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Sam The Man

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1 Sam The Man on Fri Feb 06, 2015 5:37 pm

Name: Samson or Sam
Epithet: "The Man"
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Race:1/2 Shandian (winged Sky race) 1/2 human (kuja mother)


Appearance:Muscular build with shoulder length hair that is normally slicked back but tends to get messy during the course of one of his adventures.  Sam carries himself with pride but his attire often takes away from this.  He wears dark blue pants that are tucked into grey boots. He typically goes with out a shirt but when he wears one its it is loose fitting grey button up. Scars in shoulder blades wear his wings surgically removed after being broken. His torso is also cover in scars from fights and his remnants of his past abuse.  His skin his tuff/tight from years of physical conditioning.  His hair is soft and naturally shiny when not slicked back. Broad shoulders a newly growing goatee, like when a person goes a few days without shaving.  He is considerably handsome in a rugged way.  He has a dependable look about him despite his cheeks being normally flushed from over indulgence of alcohol.
Alternate outfit: Brown leather jacket white t-shirt that says marines in blue. Blue jeans and brown boots
Hair Color:brownish orange hair
Eye Color:light green
Skin Tone:white tanned

Personality:A very determined individual who lives up to a high code of ethics and expects others to do so as well.  He believes in standing up for what you believe in no matter what.  He is in no way a stuffy individual in fact he can be pretty childish at times.  He has a high tolerance for immaturity except when it is time to work.  He thrives for competition and is not one to hold back no matter what the task.  He believes in the concept of “being a man,” or woman as the case might be.  What this concept means to him is be your best person.  Doing what is right for you.  He will fight to defend this concept and the victor is the “the man”.    He is very kind and protective to those who needed but prefers tough love, which was the kind of love his father gave him.  Well that was more physical abuse.  This why he hates being compared to his father.  He has a lot of parental issues that have caused an identity crises within himself which the formed the whole “being a man,” complex (if I am using that word right).  
He has faith in people and will trust others to do what they say they will.  He believes that anyone who would shoulder a problem by them self when they have help is a fool.   It is important to delegate task to those who can best handle them.
At times he can be somewhat of a clutz do his not paying attention.  He gives respect where its due even to ‘enemies’.  Although he lives to according a high self-imposed standard he doesn’t fight pointlessly just to prove his worth.  Sam can be very tactful, if he believes the situation calls for restraint and taking of abuse he will do it.  Sometimes he will take on the abuse other are receiving on himself.  But ‘proper’ punishment should be accepted by those who messed up.  He loves to have good time but won’t let it get in the way of work.  He is a womanizer, enough said.
Parental Issues: He has never felt like he belonged anywhere.  His father, Goliath, was a Shandian who fell in love with a Kuja, Eva.  Eva at the time had left Amazon Lily she had sought to see the world and fell in love with man with wings.  Their time together was full of passion but brief.  She would eventually give birth to a son.  Horrified that she didn’t conceive a daughter she left the boy with his dad never claiming him.  As a heartbroken single father Goliath to took his frustration out on son.

Likes:Things that are considered manly, (secretly) fruity drinks, cigars, Parties, Flashy things
Dislikes:cowards, Snakes (not a fear), unkempt woman, wearing dress clothes.

  1. Being the best man he can be
  2. Find the Dragon Devil's fruit because thinks it is the ultimate snake.
  3. Defeat the Kuja pirates in order to prove to his mother his strength and she should have left him.
  4. Take down Amazon lily to further embarrass the woman
  5. Prove his strength to the sky races

Fears:Being considered a coward

Inner Lineage:Seeking Belfry
Description: After over a hundred years of seeking the Shandorian Golden Belfry his people's desire to find the bell manifested in Samson. This gives Samson hearing only rivaled by animals and devil fruit users. He is able to filter out the 'noise' in order to concentrate on the relevant sound. He is also able to hear frequencies normally not available to humans. The limit to this is however is sound canceling materials and anything else that would get in the way. He can not hear a conversation in a building he is not in but he would be able to hear yelling from the street when others can't. In a somewhat quiet environment he can hear the changes in someones heart beat proving useful for lie detection. He does not get overwhelmed by loud noises of normal day life because he is used to them and he has trained sound into his fighting style. However he is susceptible to sound based attacks and sound overloud can be used to negate his hearing ability.

Outer Lineage:Name: Kinetic Flow
Description: People of this caliber are capable of taking on a physical hit full force and being able to take that force and absorb it to add it into their own physical attack. This means they take no damage from the physical attack because they transformed it into another form of kinetic energy to empower their own.
Ability: Three times a thread with a six post cool down, the user is capable of absorbing a physical attacks kinetic energy, or momentum, to empower their own to add on a tier worth of added power. This is only capable of absorbing same tier and below kinetic energy as any higher would be far too overwhelming to wield. However please note that t4+ techniques cannot be absorbed by equal tier players, and that any t3+ techniques from higher tier players cannot be absorbed.

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Ready for the firing squad

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3 Re: Sam The Man on Tue Feb 10, 2015 8:48 am


1/2 Approval. 2nd Staff member needed for approval and/or to catch something I may have miss.

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Your animal instincts borders a strong enough inner lineage to take away your outer, but just barely. Let me talk to staff about it.

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I am easy to work with shall I post an alternate version?

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Go for it man. That might help this get approved quicker.

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lets try this

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Approved. Thanks for your patience mate.

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