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Oppressive Meshoo guard

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1 Oppressive Meshoo guard on Tue Jan 20, 2015 6:37 pm

Title: Oppressive Meshoo guard


Rank: 2

Details:  Duke is the biggest obstacle to the Revolutionaries army rallying support to over throw the Kingdom of Meshoo.  He is a big supporter of the king and is very brutal to his subjects.  The civilians are afraid to speak out.  Crime are punished severally liars tongues are cut off.  Public punishment is common and is conducted at the center of town.  He leads a strong army of soldiers.  There are so who follow at of fear but there are just as many who follow out duty.  The second strongest of the army is Jean she catches shit for being a woman and it is for this reason she hasn't been given a proper promotion despite her obvious leadership ability.

Task infiltrate guard establish relations.
Battle Duke must not be allowed to intimidate civilians any longer.  Remove him as a factor for war time asset.

Name:Duke Roswald
Occupation: Weapon User / Knight
Tier 3
Weapon: Broad Sword
Captain of Meshoo Guard

Name:Jean Austin
Occupation: Weapon User / Knight
Tier 2
Weapon:Bow & Arrows
Haki: Busoshoku: Ebony Armament
       Observation: Soul Scope
Captain of Meshoo Guard

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2 Re: Oppressive Meshoo guard on Tue Jan 20, 2015 6:52 pm


Good luck.

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