunch n Munch twins erghhhhhh this is gonna be a loooooooooong ass day He folded the paper once again and stuffed it back in his pocket and buckled on his shield before swiftly drawing his sword in preparation for unexpected combat "you never know" Chen mumbled to himself.
He stepped out of the dense foliage and was met with a gut wrenching site, the ground was soaked in blood and human entrails laid just inside the barn door that had been torn off its hinges by what seemed to be someone with quite the set of muscles 'dear kami' Chen fished a surgical mask out of his pocket and put it over his face in an attempt to stifle the smell "Damn it I was too slow" Chen became slightly angry with himself. He surveyed his surroundings as to map out a possible exit should he need one before he stepped inside and was met with more atrocious scenes, Cows lay with torn necks and ripped hides while chickens where left struggling to stay alive and the pigs were just torn to the shithouse "bloody animals every last one of them" he killed the chickens as to shorten their suffering before he exited and approached the nearby house that seemed to have been partially blown apart. he stepped inside the door and honestly wasn't surprised at the site that lay before him, blood soaked floorboards and bits and pieces of flesh everywhere "shit why am I not surprised" he searched the house but found no evidence of the inhabitants of it only the thick stench of death and despair. Chen paused as he could hear something outside and he peered out of a window and saw 4 figures walking away over the field he squinted as to get a better look and confirmed who they were "the cannibal squad target confirmed you guys are goin down" and without a need for discretion he leapt out the window and bounded after his targets.

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2 Re: Hannibal and the Cannibal squad on Thu Feb 12, 2015 7:36 pm

Chen surveyed his surroundings with delicate eyes as he tried to construct the scene in his head 'this is harder than it looks' "from what I can gather the family had come out to the kitchen when they must have heard a noise coming from the barn they stepped out to see what the problem was and came face to face with the defecated barn this gave Hannibal and lector time to enter the house and trap them as munch rushed them inside then the slaughter began, first the father as he was the fattest and slowest followed b the daughter because she had a limp most likely finally the mother, bunch of sick bastards" Chen heard a caw coming from the next room and walked in and saw a bird perched on the couch with a worm in its mouth Chen closed his eyes for a moment and focused on the bird he flicked his eyes open and if you looked closely you could see his eyes had a stange change to them "Link on" the bird cocked its head and turned to Chen "hi" the bird fluttered off of the couch and onto Chens shoulder, Chen smiled "Hello little one might I ask a favour of you"
"sure what do you need of me little Faerie"
"i need you to tail the assailants that did this to these people and keep me posted"
"no problem Chen smiled and pulled a handful of seed out of his pocket and the bird gobbled it up happily and then flew off out the window

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3 Re: Hannibal and the Cannibal squad on Thu Feb 12, 2015 7:46 pm

Chen sprung off the windowsill and bounded after his targets.

All that went through Chens mind as he swung his sword was his next move and so forth this is what made him a dangerous opponent but his targets didn't know that and that gave him an advantage what he didn't expect was the quick reflex from Hannibal who grabbed his sword arm at the wrist and threw him over head across the paddock where he barely caught the ground with his fingertips and skidded to a stop 'tougher than I thought' Chen dusted off his hands and picked his sword back up "Hannibal you and your cohort are gonna drop dead right here m'kay" Hannibal looked at him while tilting his head before bursting out laughing "bwahahahahahaha and what is the infamous 'Bloody Diamond' going to do to make that happen" Lector agreed and The twins just snickered "chh they never take me seroiously" Chen crouched down and re-buckled his shield and shot off in a instant but was met with tiger claws which he swiftly raised his shield and poked his sword though a gap in the side and stabbed Lector whom came from behind Hannibal hoping for a sneak attack the sword caught him right in the collarbone slicing right through it. Lector let out a harsh cry and crashed to the ground and skidded slightly due to momentum but Hannibal paid it no mind and swung his other claws and sliced Chen on his upper arm. Chen pulled back to recover 'Shit that's gonna leave a mark he charged again this time slicing through the leather binding the shield to his arm the shield and tossed the shield towards Hannibal he ducked under the shield but that left him open for a small instant In which Chen closed the distance and Whispered 'Daiyamondo no yari' a spear formed at the end of his hand and he thrust it towards Hannibal at increased speed but was met with claws that were deflected by the spear "Damn you Bloody Diamond" Chen just eye smiled and Stabbed Hannibal in the leg right next to the femoral artery Hannibal Cringed at the feeling but none the less stepped forward on his other leg and struck Chen with an almighty headbut that hit dead centre on Chens nose "Motherf*#@ker" Chen tumbled a bit back and skidded he tried to right himself but was met with a follow up kick to the sternum that launched him into a tree dislocating his left shoulder. He dropped his sword out of reflex and grabbed his shoulder Chen staggered to his feet swaying a bit as he rose 'woahhhhh I'm really feeling that' Chen almost took another hit when out of the tree The bird from the house dove down and struck Hannibal in the eye with its beak Hannibal screamed and held his eye as it bled profusively "arghhhhhh you f*#!ing bird im going to F*#!ing crush you" this opened him up and despite the crushed feeling chen had in his ribs he launched forward with a diamond covered fist and crouched right under Hannibal and before he could blink Chen brought his fist right under Hannibal's jaw and into his throat completely crushing his windpipe and sending him flying.

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4 Re: Hannibal and the Cannibal squad on Sun Feb 22, 2015 10:55 pm

Crunch n Munch just stood there in awe that is until Chen approached them Munch Just grabbed Crunch from behind and held one of Lectors scalpels to her neck "Don't you come any close..." Before he could finish his sentence Chen fired a small diamond from the tip of his finger into Munch's Neck killing him instantly Chen continued to walk forward as Crunch stood there motionless he just sheathed his shield and held out his hand to her "Don't worry young lady I know what the deal is all this was against your will how about you come with me you can be my subordinate" She hesitantly grabbed his hand 'soo warm' was all that went through her head. Chen looked up in the distance and saw a flying fish in the sky and he knew 'ahhh its about time isn't it.... Rangoon'.

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5 Re: Hannibal and the Cannibal squad on Sun Feb 22, 2015 10:56 pm


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