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Monopoly of Logue Town! Hoshi Pirates Enter The Davy Back Challenge!

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After the retreat of the naval forces in Logue Town to Yotsuba, regrouping after the damage of the Commanding Officer, Captain Henna, Shunji and his crew return to Logue Town once more to gather supplies, however, at the execution podium, Pirate Captain, Vulcan Mexi, leader of the Vulcan Pirates, raids the city with help of the local mafia, Sold Brothers. Logue Town becomes under the siege of the forces united. Vulcan has been reading the papers about Rocket and Phorcys, challenging Shunji for his crew. Shunji is always up for a good fight and has no interest in Vulcan's crew but none the less, the Hoshi Pirates find themselves lodged in a Davy Back Battle!

Rules of Davy Back

If a crew wins a challenge, it is the captain's job to pick the team member they want. They have a right to know the person's profession on the ship. If the captain does not like anyone, they may take the crew's Jolly Roger, requiring the crew to remove their flags and sails, which may not be used again. The only exception may be if it is somehow won back. It is also assumed that if the winning crew wants, they may use any of the symbols they have stolen, but so far this does not seem to be the case. Captains may also choose other captains, which is called the Peanut Tactics (ピーナッツ戦法 Pīnattsu Senpō?).

The captain who initiated the challenge is allowed to pick which rule set to play by; 1, 2, or 3 coins is standard. Some captains allow their opponents to pick, but this is unusual and mostly happens when the captain feels they will win no matter what, or if it does not matter to them. That amount of coins is then tossed into the sea to tell Davy Jones about the challenge.

Captains and teammates are allowed to interfere with anyone, this includes attacking enemies and playing the game by any means.  

NPC For This Arc:

Name: Vulcan Mexi
Race: Elven
Occupation: Knight
Blade: Executioner - Absorbs shockwaves of anything it comes in contact with.
Bounty: 28,000,000
Tier 2

Inner Lineage:
Bright Eyes: Using the elven magic in his blood, Vulcan is able to see the hidden potential in people and unlock that potential by wiping his blood on their skin. Once per post, Vulcan is able to boost the physical strength of one of his nakama tenfold.

Name: Jenifer Tinker Tinker
Race: Elven
Devil Fruit: Loop Loop No Mi.
Anything she touches turns into a loop or spiral of sorts.
Position: Vice Captain | 'Princess' of the Fold

Occupation: Bard
Bounty: 15,000,000
Tier 2
Name: Legendary Speaker      
Description: There exists, for everyone, a sentence—a series of words—that has the power to destroy you. Another sentence exists, another series of words, that could heal you. As a Legendary Speaker, you have mastered the art of talking to a point where you can win battle simply by saying a few sentences to your opponent, causing them to simply accept defeat or even persuade  them to be your ally.
Ability: Twice per Thread you are able to persuade a non-important NPC of lower tier than you to cease hostile actions against you for the rest of the thread. This ability will not work on PCs or Important NPCs.

Name: Big Bone Cola
Race: Giant
Position: Second Mate 
Occupation: Marksman 
Bounty: 9,000,000
Tier 2
Name: Kinetic Flow
Description: People of this caliber are capable of taking on a physical hit full force and being able to take that force and absorb it to add it into their own physical attack. This means they take no damage from the physical attack because they transformed it into another form of kinetic energy to empower their own.
Ability: Three times a thread with a six post cool down, the user is capable of absorbing a physical attacks kinetic energy, or momentum, to empower their own to add on a tier worth of added power. This is only capable of absorbing same tier and below kinetic energy as any higher would be far too overwhelming to wield. However please note that t4+ techniques cannot be absorbed by equal tier players, and that any t3+ techniques from higher tier players cannot be absorbed.

Sold Brothers

Name: Johnny 'Long Arms' Sold
Tier 2
Position: Leader of the Sold Mafia
Occupation: Gunslinger

Name: Mixi 'Little Brother' Sold
Tier 1
Devil Fruit: Porcupine Zoan
Position: Next in Line | Second in Command
Occupation: Gunslinger / Cook

Name: Licah Sold
Tier 1
Position: Hit Man
Occupationon: Rogue / Assassin

Name: SO.O.Old Brothers
Tier 0
Number: 1000


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Davy Back Catalogue #1


- Only two players can compete in this challenge from each team.
- Each Captain must bet one crew member. 
- The crew member is chosen by the victor, therefore, the member beted can not be selected by the Captain.

How to Play 'Carrier Foot-Coo'.

* Each team is given a ball. Red or Blue.
* The teams are allowed to kick the ball only. Any contact with the teams palms will lead to automatic disqualification. 
* The teams must kick their ball from Logue Town square to the port. 
* The first team to arrive wins. 
* The ball can arrive before the team, however, for the game to be won, both members of the team and the ball must be present.
* There is only one check point at the port.
* The Sold Mafia will be the referee's for these matches, however, each team is allowed to offer up a representative as refree. However, if this option is chosen, the losing team, loses their refree.
* If any officials directly interrupts with the match, that's an automatic disqualification.


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Davy Back Cataloge #2

- Each team must present five members for this challenge.
- Each Captain must bet one crew member. 
- The crew member is bet before the match. The Victor claims the spoils.
* The Logue Town will be filled with Loops or hills lifted up into the air by Tinker's Devil Fruit ability.

How to play 'Waver Tag'

* There is a total of ten participants in this race.
*Each team is given 'Red' or 'Blue' scarves. 
* The first team to steal all their scarves from the opposite team and deliver them to their captain wins.
* Each scarf delivered to the Captain is one point. Therefore, five points wins the game.
* Teams can opt to collect all and win instantly, or one by one deliver the scarves to the Captain. 
* The only way to win this game is to collect all five points.
* If all five scarves can not be collected, for some reason, the game ends in a tie.
* A tie results in the bet crew members switching crews.
* The whole city is your battlefield, you may use any route. The Captains will be positioned in Logue Town's square.


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