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Aaron ~White Prince~ di ArchLight

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1 Aaron ~White Prince~ di ArchLight on Sat Feb 07, 2015 5:32 pm

Name: Aaron di ArchLight
Epithet: White Prince
Age: 27 (Looks like he's 11 years old.)
Gender: Male
Race: Human/Half-Niji (Look at Lineage)
Sexuality: Bisexual

Affiliation: Shichibukai/Marine
Occupation: Bishop and Beast Master

Appearance: Aaron wears exactly same clothes as his casual clothes.

Hair Color: White (Pink to the tips)
Eye Color: Red
Skin Tone: Pale
Height: 157 CM
Weight: 29 KG
Tattoo: None.


Kind: Despite being a bad person's son, Aaron is a very nice person. However, he's also very polite and kind. He never speaks rude or mean to anyone, and always be kind to people.

Naive: He's very naive cause of his thoughts of every people being nice and kind as him. He never thinks bad of someone, and he'll even could be pranked by the most obvious prank ever. He'll do

Nice: Aaron is very nice and benevolent. He will not hesitate to help anyone, and he loves everything in the world, even the worst person ever cause he thinks that the only thing a person ever need is love.

Friendly: Aaron is very friendly. He'll help anyone in danger or who requests help. He also can quickly make friends. This is a very helpful trait of him though, cause of misssion or other things where he has to gain someone's trust.

Brave: Aaron is weirdly brave. However, he is generally coward, but when he or his friends are in danger, he could become very brave and straightforward and become in a position to do anything to help his friends. However, this trait of him is both helpful and dangerous, depending on the situation.

Animals: Aaron grew up in a forest, raised by animals. However, by this timeline, he learned to communicate with the animals. However, he likes animals very much and he plays with them everytime when he has the chance.

Angels: A side effect came from his Niji-Blood, Aaron shows unbelieveable love to angels and holy things. He just loves them and praises them too much.

Friends: He cares and respects his friends too much. He just loves them and wishes the best for them.

Sweets: He is addicted to sweets. However, if he doesnt eat sweets for a period of time, he transforms into an another person and goes on a rampage. However, he is aware of this situation so he always carries angel cakes beside him.


World Nobles: However, Aaron bears a strong hate for the world nobles just cause of his fathers actions and making him a shichibukai by force just to gain high relationships and be feared.

Evil People: He also bears a great hatred for evil people and their selfish intentions. He cannot tolerance it and just hates it, and he cannot believes the fact that theres that selfish and evil people.

Demons: However, as a part of his Niji-Blood, Aaron hates demons and all those stuff. Even hearing its name is enough to make Aaron mad.

-Bringing peace and love to the world.

Yonko: Aaron is very afraid of yonkoes, and he would neve stand against them. However, he does fear but never takes a step back and give his pride away.

Forest Deity: However, he fears his own deity aside from worshipping him, and thinks that others should fear him and his celestial power.

Spriggans: Spriggans are evil anti-nature souls who diss the Forest Deity they are evil and powerful creatures and hunt who worship the Forest Deity. Luckily, Aaron didnt encountered any Spriggans yet, but he really is scared of them and he knows one day he will face his worst fear.

Inner Lineage:

Niji Blood:

Name: Niji Blood
Description: Niji are a race which existed long, long before where even earth existed. They stood as faithful companions for angels sent by gods. However, they went extinct as god shaped time, space and everything. However, there's a certain lucky lineage that kept Niji Blood in themselves, and became Half-Niji's. However, the bearers of the niji blood can turn into niji at will, anytime. However, this form only causes user to float, and nothing else. Niji's are big as a hamster, and they have wings.
Ability: User can turn into a ancient race named Niji at will. As a side effect, user's body stops aging from a certain point and user continues their life with that body. User cannot use any skillset while they are Niji, and only gain the ability to float.

Outer Lineage:

Legendary Speaker:

Name: Legendary Speaker      
Description: There exists, for everyone, a sentence—a series of words—that has the power to destroy you. Another sentence exists, another series of words, that could heal you. As a Legendary Speaker, you have mastered the art of talking to a point where you can win battle simply by saying a few sentences to your opponent, causing them to simply accept defeat or even persuade  them to be your ally.
Ability: Twice per Thread you are able to persuade a non-important NPC of lower tier than you to cease hostile actions against you for the rest of the thread. This ability will not work on PCs or Important NPCs.

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