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Satoru Ujimasa

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1 Satoru Ujimasa on Sun Feb 01, 2015 11:25 am

Name: Satoru Ujimasa
Epithet: Rooster
Age: 1?-2?
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sexuality: Asexual

Affiliation: Pirate
Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Appearance: Upon first look one can define Satoru as an overall fairly handsome. He seems to either always have a blank expression with wide eyes that seem confused or a cheeky smile. That’s in a casual setting of course for his combat visage consist of appropriate expressions for such a setting. His hair is a dull black color, that’s bound in a pony tail by short red cloth in the back to fall to just above the center of his back. In the front on his right side his hair’s length reaches down to cover majority of the right side of his face, but not dipping past the mouth. The left side of his hair is kept short. Across the bridge of his nose is a single scar, not being the only one that marks his body. The rest of his face is blemish free however. Having a strong love for tattoos, Satoru has one beautiful masterpiece that covers majority of his upper body. The ink stain is shaped in a tribal design with many hooks and intricate swirls, bold dashes, bold dots. Its reign spans from right rib, to the right side of his chest, then ending a bit past the shoulder.

His clothing consist of a red kimono with a spring inspired design at the end of its vertical length. Beautiful light greens, soft blues, and branches of newly blooming cherry blossoms. Unlike how a kimono is traditionally wore though, Satoru wears his open past the waist where a sandy brown band of cloth binds it to his waist. Given that the kimono is wore open, Satoru wears a pair of bottoms, those are simple black pants, nothing special here, save for them ending a bit below the knee. Once at the end of his pant’s length, bandage wrap covers the rest of space down to his ankles only to be covered by a peculiar pair of sandals. What makes these sandals peculiar is only the fact the material trails up to the shin and covers the back of the feet. Moving back up to the arms occasionally he will wear a few prayer beads around his wrist. Then at his abdominals there is typically bandage wrap wrap tightly winded around him a plethora of times. Lastly there is the ever present smoking pipe almost always found in his mouth, that emits sometimes sweet scents of shisha or typical rancid tobacco.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Mocha Brown
Skin Tone: Fair Toned
Height: 6`0
Weight: 165lb

Satoru is an immensely laid back guy and rarely gets serious about much. Even in the midst of battle he hardly treats the situation appropriately. He's a big fan of humor and works hard to integrate as much humor as he can into his days and the days of others. Often carrying a notepad and pencil, he even jots down random "funnies" -as he likes to call them- in his notepad to share with strangers on impulsive whims.

Being a Bounty Hunter Satoru is quite the actor as well, his favorite role to play is the damsel in distress oddly enough. He never enjoyed showing off or showing his abilities at all at that. He'd much rather just let his work do its self or have others do it for him. When need be he'll get his hands dirty, but he'd probably much rather watch from afar and make corny jokes about the occurrences happening. He loves to over exaggerate, but only when its in his favor. He'll often belittle the work of others even to their face, twisting tales to make it seem as if he had tackled the situation alone while they hardly distributed. It's all just for kicks however, but sometimes Satoru can convince himself that his lies were actual occurrences.

Underneath the immature facade, there lies a brazen and compassionate leader or ally. Satoru hates to make enemies and tries to leave on good terms with all his encounters. Though of course that's not always possible with the way the world works with being labeled an enemy at the first glance, but Satoru surely does try.

Likes: Smoking, Tattoos, Swords, People, Exploring
Dislikes: Invasive people, Jittery people, People with no sense of humor, no smoking signs
Motivations: To become a World Renown Bounty Hunter or Swordsman. Whichever comes second.
Fears: Being broke. Spiders. Drowning.

Inner Lineage: Inky Touch: Limited to the Satoru's hands, he can produce ink. Not in volumes that allow excess to drip, but simply enough to mark things, write, etc.

Outer Lineage: Might of the Wraith

Writing Sample Off to Ondori's own right about 150m off a bolt of lightning hit the ground. The teen made note of the illumination he caught in his peripherals in the clouds before the lightning bolt raced to the earth. That was only one way Ondori had discovered to know where the lightning would drop and it would more than likely save his life once or twice. Hmm, this would be the perfect time for a battle, judging on his appearance he's prepared for some. He's alone as well . . . Holding two fingers in the air high above his head, Ondori would signal to the ninja. Signal what though? The Lightning Country's and many other Country's signal for a friendly spar. If the signal would be reciprocated, then Ondori would consider the battle on. Though a thousands and thousands of blades of grass away from the Lightning Ninja, Ondori would calculate his approach wisely. Sprinting forward he would aim to place himself about 35m away from the ninja before stopping, but throughout the course of his travel he'd be ready to react to anything including the lightning that persistently showered off in the distance. What Ondori noticed though as a few bolts fell was that the lightning was coming closer to the duo's location with each flash.

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Creative Inner Lineage! I like it muh man! You've got my approval! :)


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It's sad to see another person on the dark side...



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