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The Blood of Z

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1 The Blood of Z on Sat Jan 17, 2015 7:18 pm

Lvneel Kingdom
King's Court Room
Post Revolution

The World Government invade Lvneel. Lvneel becomes under the control temporarily under the World Government until Lvneel announces a new 'King'. Bollan and the other members of the Hibiscus Six, the covert organization and sub branch of the Cipher Pol Six, incharge of espionage and covert operations, sit and discuss the need for Shunji Z. Wraith, to be framed for Lvneel's crimes. In this conversation, Mother Six, reveals the secret behind the Z bloodline.

Mother: The Z bloodline is well special. Our organization is new compared to the other Cipher Pol's. Reading through their files, I can see why the higher ups want him dead.

Bollan placed eighteen sugar cubes in his coffee.

Bollan: This isn't only about the Star Fruit then? I mean, it's been on high priority for ages now.

Mother Six: That was more collateral damage. His father wasn't suppose to die that day in Ember City. That was more of a hiccup from Tiger's part. Shield's son was Tiger's agent, whereas Shunji's father was also a newer recruit to the Cipher Pol Six, after he died, our mission was retain the fruit. We new of the revolutionary leader within Lvneel and after the former leader lost to Shunji and became it's new face, everything for his assassination was placed. The bloodline ending and the Hoshi Hoshi fruit regained... those were our two side operations.

Bollan: Hmm... I see. The World Government are some scary individuals. I never expected to 'killed' in that incident.

Mother Six: The death of a Rear Admiral though not the highest offense, is drastic.

Bollan: You keep beating around the push, what in the world does the 'Z' mean?

Mother Six: No clue... However, I've found the file in their archives on 'Valkyrie', it's a name that keeps coming back up. Valkyrie is an ancient weapon... The lore's in a weird language, so they haven't translated all of it's powers as yet but they have managed to decode one of them and it's shocking... 'Chooser of the Victor'. The Ancient Weapon allows you instantly kill anyone involved in a War or a mass killings of sorts... Pretty much, alter the present.

Bollan spat out his tea.

Bollan: The kid can do that...?

Mother Six: No. The Z blood holds high supernatural element. According to his Father's track work in the Navy, they called him the Immortal Warrior. It didn't matter what injury he took, he magically always survived. The Z blood is the only 'Trigger' apparently in history that has been able to get Ancient Weapon Valkyrie to work.

Bollan: The supernatural blood allows it's owner to play God for an instinct... The irony... Shouldn't no man try to become like God?

Mother Six: No no. Man shouldn't try to become a God. The Z blood doesn't mean your immortal either. His mother was the true owner of the blood, it was true her protection he survived. 'Valykrie', the human Ancient Weapon reincarnates itself in a woman every generation. It's as if the Z bloodline is destined to erase some tyranny in the world. The final words on the phoneglyph, 'Until it's end is seen'.

Bollan: It?

Mother Six: Who knows. However, we've been given new orders by the higher ups.

Bollan: We're done here in Lvneel?

Mother Six: Not quite yet. He's going to return here eventually, hunting him won't prove much sense.

Bollan smiled.

Bollan: Hunting him, finally, I knew it was coming.

Mother Six: We've been ordered to kill the Hoshi Pirates. However, before we go after them, our mission here in Lvneel is on pause. We must find out who the new 'Valkyrie' is. I've sent Sena and Jessica to find her. They are our best intelligence gathers.

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2 Re: The Blood of Z on Sat Jan 17, 2015 7:45 pm

The airhead maid stood motionless in the middle of the busy restaurant.

Paradise, Grandline
Angel Cove Cafe

Mindy: Freyja! Freyja! Earth to Freyja!

Freyja: Eh?

Mindy: You just blanked out there for a minute.

Freyja: He's coming to steal me away.

Mindy: Is this about the man in your dreams again!?

Freyja nodded.

Mindy: Finish buss these tables and then you can worry about him, alright!

The busy restaurant was booming with Shandian and Angel Beach dwellers alike. After the fall of the corrupted God, Skypedia became under protection of the Royal Sky Knight Army, Olympus. The Royal Army serve just to protect the justice, whereas, the Skypiea is now ruled by Four Mayors, each elected by the people in their particular area of the island. The Angel Cove cafe finally reached closing hours, Freyja and Mindy cleaned up, running to the beach to chill on the sands. Work, unlike on Blue Dwellers realm, ended relatively early.  

Mindy: Now then... What weird vision did you have this time?

Freyja: I was in this foreign Kingdom... This building was crumbling... He was falling, it was almost he was like a star. His body was covered in this blue energy... and an angel was trying to catch him but he fell into my arms. Our lips...

Freyja's face blushed.

Freyja: They touched and then- You woke me up... Weird?

The people of Angel Beach gathered around everytime Freyja told these weird stories of hers.

Freyja: I swear... I'm not kidding!

Mindy / Crowd: Sure... Sure...


Name: Freyja Lockheart
Occupationn: Maid / Physic / Ordinary Teenage Girl
Tier ???
Bounty: N/A

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3 Re: The Blood of Z on Sat Jan 17, 2015 9:31 pm

On the beach, with shades on, enjoying the Skypiea sun, Sena and Jessica sat on the sands of Angel Beach. Sena sat checking out the women, while Jessica took in the sun.

Sena: This is like thirteenth Freyja Lockheart we've tracked down... The last one didn't have the birth mark either.

Jessica: Well. This is where your familiar's lead us. You and this jutsu thing, I never understand how it works.

Sena: Depends on your affinity... I've been affiliated wit Darkness and Water. My familiar's talk to me.

Jessica: I have a feeling that this one's the catch.

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4 Re: The Blood of Z on Sun Jan 18, 2015 2:21 pm

Mother Six: Now then... The Video Snail is running... Please report to your superiors the actions of Shunji Z. Wratih.

Bollan: Former Rear Admiral, promoted to Vice Admiral in 'death' Bollan Storm reporting. Code Name: Hurricane. Leader of the Hibiscus. Shunji Z. Wraith is now charged for the following offenses after doing our official investigation. In addition to the Murder of King Tiger Lvneel... The murder of three hundred innocents in the arena games held by the late king. Shunji Z. Wraith is a flight risk... First off, the blood of Z. The mere fact that kid can have an form of control over the Ancient Weapon Valykrie, whether he knows it or not, is a danger to society. While he was a Commander in the Lvneel Army, Shunji has assassinated the three Council Members, each of which opposed Tiger's reign. The bombing of the King's Sugar shipments and a cash crop of Lvneel, sending the country into a period of famine. The bombing and burning of Princess Elsie's chambers... subsequently leading to the death of the Princess. Finally, the most alarming of his newly discovered crimes, the death and murder of our Leader, Mother Six.

From the shadows, Benny covered Mother Six's mouth. From the shadows, a woman wearing a long white coat appeared, her cherry blossom color hair danced in the wind.

Bollan: I hereby recruit a new overseer of the Hibiscus. The Chipher Pol Six will now be lead by a leading scientist who has been approached by Shunji Z. Wraith to make an advance version of the Amber Lead disease. He is not only a criminal of this country but to the World Government.

Benny fired eight shots into Mother Six's brain, using bullets that dissolve upon contact to mirror Shunji's researched Hoshi Hoshi abilities.

Bollan: We-

Lavender: We the new Hibiscus... Under my leadership... Will capture the Hoshi Pirates and their Captain... I already know where they'll be headed anyway... I've placed a Vivi Card on Shunji since Flevance. He has blackmail into developing an Amber Lead disease but I thought it best to report to my long time friend, Bollan. Now then, as we morn the death of Mother Six, let us, the Chipher Pol and World Government join together to eradicate accomplices. The following were invovled in the murder of Mother Six: Shunji Z. Wraith , Rocket T. Reddick, Anna Seres, reportedly, Amon Hawthrone, Victoria Wright, Phorcy's and Geoff Jensen. All in good time gentlemen, leave it to the Chiper Pol Six.

Lavender cut the connection.

Bollan: I'm still curious as to why your the new leader of the Chiper Pol. Why kill Mother Six?

Lavender: It seems Shunji has pissed off people in some pretty high places.

Lavender (Inner Thoughts): This is just my test for you kid. If you can't defeat my employers lap dogs... Then you recruiting me in your plan, though scientifically interesting, isn't safe for me. However, don't worry. I've already created the vaccine to cure my new Super Disease. It just needs a few more tweaks....

Lavender: I almost forgot. The Hisbiscus will gain a new member form today. Come out from the shadows boy.... Your new ability is so creepy...

From the shadows, a young boy emerged.

Jojo: My name is Jojo... Jojo Dandy. Nice to meet ya'.

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5 Re: The Blood of Z on Sun Jan 18, 2015 4:17 pm


This thread has been read and reviewed. Locking Thread. This doesn't need to be graded/approve in my opinion, since serve discusses the reason of why Hibiscus do what it does.

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