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Zell Sheijiro

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1 Zell Sheijiro on Sat Jan 17, 2015 5:57 am

Name: Zell Sheijiro
Epithet: Black Hawk
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Affiliation: Pirate
Occupation: Weapon Master/ Shipwright (Human)

Appearance: Zell has the appearance of a young man. He has a fair skin. He wears high-collared black and tan robes with gold trim, along with a large, flowing white toga draped around his torso. He has short dark hair and abnormally sharp canines. When angered, Zell's irises become red and gain a black ring around the pupil, giving him a much more menacing appearance. Many regard Zell as being an intimidating individual. He's lean and athletic. He has a big scar on his torso, he got it when he was climbing a tree, and fell to the ground with some sharp woods below.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Skin Tone: Fair
Height: 5"10"
Weight: 180 lbs
Tattoo: N/A

Zell is a man whose been instilled with values.He is someone who believes strongly in being able to forge his own path by his own two hands. He's not opposed to fighting to protect his beliefs. Even if he looses. He's never set in his ways though he is constantly adapting to the world around him letting the way of the world help shape, define and re-define him. But his core beliefs never change. Fight for what you believe in, think with your head not your heart, if it's something that burns strongly within follow it. And help out those in need.

Zell's reaction to people is initially friendly, however if they prove that they are against him or act to hurt someone without any provocation then he grows to dislike them. He's a charismatic person, he could persuade someone to do something for him. His ambitions lead him to a great path, the path shows the true side of him. He often respects his enemies in battle, humiliating them on the battle isn't his style.

He has two major quirks to his personality, one being that be believes that the strongest beliefs always win. Regardless of the medium through which they are conveyed be it words or fists. The second quirk is a simple one. Living for yourself is the same as living for nothing. Live for others, don't only focus on yourself.
- Helping others
- Fame and Treasures
- Powers
- Vegetables
- Traitors
- Arrogance
- Become one of the strongest pirate
- Death
- Lost his family and friends
- Can't achieve his dream

Inner Lineage:
Name: Raging Fire
Description: Zell has an extreme amount of will to fight. He won't quit easily. He will fight and participate in thousands of fight. He withdraws if his battle will cause more damage to his friends or the civilians.
Ability: Passively, Zell can receive more attacks than average person. He won't quit a battle or run away from it.

Outer Lineage:
Name: Fortune Finder
Description: These people through out time had an eye for finding the rarest of riches and treasures. Obtaining wealth was second nature to these people, as they always seem to find ways to get better rewards & payments for their work.
Ability: Unlike, most outer lineages that have direct use in combat. This lineage is one of the few that doesn't instead it allows the user to gain riches more quickly than others. Anyone with this lineage earns 50% more Beli for Beli rewards.

Writing Sample: (For Magu Magu no Mi)

[Humor Version]

If only, if only Zell were a smarter man. He'd have known that it was absolutely idiotic to be out here, in this chaotic island, freezing his glorious bod off. He was however, answering a notice that came from the big captain, Mr. X was his codename, and that meant more than his own personal pleasure.

Whatever the case, the mission's objective was pretty straight forward, and he was at least strong enough to handle the tasks laid out before him with style. He didn't particularly see any advantage to him being here, except for the fact that he would gain more strength and fame, girls, Zell's coming..

"Dammit, I hate this place already." He stated shivering.

The snow that seemed to have absolute sovereign over the landscape didn't agree with Zell, but he was wise enough to not complain about the conditions around him, not at least around his captain, who's location he was approaching quite rapidly. Although he wore several layers of clothing, Zell had the burst of chill upon his face, as his mouth was completely exposed. It didn't help that his body heat fogged up his goggles, so he had to ditch them as well. It was nice at least to be wearing two skin tight pants that were yellow in color. It was not the most attractive look for fellow men to see, but it didn't matter to Zell cause he was warm from his neck to his ankles.

"Seems like that must be the place, hopefully. I am not in the mood to be lost." The man grumbled to himself as he trudged through the snow.

His fur coat that was over the upper part of his uniform remained zipped off, and he shook from side to side making the clumps of snow fall off his body as he approached the golden entrance of the cave designed by the man who seemed to master all artistic techniques, Zell sighed in jealousy. Knocking his snow boots against the wall, Zell yawned to himself as he hadn't been awake that long.

"Uh...what the fuck are you doing? C'mon if you're joining us."

Zell shook his head from side to side as he saw one of his crew member, who was stealthing for whatever reason. As Zell entered further into the cave he saw his captain, and he bowed to him, taking the cap off his head and revealing his dark hair.

"Zell, reporting in, Captain. I believe you have something important to say to me, Captain. Why are we meeting in such a severe place?"

The captain's face was so serious, Zell was prepared for this. "Thank you for coming.. mm... Zell.. I call you because.. I'M FREEZING, YOU DUMBASS! WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG? HUHH!!? GIMME YOUR MAGMA POWER"


Zell aimed his right hand towards the ground, his hand began to transform into a magma and Zell shot a lump of magma onto the ground, the cave became warmer and warmer than before.

"Ah, good job Zell.. We're happy to have you.. Actually, we have a mission to do" The captain grinned widely.

Zell shook the rest of the snow off his body and leaned himself up against the cave wall. He awaited hearing the game plan for the mission.

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