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Hunt/Battle Climbing the mountain

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1 Hunt/Battle Climbing the mountain on Mon Feb 09, 2015 2:04 pm

Title:Taking on mountain

Type:Hunt/ Battles


Details:In order to fine the one they call the mountain, Samson will have to battle a series of large humans and those he perceive to have information until reaching his target.  The Mountain earned his reputation through canabalism and his extremely large appetite.  He has appeared at several islands across the grandline but no one has pinned down where dwells.  He attacks under the cover of night destroying town after town.  Towns he where he was pleased with either taste of the people or they provide exceptional actual food he has spared from total disaster only to come back.  However upon finally finding the individual he will discover that man is a giant.  The giant has a valuable hostage and the threat of him killing that hostage has stopped most efforts take him down.


6'5 large stomach but otherwise skinny desciptionally fast
T3 Cook
Uses oversized knives
Bounty 55mil

Little Piggy
Boar Zoan
Bounty 87million five hundred

Undetermined amounts of fodder

The mountain
T3 giant
Bounty 100mil
Kenbu Haki

The mountains pets
Twin genetically modified rams

Hostage Minister Gomez

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2 Re: Hunt/Battle Climbing the mountain on Sun Feb 22, 2015 9:11 pm


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