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Blood of Z Part II - Recovery For The Battles Ahead.

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Shunji lied unconscious aboard the Milky Way, after the surgery done by Amon to save his life.

Shunji:I remember the last time... I was injured like this. I was really young and my Father had taken me into the forests of Crow's Isle. I fell off the cliff which leads to the islands peak. I think I cracked my head open wide and that was the first time I ever saw her. She had silver hair and piercing dingy brown eyes that seeped into my soul. I felt a warmth cover my body and when I awoke, it was the firs time I ever saw my father cry... All I could think was why father, why are you crying? Looking back on it now, I knew my father loved me.

Freyja: He always haunted my dreams. When I was younger, around five, is when they started to happen. Sapphire eyes as vast as the ocean and spiky hair that was always messy which he never combed. It felt like, I had a twin but my feelings weren't one of family, I never understood them until I turned thirteen and went on my first date. Then I knew, I loved him but we never met. I'd tell my best friend Mindy and she thought I was crazy but, I just love him.

The blood of Z holds a weird power. It bonds two souls together, think of it as God chose a special soul mate for you. It's almost destiny. With her, you can either chose to destroy or save this world. Though, I got the blood of Z, I never could awaken the Ancient Weapon within your mother. However, Shunji, your spiritual powers are almost ten times mine. Just remember this... Your blood is not a weapon. It's a last minute resort. If your soul-mate dies before you meet her... Your heart will be burdened by an incredible darkness.

Angel Beach

Jessica: Now then, let's begin the trials shall we. According to the reports, when the Ancient Weapon Valkyrie comes into contact with the blood of the Z host, her body is filled with an ancient text of sorts. All we need to do is spill these vials filled with Shunji's blood on her skin and if she responds, we capture her.

Jessica revealed a series of shuriken to throw at the girl. Before the shuriken could come into range to strike the young lady jolt of lightning flickered through and wiped out the shuriken instantly.

Bono: I told you they were suspicious, Luke!

Luke: Hmm....

Bono: No one ever follows Miss Mindy around like that. We have strict orders from God to protect her and her friend, Frey-chan.

Luke: Hmm....

Bono: He's not much of a talker. I'm going ask YOU this nicely once more-

Sena slammed his foot into the Shandian's face sending him into the barricades that guarded the beach. Bono intercepted by blocking the attack with a impact dial. Jolting next to the man, in a flurry of lightning, he released the impact dial on the ninja's body. The force of the attack would've shattered the man's rib cage, had he not used a substitution technique.

Sena: Base Art! Substitution! Your strong... Most people who take kicks from me die instantly.

Bono: Cholololololo... It seems you're quite powerful yourself. The woman you just tried to attack is Mindy Frelance Fionna Riland Fall III. She is the daughter of God- I mean the mayor of this fine Kingdom. We've been instructed to tail her as she tries to live a... 'commoners' life. However, every now and again, she gets a few assassins who threaten her life.

Sena: That makes this easy then. I just want the girl, Freyja.

Bono: Cholololololo... I can't give you her either, you see...

Bono's eyes got serious.

Bono: Not only is she like a nation figure around here, she's milady's best friend. I smell blood on both of you... It's the kind of scent killers have.

Sena: I guess there's no reasoning then... is there?

Bono: Nope. Luke! Battle Mode!

Luke: Hmm...

Luke pointed his rocket launcher towards Jessica and opened fire.

Jessica: I don't have time for this-

Pointing her palm open towards the incoming cannonballs, Jessica transformed the incoming balls into candy. The now gumdrops, plopped onto the ground and bursts into piles of gummy bears.

Jessica: I ate a Paramecia that let's me turn anything touched by my body or my sugar particles into Candy, I'm a Candy Woman.

Luke: Hmm.... A Devil Fruit User.

Luke loaded his rocket launcher with special shells.

Luke: Net Dial! With! Impact Dial Launcher!

Luke fired off another series of rounds, this time, they transformed into next imprisoning the woman, since it was made of seastone, before she realized it was too late.

Jessica: I couldn't move... What in the world!?

Bono: Chololololo... That was me. I use lightning dials to fight. Combined with Thunder Dials, I can run electric-magnetic currents through the sand or any surface really and stun my enemies. Luke! Take the girl to the castle and get miss Mindy out of here-

Luke dragged the woman in the net away and secured Mindy off the beach.

Bono: Now then... Shall we?

Sena: Your so cocky kid... Forbidden Art! -

The fight between these two men lasted four days in total, by time the main Royal Guard appeared, they could only watch on in awe.


Name: Bono Genga
Rank in Guard: Captain
Tier 3
Occupation: Brawler
Race: Shandian
Skillset: Lightning Dial / Dial Fu / Impact Dial

Name: Bono
Rank in Guard: Captain
Tier 3
Occupation: Marksman
Race: Shandian
Skillet: Earth Dial / Dial Fu / Compact Dial / Jet Dial


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A look of shock spread across his face without clearly seeing who was in Rocket’s arms Amon already knew that it was Shunji.  Amon’s expression didn’t wasn’t fear that Shunji was going to die nor was it condition.  What was now troubling him was the images of his father, mother, wife, and blank space symbolizing the infinite possibilities that would have resulted from his child.  Sorrow swept over him like a wave.  This was not like taking peoples organs and leaving them to die.  It had been years since he operated in a situation that matter.

In the moments leading up to Rocket bringing Shunji before all he could do was shake his head no. Why did he bring him here?  Doesn’t he know that Shunji needs serious medical attention?  Doesn’t he know that I am no more than a butcher?  “What are you doing!?  He needs more help than I can provide him!  At least wake him up so that he can provide himself with healing.”  Growing silent he realized how stupid he must sound.  He was a man of science he didn’t believe in whatever magic the supposedly healed wounds when Shunji willed it. Drowning out the voices and sighing he remembered that this was for the man who had saved him.  Signaling that he should be brought below deck Amon rushed as if on auto pilot on ahead to prepare the space for surgery. Once the space was set he forced everyone out of the room and locked the door as he prepared himself for the worst and hoped for the best.

With an adjustment of the light and his tools set out meticulously he injected something to keep him in a medically induced coma .  After a few moments and a change his patients breathing he spoke allowed to the empty room. Lets begin.

Time would pass on but as if deaf and blind to what was happening above Amon blocked out the rest of the world and didn’t hear the commotion of Jensen

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During the surgery, Shunji's body under went immense surgical repair. The battles from North Blue to now, had piled up his body with series of several minor injuries that only healing could fix. 
Meanwhile in Skypedia
Sena: You don't look to hot anymore kid... Hehe...

Covered in blood and kneeling, Bono tried to grap his breath slightly. Bono's thoughts went to panic quite quickly.

Bono: He's a monster. I have no clue what his attacks will be like... Unpredictable. It's like he has a Devil Fruit.

Sena: Time to wrap this up... I'll free you in a minute Jessy. Forbidden Art - Earthian Sand Snake!

Sena made a series of hand signs which summoned forth a sand like being which slithered across the ground ripping the net apart. As soon as Jessie was free, she rushed towards Bono ripping off his head in one fatal swoop. Kicking the girl in her stomach and knocking away Mindy, Jeesie gained possession of Freyja.

Jessie: Target acquired.

Bono: Miss Mindy! Miss Freyja! 

Jessie: Now then!

Freyja: Let me go... WHAT DO YOU WANT!?

Jessie took a small veil containing Shunji's blood and spilled it on the girl's forehead. Almost instantly, the girl became extremely clam.

Freyja: What is this... My body it feels so light. Almost like I'm being curdled by the man in my dreams... It's so peaceful. Shunji's surgery has concluded.

Shortly after Freyka's awakening, Sena sent a call into headquarters.

Sena: Slight problem boss. We had some complications with the Ancient Weapon... Jessie is dead. The shockwave of the attack has also rendered... Well I lost an arm. However, I know what her ability is now. It's truly terrifying. If she falls into Shunji's hands, were all dead.


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Standing up Amon stripped off the gloves he wore letting them drop to the floor. Taking a clean cloth from the table in the room he wiped them clean before returning them to his face. The room was a mess with blood and surgical waste. It was times like this he missed hospitals. There he would never have to clean up the OR. That was the nurses roll. Or was it did the janitor do that? Shrugging he looked outside and saw just how much time had passed. With a sigh he grabbed a broom and begun cleaning and sterilizing the area. If Shunji were to die it wouldn’t be because of an infection from dirty environment.

“I have done all that I can the rest is up to you.” Leaving his coat behind he went outside to give the others a quick update on their captain’s condition. By now the drugs Amon had used would have worn off but that didn’t necessarily mean that the patient would wake immediately. He would wake when his body felt ready.

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