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Rooster and the Dog[Task]

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1 Rooster and the Dog[Task] on Sun Feb 08, 2015 6:54 pm


Title: Man's Best Friend

Type: Task

Rank: T1

Details: Still lingering in the East Blue after having turned in Katta Katta, Satoru heads into town -Loguetown- for a small bit of relaxation. There he enters a tavern to converse, shoot the crap, etc and as he leaves he comes across a stray dog getting picked on by a few kids. Satoru takes it upon himself to scare the kids away and nurse the pup back up to health.

Satoru smiled with cheesy glee pockets so fat he childishly and purposely walked with a limp. "Boy oh boy oh boy oh boy, I lucked out with that Katta Katta cash cow!" Whistling a catchy jazz tune in joy, he walked down the streets glowing with energy. Snapping the fingers of one hand to the rhythm which he whistled, the other hand shuffled about in his kimono to withdraw his pipe. "Mmmm, mmm, mmm Blueberry Deeeeeelight, come to papa!" It was his favorite blend of shish . . . well probably not his favorite, but high up there on the list. With that same smile, Satoru lit the pipe and took a deep drag of the harsh smoke. His lungs burned a bit, but the first drag was always a bit scratchy, a few more puffs and it'd burn down to a smooth smoke with an alluring aroma. "Badap badap, Kaaatta Kaaata, badap badap, moneymoneymooooney. Hehe, time for some good 'ol fashion fun." Satoru continued down the road snapping, humming, and scatting, to his own rhythm with his eyes closed and his other hand resting in the "v" of his kimono on the hilt of one of his blades. Walking down the street a bit of banter and loud ruckus caught his ear by the lobe and forced him to open his eyes and evaluate where it was coming from. It was evident it was coming from inside a building due to its muffled nature, but which one?

Eyeing the lit buildings in the deep blue sky as night was falling, Satoru found the source of the noise and boy did it look like a party. Silhouettes could be seen from outside the windows of men reeled back in laughter, waitresses in cute dresses bussing tables and serving guest and a bit of fist banging on tables. It was probably a pirate crew that had docked in the town that was celebrating something having a good time, something Rooster was looking for. Entering the establishment with charisma, Satoru was grinning wide as the entire ocean's span. "DRINKS ON ME BITCHES!!!!!!! All the pirates and employees turned their attention to the one who basked in the spotlight -Satoru- and when they saw the enormous pouch of Beli he held above him in the air, the pirates let out a merry cheer. "Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaah!" The whole tavern seemed to shake from their voices shouting in unison.

No better way to make friends with pirates or people in general than buying food and alcohol for them, Satoru was quickly beckoned over to a table eagerly by a lightly drunk man and his circle of other buzzed friends. The atmosphere was very lively much to Satoru's satisfaction, people laughing, joking, trying to hit on waitresses to get smacked in the face, gambling, songs of adventure, it was what being a pirate was all about. Ironic, because Satoru's profession involved turning in pirates, but that was only when it was needed. For now his pockets were set and he wouldn't need to turn anyone in for quite awhile. "Ayyye, a large Barracuda Pirate shout for our newest ally Satoru!!! One, Two, Three!!!" Again the establishment shook from the booming drunken voices of the pirates shouting in unison and with Satoru joining them for the hell of it. "YAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!!" He shouted much to the amusement of the man whom had his arm hung around the Bounty Hunter's shoulder. Looking at Satoru, Satoru looked back at him before they both bursted out in joyous laughter.

"What brings you out to these parts young hatchling?" Satoru chuckled at the title he was given, his real age being more than most thought, possibly in the fifties on his own accord by now. "I'm just a man enjoying and making the best of his looks while he's got em." Popping a cheesy model pose with his hand in an "L" it fit perfectly under his chin to much of the pirates amusement. "Ahhhh we got a pretty boy here do we? Ahhh hahahaha, I remember back in the days when this head held grand hair all the women loved." "Aye Largo, don't flood the boy's head with lies, you've been bald as an egg from birth to now!" Satoru's face lit up at the joke before he bursted out in livid laughter with majority of the crew. Nearly choking on his pipes fumes he removed the pipe from his both to laugh safely. "Hahaha, that is a pretty bald dome ya got there. Bald as a - as a, bald as a mattress hahahahaaaaaa." Satoru laughed at his own nonsensical and illogical joke while everyone paying attention just went silent. The rest of the tavern was still minding their business, gambling, talking, drinking, but this small circle just went dead while Satoru continued to laugh and slap his knee. "Ge-get it, cause mattresses don't have hair??!!" The Rooster continued to chuckle as the pirates looked amongst each other in drunken confusion at Satoru's joke, before he stopped laughing and wiped a single tear from his eye. "Wheeew . . ." He looked around at the quiet pirates in confusion with them.

"You . . . you guys don't get it? Good cause I don't either bwahahahaaaa!!!" The pirates shook their heads with smirks, some just shrugged and shared a laugh with Satoru's lively spirit. "Ahh that was a good one." Satoru ended his laugh with a few sputtering chuckles, before he put his pipe back in his mouth and relaxed back into his seat. Continuing to talk with the pirates for about another hour, Satoru felt it was time to turn in and head to the inn he was staying at. Saying his goodbyes and paying off the fees he owed for everyone's consumption, he surprisingly had money to spare. Stepping out into the cool night air of Loguetown, he embraced the breeze as it refreshed his hot frame from the stuffy tavern. "Ahhh, they were a nice bunch of people maybe I'll *yawn* mmm, meet them again one day." He began to walk towards his Inn, while packing his pipe with another set of the Blueberry Delight Shisha, before he lit it and smoked it on his way. His off hand passively moving ingot he "v" of his kimono to rest its hand on the hilt of his katana, the lone Bounty Hunter walked through the desolate streets, for a while before he heard an odd noise.

It was yelping . . . yelping with bits of giggling in between. Satoru wasn't big in getting in other's business, but he did like to see them still and just watch from his audience view point. That was on a normal occasion however, perfectly sober since he wasn't much of a drinker and didn't feel like consuming alcohol only eating tonight, he went into a fit of rage at what he saw. Three young boys, probably no older than ten, huddled around a small puppy kicking it and pressing their weight on it. "HEY!!!!" This snatched the boy's attention as their heads quickly snapped over to Rooster's location in reflexive fear. "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU MISTREATING AN ANIMAL LIKE THAT!!!???" Satoru hated showing emotion outside of happiness or anything positive, but this animal cruelty was something he just couldn't stomach and not show the disgust it made him feel. The boy's running off, Satoru utilized Soru to quickly appear in front of them stopping their fleeing. "You little shits, you wanna abuse something, then try those puny kicks on me." His six foot frame towering over their prepubescent bodies as they shuddered in fear form his grim demeanor. Blowing smoke out his nostrils in one quick puff, the hand that rested on his katana went to work. Sliding the metal blade out the sheath, the kids could only watch frozen in fear as they eyed the blade. It was beautiful how its edge reflected the moonlight, but Satoru couldn't care less about such a thing right now. Of course he couldn't kill these kids and he wouldn't harm them either, but he sure as hell would scare them. After a long metal cry that lived for about four seconds, the blade was fully revealed and held in Satoru's hands. "Go on . . . kick the dog now. You think abusing animals will make you tough and make you seem like you're not a coward, then in the face of death go and prove it." The kids legs were trembling like walls of the tavern Satoru was previously in. "No?" They each shook their head no and Satoru inhaled, then exhaled smoke from the corner of his mouth into their faces. "Take your asses home then." Hesitantly in fear, they eyed Satoru with each step before they were about 5m away and they bolted.

Sighing and shaking his head in disappointment in the youth, Satoru sheathed his blade in mild anger that was simmering down as he approached the pup. Primarily blue, it had white patterns on its feet to it's chin and the under part of its tail. It was bleeding a bit, but the injuries didn't look too bad. "Come on little fella, your Uncle Rooster gotcha." Moving his hands to scoop the canine up, the dog bit his hand and rather than yank the limb away Satoru simply stared as the dog growled. Blood drawn from the tiny fangs the pup had, Satoru smiled and used the other hand to pet the dog though the oral grip remained. Satoru chuckled with a grin, before scooping the dog up and letting it keep its grip on his hand. Arriving at the inn, he spoke to the inn keeper and retrieved a bit of medical supplies and bandages. Still with his hand in the dog's maw, Satoru with the inn keeper's help treated the dog and fed it some leftovers after finally easing the dog's nerves to release it's grip on Rooster's hand. "Ha, he's eating!"

Satoru was glad to see it, though the dog eyed both of the humans the whole time. "I'm glad someone finally put an end to those brat's antics, the poor fella might have been dead in a week knowing them." The inn keeper shook his head and left Satoru and the dog in the privacy of Rooster's room. Sitting on his bed, Satoru took a final drag from his pipe before putting it out and exhaling the fumes into the air. Looking up at the ceiling, he looked back down at the dog who sat at the door, staring back at Satoru. "I know what it's like little fella, to be treated in such a way because your weak . . . don't worry though . . ." Satoru removed his kimono to reveal a bare chest with bandage wrap around the abdomen. "You should be safe now."

With that Satoru plopped backwards onto his bed and almost immediately knocked out like he always did. Awaking in the middle of the night from an odd dream, he would look for where the dog was and find it still at the foot of the door, but curled up and sleep. Smiling at the sight, Satoru went back to sleep, to not wake until the morning. Dressing himself, gathering his things, and preparing to depart, the Pirate Hunter's next destination was Yotsuba Island. There, he would begin tracking his next mark, tapping the pup on the head, it awoke and Satoru slid the small fry to the side with his foot to move him out of the door's path. Sleepily the puppy yawned and watch Satoru walk out the room, before following from a moderate distance for safety.

"Thank you for the room and helping me with the dog, I appreciate it." Satoru bowed to the inn keeper, who seemed happy to help Rooster and then Satoru headed for the door of the Inn, but the inn keeper stopped him. "Hey . . . Looks like someone wants to say goodbye." Satoru turned to face the Inn Keeper, then saw the dog at the top of the stairs eyeing him from a distance before quickly going down them and running to Satoru's feet. In a formal seated position the dog waited for Satoru to move, who intern squatted down and patted the canine on the head. "Hehe, see you round lil fella." Opening the door to the inn, Satoru basked in the sunlight and was already planning his first meal upon arriving in Yotsuba. Stepping to walk, he noticed the dog was beside him and following wherever he went. He ran, the dog ran, he stopped, the dog stopped, he commanded the dog to go, the dog did not. "You wanna stay with me lil guy?" Satoru's voice was gleeful and the dog seemed to feed off such energy, that being reflected through a high pitched bark, the first bark Satoru heard the canine make.

A look of astonishment on his face, he smiled nodded then continued to walk along side the pooch. "hmmmm, you need a name huh?" Rooster looked down at the dog who looked at him, the poor fella wasn't even higher than his calf muscle. "How about Poochy?" The pup simply stared at him and Satoru made a dissatisfied face. "Naaaah, you need a good name . . . a warrior name . . . Ah, how about Roshi. He was a childhood friend of mine, one of the toughest people I know . . ." Satoru was getting mildly sentimental, but he shook it and looked at the pup with a smile and the dog barked back at him. Stopping in his tracks, Satoru crouched down low to the dog's level and spoke once more. "Alright then, if you want this name, you have to be brave, strong, and most of all cool okay? The real Roshi was a dear friend of mine and I'm trusting you with his name . . you can't let us down understand?" Satoru put a hand on the dog's head and smiled, shaking his hand off the dog barked again, which Satoru took as a yes. "Alright then Roshi, welcome aboard the Rooster Express. Your duties for now will simply involve looking cute and helping me get women kay? I don't expect yah to get your paws dirty in a fight, maybe when your bigger." Satoru chuckled at his joke and Roshi barked twice back to back with high energy. The joke being Rooster wasn't much into any gender at all, falling in the basket of an Asexual.

With his new companion by his side, the skies were looking bluer and he felt as if his old friend Roshi whose soul had long ago passed away was back with him or at least closer to him. Just looking at the dog brought Satoru tremendous joy and it showed on his smiling face. Headed to the docks to head to Yotsuba, Satoru was in high spirits.

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2 Re: Rooster and the Dog[Task] on Sun Feb 08, 2015 11:07 pm


Title: Rooster and the Dog

Type: Battle

Rank: T1

Details: A day has passed since Satoru claimed the dog as his own and the canine has seemed to have taken a liking to Satoru. Having spent enough time in Loguetown, Satoru heads out to begin tracking his next mark out in Yotsuba. Going to the docks where his small boat is located, he finds it being looted by a few pirates he met the day before in the tavern. There are five in number and wield daggers along with pellets of smokescreen. Knock them out, kill them, whatever, Satoru's task is to get his things back at the least so he may continue on to Yotsuba Island.

A smile on his face, Satoru had the dock in his sights and as was his small ship that could tolerate the wrath of the weak blues. A storm would surely wipe the small boat out, but luckily Rooster was pretty good at keeping keen on the weather knowing to talk to fishermen before leaving to other islands. They always seems to know the waters, whether it was because they had just sailed them or the ancient ache in their superstitious bones told them it was a bad day for sailing. Chuckling at the thought of such an old man, Satoru looked to Roshi hoping the dog wouldn't get sea sick or at least grow accustomed to the sea, but that was of his least concerns it seems. Bearing his fangs, Roshi began to growl as the duo grew close to the boat and it made Satoru stop. "Eh? You scared of the ocean lil dude?" Satoru chuckled as he went to pick up Roshi until the sound of a barrel falling then rolling was heard then seen on his ship. Someone was on it. "Ey, get your filthy ass off my ship you damn looter. There's plenty other ships to steal from and you pick this little one. What ya got no common sense?" He awaited a reply and after a few muffled mumbles he got one. "It's easier to duck consequences when robbing a smaller vessel. Marine won't care unless you got some political weight to your na- Ey, it's Satoru from the night before. This your scanty ship?" Satoru shook his head seeing it was the bunch of pirates he had became acquainted with from last night. "Yes, this is my ship, now put my stuff back and find someone else to steal from alright?" He lifted up a single leg onto the border of the ship to begin stepping aboard, but three of the pirates drawing their daggers made him withdraw the foot and raise a brow. Roshi still growling, the dog soon began barking at the pirates. "Sorry Satoru, but Captain's orders to loot whatever small ships we can get away with, so step aside will yah. You had money to blow at the tavern so replacing this supplies should be nothing to yeah eh? Hahahaaa." Satoru didn't take kind to stealing when committed against him, nor did he take kind to people wronging him after he did something kind for them like pay for a whole crew's putting at a tavern. His left hand on his katana's sheath, his thumb moved to push the cross guard up revealing a small portion of the blade. "It'll be nothing to replace my things, because you won't be taking them, final warning." Satoru stepped aboard his boat that rocked lightly upon his weight being added onto the load. Roshi hopping aboard too, Satoru was liking the spunk the dog was showcasing, but was a bit weary of its safety. "Eh, you got a runt with ya to watch you get gutted like a fish huh? Such a shame when we gotta kill one of you pretty boys." The other two pirates that were lifting barrels gently put them down and rolled their shoulders before drawing their daggers as well. "Smoke em!" The pirate in charge shouted and in that instance two of the pirates threw unknown pellets at Satoru and Roshi which exploded into a large cloud of smoke.

Coughing from the plume of gas, his eyes were lightly disturbed to, but he couldn't focus on that right now. His ears picking up the sound of boots against wood, one of the pirates was running at him to strike. Fighting in smoke, bunch damn cowards. Rooster gritted his teeth in thought, as he tried to focus his blurred vision on the silhouette approaching. Attempting his quick draw, the pirate evaded the slash due to Satoru's accuracy being off as well as his timing. Depth perception and overall perception askew, Rooster was at an obvious disadvantage. Dodging a few slashes, eventually he was cut across the arm, the the chest. The cuts weren't too deep, but they got deeper each and every time one landed, in due time Satoru would be mince meat. Trying to swing his blade to counter, the enemies shorter weapon had superior speed and in the smoke, his foe seemed to be so accustomed to fighting in the conditions. "Gah you damn bastard. Rankyaku! Utilized in such a way that Satoru spun in a complete circle the blade of wind he unleashed was shot in the direction he last remembered the group of foes were, but to fly overhead. The draft alone from the technique clearing the smoke, the slash was luckily able to overpower the pirates guard and break his dagger into pieces while sending him back a few meters. Roshi safely under the blade barked cheering for his master's triumph over the obstacle and with it conquered, Satoru eyed the remaining pirates waiting for their approach.

"Looks like we underestimated the lad hehehe, here I got a spare dagger for you Suji, now get back in there." From a leather sheath on the back on his hip, the man tossed the downed pirate a dagger and he caught it safely by it's grip. "You won't be so lucky this time you little shit." The pirate rushed in towards Satoru whom was holding his one katana in his hand while his off hand like always rested on his other sword. No smoke screen, the man was coming in wild and on an "even" playing field, which was actually not that even. Satoru would smirk at the conditions of the battle, as his off hand twiddled on the handle of his sheathed wakizashi and as soon as his opponent entered the range, he'd weave to the side and lash the blade out. Now with longer reach and using Quickdraw, Satoru would have the advantage in speed and reach, though his weapon was bigger.

His weapon messily cutting into his foe from the abdomen up to the shoulder, it was a slash that gradually got deeper as it scaled up the body due to his opponent running at him and not being able to stop instantly. The end result was the man at the cross guard of the wakizashi pressed against the man's shoulder with Satoru off to his side. The pirates own dagger being on the other side held loosely in his hand. "You really messed that up huh?" The pirate lifted his arm to stab Satoru, but the Bounty Hunter had his hand drawn up with his katana and plunged it through his back to peak out his chest, before he could stab Satoru. "I call it the Double Suicide Technique." His katana having went through the center of the pirates chest his heart would be punctured and he'd be dead in no time. Pulling out his katana, then his wakizashi, he let the pirate fall limp on the ground. "Who's next eh?" Satoru asked getting a bit cocky having taken out one pirate.

"You three go on, I'll support from when he leaves an opening, smoke him." Satoru grunted in dissatisfaction with the idea of being tossed in the smoke screen realm again. "Waaaah smoke's no fair, why not fight me on normal terms eeeeeh?" He whined playfully, but in actuality he was pretty annoyed with the tactic, though he had a counter in mind. Roshi had one as well, the pup surprisingly quite analytical and ready to be of use to his master.

The pirates running to Satoru and Roshi, they tossed their smoke bombs, while the shot caller stayed behind waiting for his chance to strike. Roshi using the smoke screen to his own advantage, jumped high in the air, then twisted his body about in such a way he aimed his genitalia in his foes directions. Forced urination like a dog marking it's territory, the canine shot projectile piss at the three incoming pirates hitting them right in the eyes. Satoru watched the spectacle with watery eyes, well at least the piss being shot. The sound of yelling from the acidic fluid getting in their eyes, then told Satoru that Roshi had done far more than Satoru could ask for. "Agh, damn mutt got piss on my shoe." This was the pirate in the back, while the others shouted about much worse problems. "AHHHG, NO ONE GIVES A DAMN ABOUT YOUR SHOE, THE SON OF A BITCH PISSED IN MY EYES!!!" Satoru couldn't help but chuckle at the ordeal as he navigated through the smoke with both his blades drawn. The sound of his foes suffering lead him to slash his blade through, one, then two, then three pirates swiftly with no resistance. Even though he was slightly blinded from the smoke, it was nothing like the affliction the now dead pirates were facing and now faced. "Just you left by yourself Anikiiiiiii." Satoru chuckled feeling like the battle would soon come to an end with him coming out on top, but boy was he wrong. At least about it soon ending. This last guy was silent, he was swift, and he was dirty. From behind Satoru was cut along the back. Being trapped in the dense smoke still he couldn't even see the man and with the rat being so silent, the Rooster couldn't even hear him. The smoke bending on Satoru's right, he knew this meant his foe was coming from this side. His weapons down idly, they were brought from down at his sides, to in front of him in an x while he crouched with a leg in front of the other, the the x splitting outwards both ways. This attack was often enough to take out anyone, but Satoru surprisingly didn't hit anyone, he just waved the smoke about. "Thought you had me huh!?" The voice came from above and Satoru would have probably been stabbed and killed if the man didn't find the need to talk. Side stepping the attempt of impalement from above, Satoru swung his blade at the grounded man who lightly shook the boat. One sword slice coming in horizontally, the next blade would come in as a stab closely behind the first.

Ducking the swing of the blade, then hopping back to a position where he was on all fours like a monkey, the pirate then rolled backwards and again hid in the veil of the smoke. "Back to playing hide and go seek huh? Geez you pirates are really something else." Rooster was trying to keep his cool in the highly stressful situation, but it truly was really hard. "Guess it's time for me to use that style." The Bounty Hunter sighed as he slowly slid his wakizashi into it's sheath to only wield his katana. Gripping the blade's handle with his now free hand, Satoru was now utilizing traditional Kendo. He hated the limits of freedom he felt he style put in play, but he had to admit it was highly effective and what he was best at. Closing his eyes to take a moment to try to focus on the sounds his foe made, he found himself getting cut along the shoulder barely moving in time to not get cut deep to the muscle tissue. Guess closing my eyes like in all the cool manga is out of the question. He reopened his eyes to be welcomed to a realm of lingering thick grey that burned his mocha brown optics lightly. *woof* Roshi barked and as he did immediately after the direction he was facing the smoke bent and his foe attempted an attack. Being warned of the assault, Satoru twisted around quickly and parried with a Kendo strike, before swinging once more to try to hit his target, but to have him vanish off in the smoke. Hmmm, so Roshi can sense where he's coming from? Satoru was confused on how Roshi had this foresight, for it occurred many times after and Satoru wrote it off as animal instincts. In actuality it was the scent of the animal's own piss being tracked by the dog's powerful nose.

"Hmm, you're getting better at detecting me. Only if you could do better and get that damn dog a muzzle." Satoru smiled in bliss as the battle was back in his hands to win with Roshi at his side leading him on. "Once more Roshi, this strike will finish him." Satoru was confident in this, for he had finally felt out his opponents strike speed and movement speed itself. It was time to put an end to the fight. Both hands on his blade's handle, Satoru brought the sword inches away from his face held horizontally. His legs more than shoulder width apart, he bent his knees and shifted his weight over to his right leg. He was now set for success and just awaited his companions signal. Seagulls in the foreground squawking throughout the period of silence, it was like it all happened in Slow Motion when Roshi barked. Satoru turned to the direction Roshi was facing to see the smoke bend, he used his Mind's Eye to visualize his opponent, so he could aim properly before he was even fully in sight. Swinging his blade low similar to how a clock operated, once it reached about six o' clock, not only would the blade drag off up to slice horizontally, but Satoru would utilize body activation to quickly travel 5m passed and through his foe. His Kendo blade slash cleaving straight through his opponent, the pirate nearly had his whole midriff cut off. Like a trap door, the wound just above the waist would open as the pirate tried to move and he would spew blood out his mouth violently, before trying to turn and falling to the ground dead.

Using his Rankyaku he safely cleared the smoke then tossed the bodies overboard ingot he shallow dock water, before clueing up his boat and setting sail. "I think I did the right thing by naming you Roshi. I would have probably gotten killed bak there without ya." Satoru smiled as he placed a hand on Roshi's head and scruffed up the dog's hair on his head a bit. Roshi shook his head to relieve him of Satoru's hand and barked happily with a wagging tail. The sea didn't seem to bother the dog at all, it seemed to intrigue him if anything. While Satoru treated his wounds, he watched the puppy peek over the railing at the blue ocean and the fish that swam down below. "Even in the afterlife you're still saving my ass eh Roshi . . ." Satoru mumbled to himself looking up into the sky until he fell asleep daydreaming about his past on the way to Yotsuba.

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The following thread has been reviewed, read and approval. Locking Thread. Rewards will be post in Task Request Thread.

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