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Alyth Esperer

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1 Alyth Esperer on Tue Dec 02, 2014 6:18 pm

Name: Alyth Esperer
Epithet: Gravekeeper
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Kuja
Sexuality: Lesbian

Affiliation: Guildy
Occupation: Gun Slinger

Appearance: Alyth Esperer. The Kuja born free, but raised a slave. Her appearance is a strange one indeed. Her skin is very pale, to the point of being close to the color of alabaster. This is offset by her eyes, which glow an unearthly neon blue, and her hair of midnight blue, nearly black. She wears very little makeup, preferring her unsettlingly pale skin to be as natural as possible. But, to accentuate her eyes, she always has on royal blue eyeshadow, which lends a sort of smoky look to her eyes. As for her figure, she is of average stature, which is rather strange for a Kuja, but is something she is grateful for. She already appears extremely strange, it would just be horrid for her to be as extremely attractive as other Kuja. As for clothing, she tends to prefer a strange setup: A double breasted corset-vest, maroon in color, atop a grey dress shirt, with a matching tie held in place by a sapphire in the shape of a smooth stone, which also holds together an elegant collar that covers her neck easily. For clothing that goes below the waist, she prefers a pair of purple leggings, but will wear purple dress pants if it gets cold enough. Atop all of this, she is typically seen wearing a black trench-coat, which allows her to hide her several guns, among other weaponry. Sometimes she will dress down into a T-Shirt and Jeans, but that doesn't happen very often. For shoes, she will always wear some kind of heeled boot, as they are the most comfortable to her.
Hair Color: Midnight Blue
Eye Color: Neon Blue
Skin Tone: Pale White
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135 Lbs
Tattoos/Markings: Several Scars run up and down her back from the whipping she received as a slave, and on the center of her back, there is a burn in the shape of an anvil on her back, which is the brand of the dead slaver that took her captive from her home. A more subtle marking on her would be her extremely pale wrists, which show how often she was cuffed in sea stone as a slave. However, her most prominent mark is a dove in flight that is on the back of her neck, which represents her freedom to choose.

Personality: An extremely quiet woman, Alyth is a Kuja who was born free, but was raised a slave. She never knew her parents, as she was ripped from her family. As such, she comes off at first as quiet and unfeeling. However, this is very untrue. She is a woman with a walled heart, but one that truly desires to find someone to open up to. But, to that end, she keeps herself enigmatic, never making the same mistake twice, and not opening up if asked. She keeps her walls in check, and never lets emotion get the better of her while in battle. However, there is a single exception. If she runs across slavery, she loses control of her temper, utterly massacring those that would keep other people as slaves. But, on the same token, every time this happens, she has a mental breakdown when she calms down, locking herself in solitude and allowing her emotions to surface until she is emotionally stable again, allowing her steel facade to surface again. However, this facade is just that-A facade. The real Alyth, the one that she keeps hidden behind her facade, is actually quite gentle, softly spoken, and kind, a far cry from the Alyth that she allows to be seen by most people. However, she has many habits. The first of which is that whenever she is in an area, she tends to look over her shoulder quite a bit, until she is used to it. Another habit she has is to always, always, ALWAYS keep some form of weaponry on her person at all times. This stems from her intense worry of being captured and put into slavery again. Another habit of hers is to keep all visible markings hidden, as any marking on her body would allow her to be more easily found, despite the fact that she is already extremely easy to find. All in all, Alyth is a very enigmatic, yet secretly gentle woman, but woe to anyone that would go against her and her beliefs.
Likes: The Color Blue, Expensive Fancy Clothing, Freedom, The Earth
Dislikes: The Color Orange, Slavers, Devil Fruits, Fire
Motivations: Ridding the World of Slavery
Fears: Becoming a Slave again, Dying alone, losing herself to her own rage

Inner Lineage: Despite never knowing her parents, Alyth's Inner Lineage is one that is very unique. As a slave, the one thing most souls that are caught up in bonds look to for hope is the sky. Everyone ever subjected to the horror of slavery longs for the power to fly. The same is true for Alyth. However, unlike most slaves, Alyth has the ability to fly through the skies. It's strange really. She does not possess wings, but for some reason, she can ascend into the sky. She cannot fly very high, only two meters off the ground, but that doesn't put a damper on her spirits when she actually uses it. It makes her life easier by allowing her to get places faster, and there really is no problem with that.

*Note: Because of her Inner Lineage, Alyth, and anyone with a flight inner lineage, will not be able to take an outer lineage.

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Lineage in discussed in Skype with other staff members. Tis

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