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Hellfire Pirates Emerge! [Story]

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1 Hellfire Pirates Emerge! [Story] on Fri Jan 23, 2015 7:56 am

It was quite a journey... traveling from the North Blue all the way to the East. It would be worth it, hopefully.
Location: Loguetown Bar
Time: 9 A.M.
Weather: Clear, 37 Celsius

Another sweltering day had come around, the fan in the bar was spinning, but not nearly fast enough for the patron's liking and whilst a cool breeze swept in every time someone entered the heat quickly rejoined them in a matter of moments. Seemed today there was just no escaping it. Patrons sat slumped in their chairs with beverages filled with ice. The odd one or two men were holding the ice against their faces and feeling it melt against their faces and what was once an ice cube slide down their face, necks & torso.

Wiping his brow the bartender swept the sweat from his own brow before returning to cleaning up the glasses. The heat had caused the bartender to open up his shirt to let a little fresh air in. Sitting at the bar however was the only man who could withstand the heat and didn't mind a nice hot day. Dropping back his head and the small glass of a brown beverage the man placed the empty glass back down and reached into his pocket. Flipping a single silver coin out, the bartender placed another clean glass down and opened his hand where he caught the coin in his hand.

"Keep the change, my bruh. I will comeback later for more drinks" the man said as he got to his feet.

"Please come again, Zell." The bartender called after the man as he exited the bar with his hands in his pockets. Stepping out into the sweltering heat of the sun that hung in the clear sky, Captain Zell pulled on a pair of aviator sun glasses he'd taken from the last criminal he'd put away. Smiling he turned to the left and started to make his way down the bar district. A district known for its delicious meals and beverages. As Zell marched around the district, he bumped on someone.

Rain: Huh, Rookie Pirate? You dare to challenge me?

Zell was dumbfounded, he looked around for Malik and Nymeros. Where are they? Civilians around were gossiping about them, and Zell eavesdropped a conversation.

Woman: That man will die in Rain-sama's hand..

Ah, so Rain was the one who stood in front Zell. Zell smirked and he left because he didn't give a shit about them.


Name: Rain
Age: 21
Captain of Rain Pirates
Tier 2

Ailee: You try to run away from Rain-kun, boy? Puny little pirate.

Ailee placed her scythe around Zell, the blade of the scythe was curling on his body.


Name: Ailee
Age: 20
First Mate of Rain Pirates
Tier 1

"If I were you, I wouldn't underestimate the Hellfire Pirates, girl"

Zell removed the blade from his line-of-sight with his right hand, pushing them to the side.

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2 Re: Hellfire Pirates Emerge! [Story] on Fri Jan 23, 2015 9:08 am

''Aaahhh! What a beautiful smell!'' Nymeros shouted, as he walked past some kind of shop. It smelled.. sweet. Sweets? Candy? Maybe even icecream! Nymeros decided to take a look inside. The shop wasn't exactly welcoming, as the lights were off. There were two people inside, one behind a counter and one infront of it.

Seems the shop was open, though. He looked around and recognized the stands filled with candy. It was a candystore! He scratched his head and took some of the candy instantly devouring them. ''Oi! You can't just eat that! Pay for it or you'll be arrested for thievery!'' The shopkeeper said.

Nymeros moved his shoulders up and down and walked out of the store, and mentioned the people that were crowding the street before Nymeros entered the shop were all stacked up in one single place.

He had his spear attached to his back, sheathed, and it were like a meter above his head, so if either Malik or cap'n Zell were looking for him, they would easily spot him due to this habit.

He slowly closed his eyes till the point where his vision was extremely thin. That way, he could concentrate better on what's infront of him, or so he thought. He couldn't see much, and tried to invade the large crowd that was all around a bunch of people in the centre.

What was happening.. Nymeros thought. ''What is happening?'' Nymeros asked a civilian, who seemingly panicked at the sight of Nymeros. ''Eh... eh-..'' ''Well..? What's the hold-up.'' Nymeros responded to the guy. ''Pirates.. Captain Rain..'' He said, all afraid and stuff. ''Who the hell is Captain Rain?'' He whispered to himself.

His spear, still sticking around above all of the other people, got closer to the centre as Nymeros tried to get a view on 'Captain Rain'. He had his hands in beneath his red cloak of whom he wore the hood of it. The cloak reached out to his knees. However, it didn't conceal Nymeros' front, as in his chest etcetera. That's why he was called the Red Demon (Akaoni), because he always wore red, he had red hair and even a red eye!

He smiled as he saw his captain. ''Taaaaaaichooouuuu!~'' He shouted out to him, as he pushed away civilians with his shoulders that surrounded the people whom consisted of Captain Zell and approximately 'Captain Rain', trying to get closer to the Black Hawk!


''There is life..
There is death..
And than..
There is me.''
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3 Re: Hellfire Pirates Emerge! [Story] on Sun Jan 25, 2015 10:56 pm

Roshu walked through the streets and alleys of Logue Town amidst the crowds of people pickpocketing people here and there as he scouted out easily accessible coin pouches and bags. Generally bumping into people and using deft hands to relieve them of some beli. Roshu walked forward. His stomach grumbled loudly. He placed a hand on his stomach, hunger now coming to mind. Roshu looked around and saw a market place with stands and shoppes lining the street. Roshu licked his lips and walked towards the market scouting out the different stands. Roshu settled on a bakery shop that had sweet smells of bread and other baked goods wafting out from it.

Inside the bakery a big man stood behind the counter with a basket full of small loaves of bread. Beneath the counter was a glass display of small cakes and other baked goodies. Roshu looked around the shop and noticed there was a brick oven behind the large man. "Scorcher today, how might I help you?" the large man asked. "hmm" Roshu said as he looked into the counter. " Could you tell me what those are?" Roshu asked pointing at the bottom corner of the glass. The man moved to look where Roshu was pointing at and started to explain. While the man was distracted Roshu waived his other hand toward the oven throwing hot ash and coals up within the oven. The product that was in the oven began to burn. Roshu sniffed. "Do you smell that?" He asked. "Smell wha-" The man caught a whiff of the burning smell. " My Buns!!!"  The man hastily went to pull the bread from the oven. "Alright. Think we're good. Now did you pick something ou-." The man said as he turned around and Roshu was gone.

Roshu walked through the crowds with the last bit of a loaf of bread in his hand. He tossed the last bit in his mouth and chewed. He swallowed and took a look around at the people walking about him, he saw a man with a heavy looking bag. Roshu pulled a cigarette from his pocket and lit it, He took a drag as a small grin spread on his face. Roshu went to go do the usual routine, but he tripped and he got caught this time. His wrist was grabbed by the brawny man, Roshu's hand grasping a pouch of beli. The brawny man pulled Roshu up to his eye level. "Oy punk, you tryin to get killed? Cause this is a great way, an' I'm not feelin to merciful today." the man said. Roshu exhaled some smoke downward and sighed. " Well, guess i've been gotten." Roshu said. " However, you seem to be forgetting one thing." He said. " And what's that?" The man asked. Roshu mumbled a little bit. "Huh??" the man asked bringing his head closer . Roshu grinned. " Never let your guard down." He said blowing smoke in the mans face and stomping on his foot. Roshu sprinted away " Laterrr!" He yelled back at the coughing angry man.

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4 Re: Hellfire Pirates Emerge! [Story] on Wed Jan 28, 2015 9:45 pm

The predators atop the food chain in this little town had not yet made himself so apparently threatening. Under normal circumstance it would be quite the dangerous situation for new pirates to fight in Loguetown. That was something of a sight.

He was intrigued with every action that this rather young lass took, but he did not wish to alarm or cause a conflict with a random person he had never met before. His fangs were bared before he eventually built up enough rage to pounce upon this young tender meat.

"I wasn't aware that demons spread their wings at day. Clearly you will most certainly take someone's soul someday. Oh yes indeed."

Zell placed his lovely hands upon his head, interlocking his fingers as he leaned back a bit.

"You are a lovely couple, Captain.. Rain? Don't care. I suggest you to start things peacefully. What makes you, oh devious one, to threaten this young body?"

"My name is Zell. Perhaps one of the few noteworthy opponents here."

Rain: Ailee, drag him here! I want to kick his face!

Ailee who obeyed the order of Captain Rain, hovered her right hand towards the top of Zell's head. She grabbed the hair of Zell, and pulled it to drag Zell. Zell who was startled from her action, didn't fight it and he allowed her to tease him first.

His grin grew massive upon his face as he saw that red cloak and stunning red eyes from the crowds. He reeked of overconfidence. Zell raised his arm, and slapped the arm of Ailee, releasign the grip of her hand from Zell's hair.

"Enough. I'm sick of this. I'm sorry your journey ends here. We'll take it from you" Zell glared at him, showing his aggressiveness like hungry dogs.

Ailee: We?!

Rain: Ailee, call for Mark!

Ailee: "Yes captain!" Ailee shot a flare to sky, a red flame decorated the blue sky. Suddenly, a man stood on top of the roof.

Mark: "You call me, Captain?" "I bet you want us to kill him right."


Tier 1

Zell heard someone was calling his name, ah, it's one of his favorite crewmate. That Akaoni, but where's Roshu and Malik?

As you see, another noteworthy opponent is here. Let us show them, guys. Meet... He paused for a while, and let his crew mates to introduce themselves.

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5 Re: Hellfire Pirates Emerge! [Story] on Thu Jan 29, 2015 2:12 am

Nymeros observed the happening from the crowd before walking into the scene. It appeared that his captain had spotted him, but hadn't called to him in any fashion.

His right hand turned into a fist as his captain let himself get dragged away by the enemy, but he supposed he shouldn't immediately level up the pace of this.. situation? And even by a girl, not the least.

Nymeros however, removed the tight fist his hand had turned into and smiled the moment Captain Zell started using his eyesight to provoke them. They called for Mark, or something, and that girl did so with fireworks.

A blonde-haired guy arrived on top of the roof. Mark, he supposed.

''As you see, another noteworthy opponent is here. Let us show them, guys. Meet...''

It appeared Captain finally called him forward. Nymeros walked towards his captain, with his spear and dagger resting at their initial positions, on his belt and on his back, with a small smirk on his face.

He stood next to Zell, and put his left hand on his shoulder for a short period before removing it. He didn't want to speak and therefore he didn't, as he let captain do the word. Nymeros would know when to strike and where to strike, the moment his captain would give him the signal.

He looked at the eyepatched guy, Captain Rain. He didn't look that tough, but looks aren't always the case of being able to indicate fighting capability. Same goes with the girl.

He would try and manhandle the girl and Mark, if that was possible, so Zell could take on the captain, if it came to a fight. He was smart, and therefore he knew it was best if either Roshu or Malik were here.


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6 Re: Hellfire Pirates Emerge! [Story] on Thu Jan 29, 2015 1:50 pm

Roshu continued sprinting until he found an alley to duck into and slow down into a walk as he passed into another square. Roshu looked around to make sure that he wasn't being followed by the man from earlier. After reassuring that he wasn't being followed, Roshu walked further into the square. Roshu paused as he saw a flare rise up in the sky from another part of town. "A flare? A firework?" Roshu decided out of curiosity to follow the smoke trail to the source.

Roshu followed the trail to another part of town where there was a large crowd gathered at the edges of a square. There were broken whispers and chatter that could be heard from the people within the crowd.

"...Insane? Challenging Rain..."

"...Rookie Pirate doesn't stand a chance."

"... be a quick fight."

Roshu was confused. He reached out to one of the men at the edge of the crowd and tugged his sleeve. The man turned around. "Huh?" he said. "What's going on?" Roshu asked. "Oh, apparently some rookie pirate's picked a fight with Captain Rain and his crew." the man explained. "Oh, thanks." Roshu replied. "Yeah, sure." the man said turning around to resume trying to peer over the rest of the crowd.

Roshu looked around and found a building that was easy enough to climb. Roshu got to the top of the building and from there he looked towards the center where the crowd had left space for a few people. Roshu made his way across other rooftops until he got close enough to make out the people in the center. Roshu smiled as he recognized two of his crew inside the circle. Roshu took note of the eyepatched guy and the girl with the scythe nearby him. On a roof across the way there was a blond boy. Roshu moved to a roof nearest to the circle. "Yoo! Cap!" He said from the roof grinning his usual mischievous smile. "Crowd's got ya marked as the underdog for this matchup." He yelled down. "That the captain asshole they were talkin about?"  He asked siting down on the overhang of the roof.

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7 Re: Hellfire Pirates Emerge! [Story] on Fri Jan 30, 2015 5:59 am

Rain: Tsck.. Against the rain, huh? You're worthless rookie can't stand us a bit.. Even you have another man, it doesn't mean that you can beat 3 of us..

"Hahaha.. Rain? Rain itself isn't enough to put out the eternal flame of hell.. We're the Hellfire Pirates, and we're going to fire you from your position as a captain!

Zell patted on Nym's shoulder, he smiled at him. "Nice timing, mate"

The sunlight was blocked by a shadowy figure, squinting his eyes he captured the face of the shadowy image. "Yo, Roshu ~ Come and join us in a celebration ~"

"Victory is a thousand times sweeter when you're the underdog" He shouted loudly to exclaim his statement and let the people absorbed the quote into their empty minds.

"Meet him, his name is Captain Cloudy, with a chance of fleeing." Zell joked and teased Rain.

Rain raised his arm, closing 3 fingers other than the index and middle finger, he used hand-sign to order Mark to attack them. Mark slipped his hand into a pouch of knives and threw them at Zell and Nymeros, aiming their heads. But, the attack was accompanied by shots from Rain's flintlock. He believed that Nymeros could avoid all of these, and Zell could avoid all of this flexibly by becoming flexible. But, Ailee suddenly raised her aggressive scythe and swung it hard, believing that the scythe would cut through Nymeros.

Mark who was on top of a roof, stared at Roshu, but he ignored it to actively attack Zell. He wrapped his fingers around a medium knife's hilt and he tried to jump onto Zell. Zell didn't move a bit, and he believed that Roshu wouldn't let Mark escape from his fangs since Mark was Roshu's prey from the moment they looked at each other.

"Nymeros, Roshu, let's roll. Zell jumped to avoid the attacks. Play with water, you wet. Play with fire, you burned" He threw his white toga into the air, marking the start of the intense battle.

Somewhere in Loguetown

Marine Captain: I heard there's a fight in the town. Send some spies, and report things before I decide what to do with it.

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8 Re: Hellfire Pirates Emerge! [Story] on Fri Jan 30, 2015 9:56 am

Nymeros listened to the inspiring words of his Captain Zell, who speaked counterproductive towards the Loguetown-infamous Captain Rain. He was right. Rain isn't enough to put out the hellfire. Fighting was Nymeros's league, and he would welcome any challenger with open arms wearing a weapon.

Nymeros smirked when Zell insulted Cap' Rain by calling him Captain Cloudy, causing them to strike first. 'He who strikes first wins' is a saying, but to do that you'll have to land your strikes, right? This wasn't the case. The boy, Mark, threw his knives towards the two Hellfire Pirates. Nymeros, still with that sinister smile on his face, was able to use his own knife, a dagger he has been using since his youth, to block them mid-air infront of his face.

No matter how badass it looked, it still weren't enough because the girl with the scythe tried to turn Nymeros into Nym and eros by cutting him into two pieces of his own beautiful self.

''Turno Del Bufón.''

He whispered to himself, jumping into the air and spinning mid-air to gain more air time in order to dodge the scythe properly. From than on, Nymeros unsheathed his spear at lightning speed and aimed his spear into the girl's stomach, hoping it would hit. Unlike other's, Nymeros thought of man and woman equal, and thus there would be no reason to hold back to the female.

Skills used:
Turno Del Bufón:

Tier 1 Technique Name:
Turno Del Bufón; Turn of the Jester
Tier 1 Technique Type:
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown:
3 posts
Tier 1 Technique Description:
Nymeros jumps into the air horizontally, rotating 360 degrees or more during his airtime dodging most of the attacks launched at him.
Note: Logics are applied. If someone tries to slash Nymeros while he's in the air ofcourse it will hit.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
- Able to dodge T1 NPC attacks launched at him before using this technique as long as it's logical and it's unguaranteed ._>
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
- Requires space to perform and good timing


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There is death..
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9 Re: Hellfire Pirates Emerge! [Story] on Fri Jan 30, 2015 2:53 pm

Roshu grinned at his captains response "Damn right about that, Cap." He said regarding Zells underdog comment. Roshu cracked his neck before he slid down from where he was sitting on the roof into the circle below. He eyed each of the opposing crew. Reading their body language Roshu could see that they were all poised to strike at a moments notice. The captain appeared to give a signal which prompted the boy on the roof the throw a volley of knives at Zell and Nymeros as the girl swung her scythe and the captain fired shots from his gun. The boy from the roof then jumped from the roof in attempt to attack Zell with a knife. Roshu drew his knife. "Black Rocket" On a plume of black ash Roshu launched himself across the battlefield leaving a low, thin trail of black smoke and ash.

A CLANG echoed through the square as Roshu's dagger clashed with the blond boy's. Roshu pushed with his dagger propelling them each back a little bit. Roshu grinned at the boy "Hands off the Cap, Blondie." Roshu said. "I'm your enemy!" Roshu said.

Zell then gave the command to take them on. Roshu grinned and dashed forward towards Mark. Mark also charged forward, their blades clashed once more in a series of clangs as they exchanged vicious attacks as they locked themselves in their battle.

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10 Re: Hellfire Pirates Emerge! [Story] on Sun Feb 01, 2015 2:13 am

Mark twitched his lips after his attack was blocked by Roshu. Zell was happy to see Roshu in action.

Mark: "Ahh.. I can't.. help the others if you are here.. Move" Mark took another dagger from his pocket, revealing that he was a dual-wielder. Mark smiled widely, "Rotating Blades". Mark began to rotate his body 360 degress for a few seconds, attacking Roshu with his speedy blades technique.

Screams shattered the tranquility of Loguetown, people who watched the battle previously, started to run away from them. Windows slammed, doors locked, and curtains closed, those are the things that the townies did as bloods tainted the street. Nymeros spear pierced through the girl's stomach, making bloods came out from her mouth.

Ailee: Cap.. Captain.. I failed. But.. I.. will.. bring this dirt with me.. To the hell!!

Ailee grabbed the spear, disallowing Nymeros to pull it from her body. She grabbed her scythe, and aimed at Nymeros's head. If Nymeros decided to stay with his spear, he would die from the slash but if he decided to leave his spear. He would be defenseless.

Rain: Damn, Ailee! Don't leave me so fast! Girl...

Rain took long steps and ignored Zell, he tried to kill Nymeros who caused Ailee to suffer. With all his might, Rain took a knife from his pocket and ran towards Nymeros. Rain decided to use the opportunity to kill Nymeros in case of Ailee's attacks fail. But, Zell who was raged after being ignored, started his moves.

"Don't ignore me!!!" Zell shouted, he tackled Rain, they both rolled on the ground, placing knives on each other's neck.

Rain: Mark, help Ailee!! Bring her to safety! I'm going to teach them!

Mark: Ah, I cant let you stop me, rookie! Mark raised his right leg, and aimed it at Roshu's neck, trying to grab Roshu's neck with his leg, lock it between his leg, and slam Roshu's head to the ground so, he could help Ailee.

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11 Re: Hellfire Pirates Emerge! [Story] on Mon Feb 02, 2015 10:18 am

Unable to see any other action, because of the fact the was purely focused on his own fight against the girl. He was smiling as he was able to launch a succesful attack. The blood flew out of her mouth, gasping. She was coughing blood.

''Seems I will stay victorious.''

''Cap.. Captain.. I failed. But.. I.. will.. bring this dirt with me.. To the hell!!''

''Dirt huh..''

He looked at the girl who got a firm grip at his spear, and tried to use it as a leverage to keep Nymeros in place and finally be able to get a damaging hit on him. He wondered whether this would be enough to lose a fight, and simply let go of the spear so that the girl would end up falling backwards because she sort of caught herself from falling by holding the spear.

Victory. Once again.

He would end up being close to unable to defend himself, but he still got a dagger and his devil fruit powers. He would spare them till the end and make sure he would use them in a good fashioned way.

He looked at the opposing captain, Rain, who stepped towards Nymeros. Dagger versus dagger. Time for Nymeros to get into the spotlight once again. However, his reliable captain took care of Rain by putting him to the ground like a rugby player.

Rain also called for Mark, the guy who was fighting Roshu. Seems Nymeros would get a new opponent!


''There is life..
There is death..
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12 Re: Hellfire Pirates Emerge! [Story] on Mon Feb 02, 2015 3:30 pm

Roshu had been blocking many of the blondie Mark's knife attacks with his own dagger. with the combination of the friction from the opposing blades and the heat from Roshu's hand had heated up his blade to a faint red glow. Mark backed off and said something about helping the others. The blondie took out a second knife and smirked towards Roshu before saying "Rotating Blades" The boy began rapidly spinning. Roshu could see that this boy's technique was fast. Roshu grinned and gripped his dagger tighter. This boys technique may be fast, but Roshu's fighting style was all about speed. This was nothing compared to Roshu's former master's speed. The blond cyclone spun towards him rapidly. "Parry" Roshu said.

A CLANG rang out from the two blades-men once again as Roshu's blade stopped Mark's a mix of sparks and steam resulting from the contact of the blades. Roshu could hear a scuffling behind him as well as a few words from both his crew and the other crew. Roshu heard the other captain call to the girl of their crew, Nymeros exchanging comments with the girl, Zell yelling at their captain, and then their captain yelling for Mark to aid Ailee.

The blond Mark then exclaimed " Ah, I can't let you stop me rookie." Then Mark put the bend of his foot at Roshu's neck. In an attempt to smash Roshu to the ground. It might have worked, had Roshu not leaned back slightly when Mark paused after his foot connected, pulling the blondie off balance slightly. Mark hopped forward a bit to avoid falling. Roshu grinned as he took grasp of the blondie's leg with his free hand. "I already told you blondie 'I'm your enemy!!!'" Roshu said as his hand clenched on the blondies ankle, his hand heating up to the temperature of a burning ember. Mark grimaced and cried out in pain from the heat, as his pant leg began searing away. "I don't even need strength if ya just give me parts of your body like this. The slightest nudge off balance can turn your great attack into a grave mistake." Roshu said. " I can't be lettin' ya interfere with the other's fights blondie. Especially when ours ain't over!" Roshu said with a demonic look in his eyes and face. Roshu then took his dagger hand, the dagger now glowing a light red, raising the blade up.  A yell of pain echoed through the square as Roshu dug the hot dagger into Mark's leg. Roshu removed the dagger and let Mark fall to the ground. Roshu glared down at Mark as he held his burned leg.

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13 Re: Hellfire Pirates Emerge! [Story] on Wed Feb 04, 2015 9:41 am

Rain and Zell fought hard, Zell locked Rain's left hand with his right hand, trying to make Rain submit to him. But, Rain who was quite fast, grabbed a pile of dirt and threw it directly to Zell's eyes. Zell groaned and pull his cape to rub on his eyes.

Mark was facing a fearsome opponent, Roshu. Unfortunately, the goddess of luck wasn't on Mark's side. Her wrapped leg was grabbed by Roshu, and Roshu burned it using his Devil Fruit power. Mark's jaw dropped, and he screamed in pain as Roshu inflicted burning damages.

Mark: "We pick the wrong man to fight! Captain!!"

Ailee lost her balance, and fell to the ground on her knees. From far away, it looked like she begged Nymeros for mercy. But, no matter what, she would die after losing her bloods in an enormous amount. Ailee who lost any hopes on continuing the journey, placed her hand on her right pocket. She took a round black ball, and she projected the black ball to the ground, launching black smokes in 30m radius after it crashed into the ground. Nymeros and Ailee were captured inside the black smoke, including Zell, Rain, Mark, and Roshu. No one knew the effect, but it could make you unconscious when you respired and took in the black smoke. The black smoke was quite thick, easily blocking anyone's vision. Ailee after casting the smoke bomb, died in battle.

Mark: "Captain, where are you? We should run..."

Rain: Enough, Mark! Fight for Ailee!

With this, Mark couldn't avoid Roshu's attack if he decided to attack, as a result of the attack, he would die in misery. Mark couldn't see anything plus he injured his leg. Mark tore his shirt, and wrapped it around his burned legs. Mark wanted to run so hard to avoid Roshu's attacks, but he prayed hard that his opponent would forgive him for his mistake.

Rain who felt his crew's sadness, took a lighter from his pouch and lit a fire. A sudden burst of explosion destroyed 3 houses, injuring 2 civilians and kill 2 other. The fire ignited after it came contact with the smoke. Zell was knocked back as far as 3 meters away, injuring his pinky finger after he tried to hold his ground.

Rain: I'm sorry, guys!

The explosion didn't kill Rain, he managed to hide well and counter-attacked the explosion.

---Near a building---

Marine Officer #1: *spying on Zell's crew and Rain's crew* Sir, Report in! 6 pirates are fighting each other! Some of them might be a devil fruit user, and they destroyed nearby houses and killed innocent people. Need order, immediately!!

Marine Captain: Bzzz... Send unit #1 and #2, arrest them immediately! If they resist, shoot them in place! OR use the Seastone!

2 groups of soldiers were on the way to the fight location.

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14 Re: Hellfire Pirates Emerge! [Story] on Thu Feb 05, 2015 2:15 pm

After Ailee threw the black smoke bomb onto the ground, Nymeros wondered what he would do that would eventually be best for the team, the crew.

He tried to get out of the smoke and walked backwards slowly, bumping into a few things like a chair and even a whole building, but he tried to keep on moving. As he bumped onto the building, he used his hands to orientate his position and started climbing. Rock by rock, when Nymeros had finally reached the rooftop he was out of the thick black smoke.

Atleast, he thought. He didn't reach it by climbing solely. He felt heat boiling up and all of a sudden he was send flying onto the rooftop! A rock that was caused to become a bullet by the explosion left a scar across Nymeros's face towards the left side. He scratched his head and when the smoke was clear of the fire and sudden explosion, he saw his spear still thrusted into Ailee, and thought of it as his next goal. Acquiring his primary weapon.

However, for a turn of things, he had looked around himself, and spotted a large group of men walking towards their, the crew's, location.


He sat down on the side of the roof and observed Roshu versus Mark, which had seemingly ended by the burn but nothing was certain, right? Also, he mentioned that the captain guy, Rain, was nowhere to be found. Not blown to pieces or burned to ashes, he must've avoided the blast as he and his crew probably knew the effects of setting a light to the black cloud.

He made his hand shove some blood off his face, that was cut by a rock or something, and stood up. He jumped off the building with zero fall damage, and walked towards Ailee's corpse which had burn marks all over it, ranging from light, not severe wounds to pure black burned-to-ash wounds, to grab his spear.


''There is life..
There is death..
And than..
There is me.''
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15 Re: Hellfire Pirates Emerge! [Story] on Fri Feb 06, 2015 2:53 pm

Roshu looked down at Mark who was clutching his burned leg. Roshu noticed Mark's knives on the ground. He walked around and kicked the knives away from Mark before crouching down. "Relax, you're out of the fight but you're not gonna die." Roshu said taking out a cigarette and lighting it with his finger. "Unless you'd like to try fighting on that burned leg." Roshu looked at Mark, Mark shook his head. Roshu shrugged "My knife gets hot enough to cauterize an inflicted wound and keep you from bleeding out." Roshu paused to exhale some smoke. "Ya' not gonna die, but you'll remember to keep caution when picking opponents." Roshu said. Roshu stood up as he watched Mark tear some of his shirt to wrap around his leg.

Roshu finally looked from his battle to the other parts of the fights that were going on. The girl was on the ground on her knees. Roshu watched from afar as she pulled out a few objects and tossed them around. A black smoke sputtered out from each of the objects. Roshu sniffed the air, it smelled funny compared to other smoke. The captain, Rain then pulled something out from his pocket. A lighter. Roshu's eyes widened. He turned around to the Civilians. "Run!" He shouted, grabbing Mark from the ground and rushing towards the edge of the crowd. "Get away!" He yelled while motioning with his free hand. With his other hand he tosses Mark towards the edge of the smoke best he can before...

FWOOM! the smoke cloud goes up in flames as Rain ignites the lighter. Roshu expanded his body into a wall of ash filled smoke to try and shield the people, absorbing most of the heat while getting blown back a little bit by the force of the explosion. Roshu was able to take in most of the heat on his side of the explosion. However some of the other spectating civilians weren't as lucky. Roshu reformed himself, parts of his exposed skin reddened from the intake of the heat. Roshu looked around he saw the girl's burnt body, but Rain wasn't anywhere to be seen, no scorch mark to tell that he'd been burned up. "Cowardly bastard!" He yelled out, smoke escaping his mouth as he talked. " What kind a skewed honor do ya have countin your crew for dead and defeated, blowin' 'em up and runnin' off?!" Roshu yelled. " What kind of leader are you?!!" Roshu was literally fuming. Ash and heat radiating off of him.

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*sigh* Zell sighed when he couldn't move his pinky finger. But, it was a small damage to his body. His cape was half burned, and he knew that he should buy another one. Zell pushed his body up with his hands, helped by his right foot. The explosion was a sudden attack, and Zell couldn't react to it with his Devil Fruit ability. He scanned the area for his crew mates, and he found Nymeros on the roof, with a scratch on his cheek.

"Are you alright, Nym? Where's Roshu?" Zell asked the man who jumped from the room to the ground. Zell smiled as he noticed the burnt lady, the victory was theirs. But, Rain seemed survive the explosion since his body was nowhere to be found. Zell raised his eyebrows as a sign of tiredness, but another challengers came in proper formation,

"Halt!" shouted someone. The man was wearing a white Marine shirt without decoration and blue Marine trousers. The traditional clothes of the Marines Sailor Division.

"You pirates are under arrest for destroying the city, injuring the civilian, and act of murders. You shall not fight or you will be shot to death. I'm Gill, from the Unit #1, will execute the orders given by the Marine Base in Loguetown."


Unit #1
Tier 1

Zell shook his head from unbelieving, he couldn't believe that the city of beginning or Loguetown had so much conflict in it. Zell replied to Gill's statement, "I don't know what happen with you guys. But, I'm outta here. No more conflict please. We're all tired. We're just defending ourselves"

"Stop right there, young man. OR you will die in place." Gill pointed his finger on Zell, requesting him to stop from moving.

Another Unit sneaked behind Roshu who was protecting the civilians before, the Unit #2 held a sea stone, intending to capture Roshu alive. They saw Roshu's power when protecting the civilians so physical attacks couldn't work.

A man raised the seastone, and he tried to grab Roshu's hand to put it in the seastone handcuff.

"You're under arrest. Your punishment will be doubled as you resist to be arrested."
The man was from Unit #2, he wore unusual cape, better look than the other ordinary marines.


Unit #2
Tier 1

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"Are you alright, Nym? Where's Roshu?"

''I have no idea. Seems you need a new cape.''

He said, and pointed at his burned cape. He took a deep breath and.. sigh. He saw the military organized marine units that had a good structure to their battle formation. Don't blame it on Nymeros, he was the one without the heavy bangs and booms. He pulled his spear out of the girl's corpse and held it firmly.

He studied the boy that spoke from head to toe, and it appeared that he had some kind of higher authority than the others. But, the one with absolute authority was the second speaker. He had a cape, unlike Gill.

''Die in place..

There's no way any of us would let him die in place.''

Nymeros said, and started walking so he would stand infront of Zell. Nymeros was the guy who followed Zell out of complete respect, and there's no way he would let that 'feeling' crumble. Even if the marines would make the shot now, Nymeros would be able to use his trump card. He looked from the corner of his eyes towards Roshu, who would be arrested first if he didn't act. This was a bad situation..


''There is life..
There is death..
And than..
There is me.''
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Roshu had been getting rather hot as he yelled at Rain. The smoke had all cleared now. Suddenly there was some man in a nice coat reaching towards him with some cuffs saying something about doubling punishment for resisting arrest. Roshu out of reaction backed away and faced the man with his hands up gesturing that he had no violent intent. " Woah, woah, woah, woah." Roshu said. " you're just going to waltz in here blaming us for what someone else did?" Roshu said pointing over to Rain." That bastard, was the one that blew up the square! He's the one that killed your citizens. I protected those that I could!" Roshu said.  " I have no interest in your acts of heroism." The stoic man in the cape stared at Roshu with disinterest.  "Are you resisting arrest...pirate?"  Roshu shook his head with a scowl. " No I'm giving you the sto-" " I don't accept lies from pirate scum." The marine said cutting Roshu off before advancing with the seastone cuffs. "I see..." Roshu said to himself as he started to back up. " Cap, Course of Action?" He asked out loud.

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No one can escape, Zell was sure about that. Only two options for them, either surrender to the marines or fight them. "Roshu, Nymeros, let's fight fire with fire. We'll fight our way out." .

Zell ordered, "Penetrated through their formation and head towards the seashore".

The first group formed a solid formation and blocking the way out of the area, Zell bet on their chance of escaping, it was 50% chance.

"Don't let them get away! Criminals should be punished! For Absolute Justice" shouted Gill, acting as the leader of Unit #1.

Zell stared at Nymeros, with his eyes gesture, he asked for Nymeros to use his techniques to create an escaping path for them. While asking Roshu to hold Unit #2 until Nymeros penetrated the solid formation of Unit #1.

"Seastone! Hurry! The rest, shoot him or use your blades to pierce him! Make him a dead meat!" ordered Ichiro from Unit #2. If Zell and his crewmates managed to escape, Ichiro would chase after them and requesting an ambush by the Marine Captain who was pulling the string since the beginning. He created the plan to arrest Zell and his crewmates, and wouldn't stop until he received our heads.

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Nymeros looked over his shoulder, towards Zell, and listened to what he had to say.

The marines were divided in two units. If there had to be the need, Nymeros would take on arms and fight a unit all by himself just to make sure his crew gets out of here.

He smiled, grasping his spear firmly with his right hand, whilst pulling out his dagger with his left hand.

He ran towards the first unit, commanded by Gil, jumping and striking his spear forward. He had utmost courage, the marines thought. Jumping into a armed formation like that, hell-bent on stopping them. As fearless as he was, and flames from hell were burning brightly in his eyes,

Nymeros ran through their formation, blocking multiple offensive measures with his spear and dagger leaving a path of destruction, that only those agile enough could walk.

It would be hard for Zell and Roshu to follow him, but it was worth a shot. They were Logia's after all.

He rotated his spear above his head like a windmill, and pushed back the marines that tried to come close.


''There is life..
There is death..
And than..
There is me.''
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