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End of the Line.

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1 End of the Line. on Mon Jan 19, 2015 6:59 pm

“Fuuueeelll…. I need fuuueeell…”  The young, silver-locked Shipwright, Reddick T. Rocket wandered the shady back alleys of Yotsuba Island’s resident town. After being reluctantly separated from members of his crew, Shunji and Amon, He, Phorcys and Victoria were left to fend for themselves. Their attempt to chase down their beloved crewmates was halted by the fact that their ship, The Milky Way, had absolutely no fuel. After having a heated discussion, they all came to the agreement that they had to regroup and fuel up before even attempting to rescue their comrades.

Victoria and Phorcys thought it the most reliable and safe decision to send Rocket out to find fuel. Due to the island having a very dangerous and world renowned Marine Base, he had to keep quiet, and stick to the shadows. He’d been wandering for hours without any luck as to finding fuel for the Milky Way. “Does this place seriously not have anything?!”  He thought to himself, trudging through the musty alleys. As fun as the stalls on the bustling streets looked, he didn’t want to risk being caught.

The faint sound of boots ticking against the less-than-ravishing cobblestone walkways sounded through Rocket’s ears. His body whipped around to see who could have possibly been walking through these disgusting corridors. Nobody should have been following him, let alone be down in this area anyways. “Reddick T. Rocket.. It seems you don’t cover your tracks adequately enough. “

Rocket’s eyes must’ve been deceiving him. He rubbed them furiously with the back of his fists, obviously reluctant to believe who it actually was. The murky shadows couldn’t possibly morph out his complete-white uniform. Cipher, one of the World Government’s all-mighty Shichibukai. Also known as the ‘Winged Hell’. He was known amongst the Shichibukai as one of the strongest individuals to set foot in the World Government ranks, due to his overwhelming talent and knack for spiritual energies. His albino skinned figure stood before the young Shipwright, slender, milky hand firmly gripping the handle of his ornate katana.

“Wh-...Wha-... What are you doing here?!”  Absolute fear engulfed Rocket’s normally boisterous expression.

The Warlord’s left hand was wrapped in a loosely-fitting white bandage, wrapping the same area as Rocket’s; Right around his knuckles.

“You’ve gained quite the bounty on your head these past few weeks. 72,000,000 million to be exact. Defeating Vice Admiral Smacker, though that is hardly an accomplishment. Destroying the Marine Base on Micqueot, Defeating and subsequently murdering Commodore Roker. You have developed a very significant reputation in the North Blue. I have grown tired of your attempts to become a piece of filth. “

Rocket’s eyes widened in fear. His scar from Commodore Roker still hadn’t healed, and even if it had, he was still no match for this guy. He was in a completely different league. His aura was absolutely monstrous. Just looking in his general direction made Rocket quiver in his boots.

He had no time to waste, he had to react fast. In his mind, he had the advantage. He had a Logia Type Devil Fruit. He gripped the base of Gladium, unsheathing it from his back. His terrified expression morphed into a confident grin, wielding his beloved metal pipe. In a millisecond, Gladium split apart. It’s top half slid off of the pole itself, falling to the ground below. Cipher stood before Rocket, his signature katan unsheathed from it’s turquoise scabbard.

The Warlord was able to approach Rocket, unsheath his sword, and slice Gladium in half without the young Shipwright even being able to notice anything. His eyes stared blankly into Cipher’s cold, callous green eyes.

“Gladium, the powerful weapon that possessed the almighty Gura Gura no Mi, neutralized. “

His childhood weapon was rendered useless right before his eyes. Due to now being broken, the Gura Gura no Mi’s powers left the pipe itself, flowing into the universe to then be reincarnated into another fruit.

His speed, his precision, his skill, it was out of this world. Rocket couldn’t have a hope in the world of actually beating this guy. It was really pointless, fighting him. He couldn’t do anything but stand there in terror.

Cipher brought his knee unto Rocket’s abdomen, doubling the teenager over, spewing blood and saliva from his mouth. “You believed that accumulating a massive bounty would make people fear you, is that the case? “  He swiftly reversed the grip of his sword, slamming the pommel of his katana into Rocket’s chin. “You’re ignorant.”  The Warlord lifted his left leg, delivering a massive side-kick to Rocket’s stomach. The impact sent the youthful Shipwright into one of the abandoned building’s walls, smashing through the rusty pipes and deteriorated bricks.

“The World Government has grown tired of you. But, we can’t allow your powers to go to waste. “  Cipher reached into his robes pocket, retrieved what looked like a purple dial. Black smoke rose from the object like steam, giving it a very eerie feeling. “This is a Removal Dial. An extremely rare object found within Skypiea. There are only a select number of these across the globe. They possess the ability to remove ones Devil Fruit Powers. “  Rocket placed his bloody hands upon the fallen bricks, barely able to open his eyes enough to watch as the Warlord held the dial out towards his body.

A black aura spiralled outwards, engulfing Rocket’s body. It felt like it was attacking and pinching every single one of his nerves. The pain was excruciating, and the thought of being left defenseless was even worse. The black aura pierced his chest, running through his very veins. “Gnghnnn..”  

Was he going to die? Was Cipher really going to kill him here? Was this the end of the line? He was supposed to help save Shunji. He was supposed to see Albert again, and tell him of all of the adventures he’s had with the Hoshi Pirates. He was supposed to become a world class Shipwright. Were all of his hopes and dreams being taken away from him, right before his very eyes?

The powers of the Moku Moku no Mi Fruit spiralled back into the Removal Dial, leaving Rocket in a heap of broken bones and blood. Cipher placed the dial within his pocket, and held his right index finger out, pointing it at Rocket. A green energy began sparking around the tip, forming a turquoise/green ball of energy. His eyes averted towards Rocket’s left hand, the bandages now ripped apart to reveal his ‘S’ ‘T’ ‘R’ ‘I’ ‘V’ ‘E’ tattoo. He immediately pulled his hand away, staring down at the now unconscious Shipwright. He lifted his left hand up, methodically unwrapping the gauze around his knuckles to reveal the letters… ‘S’ ‘T’ ‘R’ ‘I’ ‘V’ ‘E’ tattooed upon them. Both Rocket and Cipher had the exact same tattoo embedded on their hands.

The Warlord closed his eyes, re-wrapping his hand. He placed his right hand in the air above Rocket, allowing a large shield of translucent green energy to form over his limp body. His wounds began slowly dissipating from his body, even slightly sealing up the gash across his chest. “Albert, I apologize. “  The simple sentence swam across his mind as he healed Rocket.

He knelt down, effortlessly gripping Rocket around the base of his neck. He slung the young man over his shoulder. “Soru.”  He appeared on top of one of the large buildings overlooking the dock of Yotsuba Island. He softly lie Rocket across the rooftop, setting his eyes upon the Milky Way down below. “You’ve been graced with life today, Reddick T. Rocket. “  He balled his left hand into a fist, un-tightening the gauze so that it fell upon Rocket’s chest. “Soru.”


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The following thread has been read and review. Locking Thread. Doesn't need approval or grading since you are just explaining a way you lost your devil fruit powers.

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