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The Rooster Takes Flight[Task]

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1 The Rooster Takes Flight[Task] on Tue Feb 03, 2015 2:16 am

*skksss . . . skksss . . skkssss* The steps were inconsistent in rhythm as each tabi lazily slapped onto the concrete road of Shimotsuki Village. A nice little traditional styled place, it had a homely aura about it that kept Saturo smiling with his pipe slid into the corner of his mouth. One arm tucked into it's sleeve, it rested in the 'v' of the garment with a slightly rotating wrist as the other hand rested on the handle of a katana on Satoru's left hip. "Heheheeee" He chuckled gruffly puffing a small surge of smoke with each exhalation with his impish smile on. He had finally tracked down a mark he had been following for quite some time now. A bloodthirsty samurai pirate known as Katta Katta. Satoru had scene the man take out a few Marines while he was tailing him, not intervening simply to examine the man's fighting capabilities. Deciding it was within his reach Satoru decided to now confront the man here within the vast divination of the East Blue. It was an Blue that he too called his home, but what island he was from was beyond his knowledge.

"Ara araaaa dangooooo!" He exclaimed as his lazy walk turned into a childish run to a road side Dango vendor. Slipping his hand into his kimono, it would emerge out of the sleeve it was meant to, grabbing a coin pouch on the way out. "Let me get two sticks please!" The Dango vendor laughed at his childish antics and nodded, rolling the rice balls on the wide open grill as they cooked. Satoru leaning on the counter with one arm in a fashion that his body was face out to the streets with the vendor to his side, he spoke. "Say . . . what can you tell me about . . . Katta Katta?" He would pucker his lips for no real reason aside from doing it as he rested the side of his head on his shoulder looking at the dingo vendor who gave him a confused look. "Haven't heard of em . . . here ya go!" Making a small raspberry noise in disappointment, Satoru paid the man for the dingo and departed to eat and continue looking around.

He had spent about an hour more asking the civilians and dojo owner about the man he had been tracking, but somehow he got the same answer all around the board. What he did notice however was a peculiar picture on the wall of the dojo he had visited. He was almost 100% sure the picture could be Katta Katta in his earlier years, but then again he couldn't be too sure. Deciding to take a break since he had subconsciously found himself lounging on a bench in the center of the town near a large tree, his arms moved up to occupy the back of the bench as he leaned with horrid posture. Like a delinquent he slouched and wore the face of one whom was upset with life as his eyes skated to and fro until he spotted some children. "ahhhh, now I'm in business." He said under his breath. Two vacant dango sticks were horizontal in between his index and middle finger, one in each hand. Moving the fingers up and down against them caused them to twirl and rotate in place to Satoru's liking. Whislting to the kid's they looked over at him then he beckoned to them to call them over.

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2 Re: The Rooster Takes Flight[Task] on Tue Feb 03, 2015 8:24 pm

Hesitantly the kids responded to his call and approached. Leaning forward with his arms now horizontally resting on his knees, Satoru spoke to the children. "Yu guys seen a man known as Katta Katta? He's a cool samurai looking fellow about yay high with a nice fancy katana . . . ring a bell." The kids looked at each other before shrugging in unison. "You're outta luck Mr, no idea who that is." "Geeeeeh, useless brats." Sticking his tongue out at them while making a face, they did the same and scurried off.

"Damn . . . guess I'll head to the beaches now." He thought well when listening to the ocean and staring out at the vast blue sea and figured he may run into a fisher man or two. Getting up off the bench, Satoru stretched and yawned, before putting his hands in his kimono pockets and heading off to the sand bar.

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3 Re: The Rooster Takes Flight[Task] on Sat Feb 07, 2015 8:00 am

There, Satoru simply did what he said he would and that was stare out into the sea. It was a tough life as a Pirate/Bounty Hunter these days. So many had taken up the occupation, just for "fun" or to seem "cool" and intimidating and it left the real work run bone dry for those whom were true to the occupation, not just some part timers. I hope no one got to him before I did . . . but that's not likely, the towns folk would know about it, they don't even know this guy apparently, which is all just a large on going lie. Still in his thoughts Satoru withdrew the man's wanted bill from the "v" of his kimono, unraveled it and examined it. His home town was the very town Satoru was in right now and no doubt about it, that image he saw in the dojo was Katta Katta. He must have trained here, before going out to sea and making a name for himself.

Satoru sighed and looked back out to the sea. What would he do now? His next choice would be hard to make considering this trail hadn't necessarily run dry. It had simply just been well protected and he'd have to search deeper if he wanted the reward on this guys skull. Was it worth it though? "That's an expensive bill mark you got there outsider." Satoru's thought locked expression that seemed to have a vexing bind on him was erased at the sound of another. He never liked to seem like he had much on his mind or give any windows to his thoughts or soul's intentions. Back into his nonchalant vibe, he turned with a slightly questioning face which consisted of raised eyebrows and slightly widened eyes.

It was him, Katta Katta, whom Satoru just stared at blankly before speaking again. "Yeaaaah, It's of a pirate samurai around here known as Katta Katta, you heard of him? Satoru asked the man who scrunched up his brows wondering if the man was for real. A moment of silence while the two stared at each other, one in oblivious halt and the other in an unbelievable daze. Did Rooster truly not recognize that this man was Katta Katta. ". . . It-it's me Katta Katta . . . you understand this right?" Satoru did indeed and in turn to the man's words he nodded affirmatively. "Mhmm . . ." Satoru stretched up to the sky a bit gripping the bill mark as he did before turning back out to the sea. "So what's your point?" Katta was merely dumbfounded at this, yet he was always confused. Wasn't the man searching the village for him and holding the bill mark in his hands thinking about capturing him? Why wasn't he fighting or interrogating or just . ..  reacting correctly to the situation. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHAT'S MY POINT? YOU CAME TO THIS ISLAND ASKING FOR ME YOU NIT WIT!!!" He cartoonishly yelled at Satoru whom had seated himself on the sand bar to watch the ocean, before he turned around again to face him with a thoughtful look. "Oh yeah I did huh?" ''WHAT DO YOU MEAN OH YEAH, NORMAL PEOPLE JUST ODN'T FORGET THINGS LIKE THAT YOU NIMROD!!!" Satoru chuckled with squinted up eyes, before pressing off his knees to come to his feet and face Katta Katta fully. "Since you insist on fighting me then Katta Katta, I accept your challenge." Satoru raised then stabbed his finger out in the air towards Katta Katta whom was 15m away. "I'M NOT CHALLENGING YOU, YOU DIOT, YOU'RE CHALLENGING ME!!!" Satoru's finger was withdrawn and put to his chin as his eyes looked up to the empty blue sky in thought. "Ehhh, really? I don't remember asking . . . but in that case I don't wanna fight." He shrugged and tossed the bill mark into the air for the wind to carry it off. At which Katta just stared at him in disbelief. "What kind of person are you? Are you stupid or just playing games with me? You're a pirate hunter or a bounty hunter correct? If that's the case then all that asking around you did for me, means you're here for my head, so lets get this show on the road."

"Hehe, of course. The world would be to bland if I didn't joke around like this."Satoru's voice went from a mocking bounce, to now a natural flow. Withdrawing his pipe from his kimono with a lighter, he placed the pipe in his mouth correctly and lit it to emit a sweet scented smoke. Returning the lighter to his kimono, he gave Katta a slow nod to begin battle only withdrawing his wakizashi for use. "Lets see if you live up to the legends then." "And lets se if you're not just another watered down Pirate Hunter who wears the title for the fun of it!" Satoru found it amusing even his foe was tired of such children running around claiming to be real head hunters. His blade held idly at his side, puling it up to the side of his face as he entered a crouched stance, his left hand lightly rested on the side of the cool metal. Puffing up a plume of smoke from his pipe, both swordsmen ran in towards each other.

The sound of metal clashing and sparks flying filled the atmosphere as both swordsmen stood their ground against the other. Hopping back about two feet, Satoru would immediately jump back ingot eh heat of battle with a flying knee towards his opponent. Surely caught off guard by the sudden use of literal physical combat, Katta side stepped then went for a vertical kendo slice towards Satoru who was not even facing his foe now. "Gotcha." Saotru simply grinned at this and as his foe's blade came down, the man vanished to only reappear behind him. One eye closed due to the fuming smoke from his pipe, he harmlessly tapped the blade on his confused foes shoulder. *tink tink* Satoru was mildly cocky when he felt he could triumph a foe with not much effort and this showed it. "Gah, you damn clown!" Katta's speed had increased with his fury and it showed as he spun around on a sharp pivot to slash horizontally at Satoru.

Satoru was taken by surprise from this sudden speed increased, but he didn't get nervous nor get sloppy. He kept his calm composure and would block effectively. His wakizashi idle on his shoulder resting lazily, his idle hand that hung loosely in his kimono's "v" having been slipped through his sleeve went to work. In one swift movement, the off hand found the handle of his katana and pulled the handle upwards, directing the sheath to follow. Not even the fully out of the sheath, the blade pulled about 3/4s out vertically was enough to negate the swift horizontal swing. Katta Katta gritted his teeth as he pressed against Satoru's katana, while Rooster simply looked down at the man, not physically showing exertion though his muscle were pumping on overtime to keep up this aesthetic. Enough playing though. The fight had gone on long enough with Satoru not taking the battle fully serious and soon enough the villagers would arrive to hear what all the commotion was about with the shouting and the clashing of blades. Slamming his katana back downwards towards its sheath, his foes weapon got caught on the protruding cross guard and was forced cowards as well. While this occurred Satoru reeled back with his wakizashi then stabbed at Katta Katta. Not allowing the distraction of his blade being drawn down to make him vulnerable to the assault, Katta twisted his body in a manner that the stab would zip by him. "Eh?" Satoru said in confusion. Usually that tactic worked and he wasn't used to it being avoided as if it solely relied on him to stab and his opponents would comply and take the blade.

Reeling back again, Rooster stabbed at Katta once more, but to only miss. Again, and again, and again, Rooster jabbed and jabbed and jabbed to no avail as Katta was steady weaving the blade back and forth and up and down. "Hm!" Satoru grunted in dissatisfaction, before stopping his stabs while reeled back. At this Katta too stopped staring at his blade awaiting another stab. Satoru's blade seems to waver slightly as time stood still, aiming his next stab carefully like a surgeon operating on a patient. The air was tense as both awaited this stab, then Satoru realized Katta was waiting on him as he was looking up at the blade form his crouched stance like a puppy. "Ah . . . you're waiting on me to stab huh?" Satoru's question made Katta want to shake his head in dismay at the man's seemingly empty head. "Th-that's how fights work . . . one person attacks and the other counters . . you know that right?" Rooster nodded his head and scrunched his mouth to his side as he still held his blade up in preparation to stab. "It's hard though when you keep dodging Oni-chaaan. Lemme get a freebie pleeeeease." Katta's face turned a shade of red in embarrassment from Satoru's antics. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING CALLING ME ONI-CHAN YOU IDIOT. I DON'T KNOW YOU!!! Satoru chuckled. "Yeah, but it was funny though huh?" His foe looked at him like he was crazy, before he again asked another question. "This is Kami-e . . correct?" Katta nodded and at that Satoru knew jabbing would do him no good in this situation. The surface area of those strike were too small.

His new course of attack . . would occur after one more jab though which was evaded like all the others. "WHY ARE YOU STILL STABBING IF YOU KNOW IT WON'T WORK BECAUSE OF KAMI-E??!?!" Satoru's face now bore pursed lips at the sight of his stab missing. "I worked so hard to aim it, I didn't want to waste it aaahhhhh." Katta was in disbelief at how Rooster acted, was he aware this was a real fight, that he could die? That Katta had intentions of killing him? Was he even sane? "Anyhow." "Eh?" It was like lightning how his leg shot up off the ground seemingly not requiring any shift in weight onto the other at all. Evidently caught off guard by such an attack, Katta was struck barely even being able to register the blow was coming.

Right in the side of the head, the kick sent him a few meters away and Satoru was eager to follow through. His leg coming back tot he ground, he slammed his katana back into the sheath before jumping to an aerial position. His wakizashi held in a backwards grip with his left, while the right rested on the end of the hilt of the blade to apply pressure with his palm, he eyed the sprawled out Katta that was below him. "Sayonara Samurai." His foe looked into his eyes once more before being stabbed through the abdominal and spewing blood from his maw. Crouched beside his body, with his blade in Katta's gut, Satoru slowly stood as he used his right hand to pull his blade out and he took a drag from his pipe. His one eye still squinted shut, his left hand moved to steady the pipe as he inhaled the aromatic smoke. Exhaling into the air, he then looked down at his incapacitate foe and took his body to his small boat to turn in for Beli in exchange.

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4 Re: The Rooster Takes Flight[Task] on Sat Feb 07, 2015 8:14 am

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