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Pixie of Venus~

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1 Pixie of Venus~ on Wed Feb 11, 2015 12:19 pm

Name: Envy ''Venus'' Valentine/Imogen-Antalune Valentine
Epithet: Pixie of Venus
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Fae
Sexuality: Bisexual

Affiliation: Revolutionary
Occupation: Alchemist

Appearance: Envy is a young, slender girl with magenta eyes and long hair of matching color, styled into two pigtails, and between which she wears a light-colored hat that has two extensions in the back, made to look like rabbit's ears. A strand of hair hangs down the right side of her face and she has a fringe over her forehead. She also wears a dark dress with white fabric over her breasts with a dark ribbon just above it. She completes her outfit with a pair of thigh-length boots. Envy also has purple-pink pixie wings at her back, as a perk of being a Fae.

Hair Color: Fuchsia
Eye Color: Magenta
Skin Tone: Pale
Height: 156 CM
Weight: 43 KG
Tattoo: None.


Sassy: Envy is very sassy. She will always make fun of you someway, and she will get offensed in even one little negative action done to her.

Sarcastic: Envy is very sarcastic, even more than a teenager. She uses sarcasm a lot and she loves using it.

Diva: Envy is a totally diva, she always gets what she wants, if she can't, she'll throw a tantrum and stuff.

Friendly: Despite her sassiness and diva attitude, she's actually quite friendly and cheerful. She cares about her friends really much and secretly she really looks after them. She tries to not getting in their way too much but of her negative traits she ends up getting in their way anyways.

Flirty: Envy is very flirty and always thinks of romance. However, sometimes she is really flirty and sometimes she is acting like it to pick up people. However, she is really good at being or acting flirty, and she thinks that this ability and trait of her goes well with her devil fruit.

Likes: Love, Matchmaking, Dolls, Cute things, Fashion, Alchemy.
Dislikes: Dumbasses, Douchebags, World Government, Egoist people, ugly dresses, bald people, other races.
- To connect the whole world and bring the ultimate peace by using the power of love.
Fears: High ranked marines, insects and human men (secretly).

Inner Lineage:

Charming Aura:

Name: Charming Aura
Description: Passed down by master charmers, gamblers and puppet masters, this lineage changes user's aura into a magenta/fuchsia color and gives it a special power. With this lineage, user can leave a very good first thought and influence on people, making it easier to connect, talk and befriend them. This works both NPCs and people.
Usage: User can activate a magenta aura to leave a very good first thought and influence on people to make it easier to befriend them, and boost their relationship. However, user can charm lower lever or T0 NPCs.

Outer Lineage:

Mental File:

Name: Mental File
Description: There are people in this world that most others consider to have a
"photographic memory", or that are believed to be unable to forget anything. Some of this is true, and some of this is because of the few people in the world that possess this lineage. The Mental File is a lineage that allows the user to create a physical interface that they are able to interact with. This interface holds everything the user knows, put down in letters, numbers, and words. However, there is one other concept that this lineage allows; The creation of protective walls that every user of this lineage has called a "Firewall". These walls are capable of completely negating an attack before vanishing.
Ability Usage: The user is capable of bringing up a energy based, circular screen, along with a keyboard made of the same energy. This screen and keyboard act as a database of all information known to the character, presented in whatever fashion makes it easiest for them to understand. They are also able to create Walls of Light known as "firewalls" Twice per topic, with a ten post cooldown in between each. These firewalls can only stop one attack of equal or lower tier than the user (Exempting T5 and Higher attacks, which shatter the firewall).

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