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Dancing Dragons

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1 Dancing Dragons on Sun Feb 01, 2015 2:44 pm

Splinter Cell Registration

General Information:

Cell Name: Dancing Dragons

Cell Goal:
1) To be the downfall of corruption in all forms of government, especially the marines.

2) To give all walks of life a chance to rise above their past transgressions and give them an opportunity to become part of the revolution.

3) To devise a way to counter or protect innocent lives from the buster call. The dancing Dragons highly believe that thousands of innocent deaths for one man or woman who "might" be a problem is unjustified, corrupt, and hypocritical.

4) To abolish the shichibukai system and what it stands for.

Cell Members:
1) Wulfric Von'Funk[Top Hat]
2) Gwendolyn N. Aalis

Cell Timeline:

Custom Information:

Cell Colour:Multi coloured. Often Whites blues reds greens and oranges.

Cell Insignia:

Cell Uniform: There is no dress code. The Dancing Dragons welcome all forms of people and beings and their unique styles.

Cell Rankings: There are only 3 ranks within the cell. Everyone is considered family.

Top hat: This is the leader of the cell, picked by the body of the dragon.

Cane: The second in command and most trusted. Often picked not only by the top hat but by the body of the dragon.

Body of the dragon: This is everyone else who makes up the family that is the Dancing Dragons.

Extra Information:

Cell Extras:

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