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Exotic Salesmen[Task, Vicky Wright/Rocket]

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1 Exotic Salesmen[Task, Vicky Wright/Rocket] on Sat Jan 31, 2015 3:37 am

Exotic Salesman


Tier 2

A large ship has docked at Logue Town and the winds that carried it here are the same that brought the rumors of the 4 Salesmen. Not exactly a lot is know about them other than the fact that they're all brothers of the same age and they're known for their exotic wares. They're known for their hunting and bargaining skills mostly stocking specifics parts of their kills. Rumor has it that they recently had been raiding towns and killing any type of fishman to harvest their scales, fins, etc for crafting.

The plan here is to sink the ship leaving the brothers stranded with none of their wares or money as well as defeated.


Name: Alfred
Race: Human
Tier 2
Inner Lineage:
Brothers Embrace - Being the eldest born and having such a connection with his brothers Alfred can give them a simple embrace such as a reassuring shoulder touch or hug he can boost all of the brother who he touched stats by a whole tier for 3 posts with a 6 post cooldown(Doesn't stack with other lineages if brothers).
Weapon: Raiper

Credit to albron111 on deviantart~
Name: Angus
Race: Human
Bounty: 13,000,000
Tier 1
Inner Lineage:
Blessed with speed not brawn - Even though he is the largest of his brothers he is the fastest. You would think that someone of his size would be super strong not fast and thats where this guy get you. He has a +1 to speed for unknown reasons. He didn't get mental speed though hes still pretty stupid.

Name: Alvin
Race: Winged
Bounty: 13,000,000
Tier 1
Weapon: Spear

Name: Andrew
Race: Human
Bounty: 12,000,000
Tier 1
Inner Lineage:
Enhanced Puppetry - Andrew was the last born so he is treated more so as the baby of the group, he has always had a thing for stories and puppets when it came to entertainment. He has a certain bond with the two puppets he wears that grants him +1 tier to strength, they feel as if they were gauntlets to anyone he hits.

The crew hadn't been in Logue Town but a few days when they already had pretty much forcibly made a new friend and caused some trouble. They were really great at causing trouble individual it was astronomical the rate at which they could do it as a group. Unwanted attention was always drawn their way, having a extremely tall fishman in your party doesn't exactly help the situation. They really accepted him and thats all that matters when you get down to it.

He was just taking a few minute break from the life in a little hidden bar that had very few patrons. Even though there were few heads the whispers of the town quickly passed through the bar falling on each ear.
"The exotic brothers are in town"...."Did you hear about those merchants who sell all the weird stuff?" "Yeah I heard they even hunt it down themselves."

Phorcys really had already heard enough himself and decided that he would have to investigate these rumors. Quickly drinking his glass of rum he sat it down in a bit of a small. quiet, and refined slam before standing up and leaving a bit of beli on the table for the waitress. I'm probably going to need help on this who should I go to? he questioned himself walking out of the small bar.

Meanwhile on the docks.

A very expensive looking, jewel covered frigate had just dropped its anchor and tied off in the docks. Taking a glance over the ship one would notice that its just like any other ship, but must've been custom built to look more fancy and that there is a large amount of cages on the upper deck. With a loud slapping noise a plank connecting the ship to the dock was quickly placed and two men followed right behind it. One was a large man, someone would maybe compare it to a half giant others would just think he might work out a lot and his companion was a man of a much smaller scale riding upon his shoulder with a puppet noticeably over each hand.

"Don't take too long, we have places to be and things to capture!" a voice shouted from the ship in a serious yet soft tone.

After blindly walking for a small amount of time while thinking Phorcys had managed to come upon Rocket and Vicky. It was pretty early in the afternoon and most of the crew members were off doing their own things before they were to leave the island. Approaching them with no hesitation he was going to need their help.

"Help you must, Bad brothers have come to town with "exotic" items. They're bad I need you help in docks."

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2 Re: Exotic Salesmen[Task, Vicky Wright/Rocket] on Sat Jan 31, 2015 11:42 am

It had been a few days since Rocket helped Shunji and Jensen bust out of Henna’s tyrant grasp. Despite being moderately injured, he seemed well enough to go another round, at least in his mind. They had decided to stay in Loguetown in an attempt to convince Vicky Wright to join the crew. Rocket walked alongside the young woman, his current mission (From the Captain himself, Shunji) was to accompany her along the island, now that she was a wanted criminal, AND to entice her into joining the Hoshi Pirates.

He stuffed his left hand into his pocket, gripping the back of his neck with his right.

“Coomee oooon. Why won’t you join the crew?! I mean, you’re already wanted! Ya might as well stick with some people who are wanted, too!”

To him, he made a decent argument. She WAS wanted, and was framed for being associated with the crew. It was either go off on her own, and risk being captured; Or join the Hoshi Pirates, where she would have less of a chance of being captured. The latter made more sense to him. Plus, he absolutely loved her style of fighting. A bow and arrow? That was badass. She was even able to pick off a few Marines with it back near the Tavern, before they had split up with Shunji and Amon.

“We’re a lot of fun, y’know. We sale around, beat Marine butt, defeat bad guys, eat a lot of food. We even fly! C’mon, you can’t resist THAT!”


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Victoria had been very skeptic about this whole mess, it had escalated way more than she had expected. So much had happened, all cause of a stupid thing called being nice, now she was a wanted criminal for doing nothing more than handing them a note, she even did her best to hide the fact that she did so to not be seen helping them. But here she was bounty on her head having a guy from the crew responsible following her around. It's not that she didn't appreciated the slight protection it gave, but the irony was simply so strong in this sentiment. To make it worse this crew who was sort of responsible for the mess she was in, wanted her to join up and follow them out to the sea. She had been looking for a way to progress her travels, hitching along with ships could only help her for so long, no crew of any kind would accept to take a hitch hiker over the reverse mountain. She sighed deeply, it was frustrating to say the least, and she couldn't really see any really good way out of this.
"Would you please keep your voice down..? I don't know what is up with you Pirates, but normally you'd be a bit cautious when there is money on your head"
She spoke rather seriously, though in truth she was properly just trying to avoid answering, cause she knew all too well that now that she had a bounty on her remaining alone wasn't an option, and joining a crew even if it is a pirate crew would seem to now be her only option, besides actually trying to clear her name, though she didn't exactly trust the marines to be people of honor when they happened to set a bounty on her head based off assumptions!

She rubbed the back of her neck, logic was frustrating. The point was sound and her options was very limited, it just had this bad feeling to it, not so long ago she had the feeling like the world was open to her, but right now it felt like a majority of the doors around her closed shut.
"That sounds all good and well but, I helped you guys out because I thought you guys seemed nice, yet you guys also pulled me into this mess, or I'll correct that... Your captain did, which leaves me with little trust to him... you seem nice, but I don't see me trusting your captain enough to just join up..."
She looked sincere, smiled gently, and really tried to explain the situation from her stand point, in all truth Rocket seemed like a nice guy, and well eager, spirited and fun. Soon she blinked hearing someone approach the too, looking rather confused as the mountain of a fish man came up to them asking for help.
"A what now..?"
She said confused, not really sure what he meant by his words, though she figured this call out was more addressed to Rocket so she figured she should perhaps just mind her own business.

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