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Trouble on the High Seas! Shunji's and Jensen's Punishment!

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On the high oceans, Shunji and Jensen lie unconscious from the brutal tortures of Captain Henna Standiford. She recapped on her life in the marine core and how Shunji ruined the second family she had ever known.

15 Years Ago
Marine Headquarters
#12 Barrack

Bollan: My name is Rear Admiral Bollan Storm. Some of you will survive this training. Others won't. The twelfth barrack has produced many fine marines before... Including myself. Don't let down our name and pride! You over their with tremble... What's your name girl?

Henna trembled down to her boots, since a kid, she had always had problems with her nerves.

Henna: Henna... Henna... Stadni- .... f... ord! Sir!

Bollan: The marine core doesn't have space for stutters ma'am! I'll knock that straight out of you! Gentleman picking his nose! You are!?

Stone: Kenny... Kenny Stone.

Bollan: Aren't you a little old to be signing up for the core.

Stone: I've had a pretty blessed life so far. Money, women and extravagant trips around the world but I feel I need more than that now that my son is being born.

Cobalt: Psh. Your both lames.

Bollan: Did I ask you to speak punk?

Cobalt: You can cut the tough act Bollan. I've heard about you in the channels, I know your training is rough but your a softie at heart-

Bollan used his shigan to knock-out Cobalt.

Bollan: Let that be a warning to you punks. I may be kind but I respect authority. Disrespect like his, will not be tolerated what so ever. Recruit Stone! Recruit Henna, see Cobalt to his chambers! You three will be bunking together.

Henna: But sir... I'm a female.

Bollan: Your living quarters are three roomed quarters. No need to worry... Your a marine now... You can fend for yourself right.

Henna wiped away her tears.

Henna: Yes Sir!

Henna: His teachings were pretty strict but I learned so much from Bollan. Rokushiki, what it means to be a marine, how to lead and even how to handle my nerve issues, he was truly a great man. Then one day... I opened my paper's to find out, he was killed by a Pirate Rookie from the North Blue. I knew the North Blue was known as the toughest of the seas but Bollan, pronounced dead. Impossible. It was so much of a shock, the marines couldn't even release his identity as a Rear Admiral, that issue of the paper was retracted. His wife committed suicide shortly after finding out. The same rookie went onto kill Cobalt, then Stone... Was this some vendetta against me!? When Stone's child came to me, I had no choice but to take him and his friend under my wing.

Henna's hand's dug into the pirates skin as she continually beat him. Shunji's face was filled with bruises and swelling from the constant Haki infused punches, as he hung chained by the hands in seastone shackles.

Henna: I'll make sure by the time you get to Enies Lobby, they won't even be able to recognize that face of yours.

Henna threw another right hook at Shunji's face.

Shunji: Dear Lord... I offer you this prayer...

Henna: Praying won't save you now. Time to check on Jensen.


Tier 2 Technique Name: Prayer of Origin
Tier 2 Technique Type: Support
Tier 2 Technique Cooldown: 15
Tier 2 Technique Description:
For a duration of three posts, user begins an ancient sacred prayer that creates a link between his diety and himself for a few seconds. The user obtains a higher level of consciousness and clarity. This gives him access to a series of prayers.
Tier 2 Technique Strengths:
- Can be used in place for the prayer of Beginning.
- Unlocks the remainder of the Tier 2 Prayers of this skill set.
Tier 2 Technique Weaknesses:
- If the users concentration is broken, prayer takes twice amount of time to be completed. (Duration increased to six posts)
- If the prayer fails, user must wait an additional ‘three’ posts, eighteen in total on the cool down.

Tier 1 Technique Name: Prayer of Beginning
Tier 1 Technique Type: Support / Close Range
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 5
Tier 1 Technique Description:
Shunji begins praying to his deity and asking for guidance in this world and life. He begins repentance for all the sins he as committed lately and asks for his spiritual abilities to be awakened. This skill must be done for a duration of two posts, user repeats a holy hymn and finishes with ‘Amen’.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
- Unlocks the Tier 1 Skill’s for this skill set, expect Prayer of Shift.
- Weaves users spiritual energy to peak capacity.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
- If the users concentration is broken, prayer takes twice amount of time to be completed. (Duration increased to four)
- If the prayer fails, user must wait an additional ‘three’ posts, eight in total on the cool down.

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Jensen was resting in ponder, healed and stitched up by the doctor on board in order to keep him healthy enough for a proper execution. Enies Lobby was his destination, all because he shook hands with Shunji. There was no regret, but it did let him ponder Henna's questioning for a bit. Honor. Killing has no honor, but it is often replaced by purpose that bends the rules of honor and makes him realize that there is no white or black for the matter. Grey was the only color that made up the field of honor, and he knew exactly what he was going to say as soon as Henna would eventually walk in his prison room. Feeling the ship sway, he concentrated to become in-tune with it as he stared down at his shackles. Knowing he was resilient to pain, regardless of his wounds not being fully healed, they gave him a hog-tie-like shackle system and bound him to the wall. When the sadistic marine entered the room, he refused to look at her due to his pondering. "Dirty pirate. You made that mistake by not knowing anything about-" "About you? Ha, like that matters." "It does, indeed. I am a boy hailing from the East Blue, the one we so obviously reside within. I wasn't a pirate until you captured me. I made that decision moments before. No, I was someone your people refused due to bribery from the fishmen that terrorized and destroyed my home."

Henna chuckled, having marines bring in a table and chair along with a cup of coffee on a plate. "So what? Fishmen destroyed your home, boo-hoo. The marines don't take bribes, so now I know you're a li-" Jensen thrust his body forward with great futility. "NAIVE FOOL! You think this government has no corruption? No, they let pirates terrorize my village and burn it down. Slaughtering the males and taking the females SEX SLAVES!" he spoke with tears in his eyes, his face scrunching. "I'm no dirty pirate. I resent the evil you see in the pirates, but you need to KNOW that person before thinking you know the truth." Intrigued, Henna amused herself with Jensen's ramblings. "I tried signing up to be a marine, and I was turned away by the coin of the damn fish. Who's the pirates then!? WHO'S THE SCOUNDRELS THEN!? WHERE'S THE HONOR IN THAT!?" "ENOUGH! Continue on with your point or so help me you'll end up like your friend!" Jensen sat against the wall, seemingly hopeless in expression. "So you don't know the facts. Not surprising. But I cut Senryu's brother down because he saw his sword as a tool, nothing worthy of love and affection. He couldn't see the truth of our weaponry. They scream and cry, happiness and sadness. No doubt you are aware of the swords in your possession after confiscating them from me?" Henna leaned back in her chair, curious as to what swords they were.

Jensen stared into the marine's eyes, contempt filling his face. "I am a samurai. I was taught by my father. Then I was taken under Master Noswaith's wing, until your people took him down because he wouldn't train marines. He had no business with them, yet he respectfully took his execution with one last message. 'Remember this day'. Oh I fuckin' did. Senryu? You don't see the destruction his thugs caused? I killed them, Shunji helped. We did so because they put innocents at risk. Becuase of a vendetta!? Even Senryu claimed his blades to be slaves, Marine." Henna tried not to look disgusted by the truth, keeping composure and seemingly apathetic. "See, we aren't all innocent. They deserve a better master, HE HAD THE HONOR TO DIE BY THE HANDS OF MURAMASA! TO BE TOUCHED BY MASAMUNE!" Henna stood, throwing the table through the wall on the left and sliding in front of Shunji. "SILENCE YOU SCOUNDREL! YOU KILLED CIVI-" "WERE THEY TRULY INNO-" BAM Henna launched a fist into Jensen's face, causing him to thrust against the wall. "Henna stop being so rough, you're tearing the ship apart again!" "-CENT!?" Henna stood back, having a marine bring her a knife to undo the stitches on Jensen's body. As she neared, her wide eyes brought her thoughts about her allies. This wasn't the pirate she thought he was, he was just a rebel. His yell was powerful, and she could tell he was free-spirited but dangerous and unpredictable nonetheless. Stumbling back, she slammed the knife into the wall to her right that wasn't destroyed by a table. Dragging the chair out, she rushed from the room. "You heard my story Shunji...But you didn't hear it all. What she does't realize, is that I've seen a hundred deaths right before my eyes. She can sense the despair, but she is truly ignorant to the truth. You must know how I feel..."

Jensen's Journal
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As Henna walked through the ship, angered from the conversation with Jensen, she slammed her hands into the wall.


Bollan: Congratulations! You have now all officially graduated from the academy. Henna! Cobalt! Stone! You'll be fine marines one day!

Cobalt: You mean the two love birds sir!

Bollan: Hehe... I won't even argue with that!

Henna stood blushing.

Henna: Be serious guys!

Stone wrapped his hands around Henna.

Stone: So were not love birds...

Henna: Not in front of the guys, Ken.

Flashback End

Shunji stood being patched up by Butch, who had become a doctor in the Navy.

Henna: What are you doing... Butch?

Butch: I couldn't... as a doctor, I couldn't stand to see him like this.

Henna dashed towards Butch knocking him to the ground.

Henna: The other one can live. I'll deliver this one dead or alive. Dependent on if he survives his punishment.

Henna began to pummel on Shunji's body again. Each punch shattered more of his already fractured rib cage, bruised skin and mutilated flesh. Blood dripped out of the pirates mouth, eye barely swollen, he continued to whisper.

Henna: What was that pirate!? What was that!?


Lord, you are Holy above all others, and all of the strength that I need is in your hands.
I am not asking, Lord, that you take this trial away. Instead, I simply ask that Your will be done in my life. Whatever that means, that is what I want.
But I admit that it's hard, Lord.
Sometimes I feel like I can’t go on. The pain and the fear are too much for me, and I know that I don’t have the strength on my own to get through this.

Henna began to hit the man harder after she heard his utterance.

Henna: How can a pirate... whose committed so many sins prayer so feverishly...

Shunji: That pain in your heart... Your finding comfort in the wrong things... I'll destroy this world Henna. It doesn't matter, how many causalities I encounter on the way... How many lives die in collateral... My journey is not one of death-

Henna slapped her hands on the man's face.

Henna: Not one of what!? How dare you!? How you-

Henna began to breakdown in tears.

Shunji: My journey is not one of death but revelation. I became a pirate to liberate the rude hearted. My biggest child, is this World Government. You weren't in Lvneel that day when they slaughtered those innocents in that arena. Or when I found out, they poisoned my mother... When Tiger raped and sold those innocent princesses into slavery... Or when he beat his mother to death that night... How he killed his father, abuse and assaulted knights who didn't agree with his regime. There's so much blood on my hands... The things I did to uncover his evil... The people I lost will never be in comparison to you! My father died for this mission! My mother died for this mission! My teachers! So don't you tell me about your struggles! or your woes! That's why I prayer because even when I'm the underdog, when the world labels me a murderer. My sins are to be judged by God. No one else... Tell me, would your love ones like to see you like this!?

Henna slapped Shunji in his face.

Henna: Clean him up! I'm tired of looking at his ugly face, I'm going to my chambers!

Butch: Yes ma'am!

Moments later, Shunji was all patched up, stitches and all.

Shunji: I'm lucky...

Butch: You should be grateful, Pirate! Captain Henna is a kind-

Shunji: No, that people who are blinded by evil emotions can't see the spiritual energy I've already accumulated.

Shunji slammed his spiritual appendage into the man's head, the force of the punch knocked the Ensign out after he treated his wounds. Grabbing key off the Ensign's belt, Shunji began to fidget with his spiritual appendage to open his locks.


Tier 1 Technique Name: Prayer of Beginning
Tier 1 Technique Type: Support / Close Range
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 5
Tier 1 Technique Description:
Shunji begins praying to his deity and asking for guidance in this world and life. He begins repentance for all the sins he as committed lately and asks for his spiritual abilities to be awakened. This skill must be done for a duration of two posts, user repeats a holy hymn and finishes with ‘Amen’. 1/2
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
- Unlocks the Tier 1 Skill’s for this skill set, expect Prayer of Shift.
- Weaves users spiritual energy to peak capacity.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
- If the users concentration is broken, prayer takes twice amount of time to be completed. (Duration increased to four)
- If the prayer fails, user must wait an additional ‘three’ posts, eight in total on the cool down.

Tier 1 Technique Name: Prayer of Shift
Tier 1 Technique Type: Close - Range / Support
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 15
Tier 1 Technique Description:
For a duration of one post, the user is able to physically shift, one person in any direction weaving his aura into the form of an appendage. If the appendage makes contact, the user is pushed 2 Meters in that direction.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
- Can be used to shift one enemy in any direction for up to two meters if appendage makes contact.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
- Cannot be used on self.

Tier 2 Technique Name: Prayer of Origin
Tier 2 Technique Type: Support
Tier 2 Technique Cooldown: 15
Tier 2 Technique Description:
For a duration of three posts, user begins an ancient sacred prayer that creates a link between his diety and himself for a few seconds. The user obtains a higher level of consciousness and clarity. This gives him access to a series of prayers. 1/3
Tier 2 Technique Strengths:
- Can be used in place for the prayer of Beginning.
- Unlocks the remainder of the Tier 2 Prayers of this skill set.
Tier 2 Technique Weaknesses:
- If the users concentration is broken, prayer takes twice amount of time to be completed. (Duration increased to six posts)
- If the prayer fails, user must wait an additional ‘three’ posts, eighteen in total on the cool down.

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Thrashing around as Jensen witnessed Shunji being beaten, he watched her storm off as the man finished his prayers. Jensen was curious as to what was happening, but could clearly tell the words he spoke to her were detrimental. She stormed of and let a doctor treat his wounds, who was knocked out as soon as he started lecturing the pirate. Jensen laid his head against the wall, rolling his eyes as he had hoped the doctor would work more on his injuries. As he heard Shunji figuring out how to use a key, he noticed the knife wasn't too far. Pulling up with his wrists and down with his ankles, he stretched the chain. Making grunting noises, he felt his wound clench due to his abdominal muscle, blood oozing out a little bit. Releasing the chain's tension and then tensing it once again, he tried jolting the links apart. "Fools use...rrrgh...iron for the chains. I can cut iron." Snap. The links snapped apart due to their iron composition, Jensen staying in place as he clenched his eyes shut. His body was worn, but he luckily couldn't feel the pain. Getting to his feet, he stumbled right a few steps before going to the left and stabilizing. Standing up, he looked down and felt his wound. "God damn, they fuckin' harpooned me. I've never been shot by a harpoon. Bullets, yes. A fuckin' harpoon?"

Walking over to the knife, he gripped it, and with great strain, removed it from the wall. He saw chips of wood fly out, and kept a good grip on it but the wound on his hand was strained. Stumbling over to Shunji, he collapsed to his knees and dropped the knife, noticing the cuffs on his wrists were still present with one link dangling off each. Taking the key from what seemed to be empty air, he unlocked the restraints placed on the cursed man. Keeping the key, Jensen chuckled as he looked over to the doctor. "Oi, bastard! Knocked out the doctor, would've helped a lot. Come on, get up. We need to find our shit and get out. No doubt they shoved my beauties in some grime-filled room." Jensen struggled to his feet, stumbling over to the door as he stuck an ear to it. Hearing a pair of guards converse, he smiled as he heard them speak about the massive battle. "Yeah, I heard one guy took down over fifty marines!" "Really? Man, what a monster!" "Yeah, I don't think Captain Henna is happy with it either. The other guy set the whole square ablaze!" "Holy shit, did they put it out?" "I don't know. But man, the whole place was a bloody fucking mess!" "Yeah, I heard a dojo's master was chopped into pieces after trying to avenge his brother. A giant! A giant had his head cut in half!" "And Shunji Z. Wraith, the guy who burned place, was there too!" Well shit, we are all the talk." Knocking on the door, the guards open it out of curiosity. Jensen hid to the side, and the two came in. Sliding past the first, Jensen punched the air as the knife slid through the second's throat. Grabbing the first with his extra arm, he put him in a chokehold with his knife-wielding hand free. Snapping the guard's neck, he let his extra arm disappear and the guard fell to the floor.

"Alright, so here's the plan. I'm going to take these swords, they'll have to do for now. You take their guns, and as soon as we get our belongings we will set the ship on fire in three places per level of the ship. By we, I mean you. Henna will be on our ass real fast, but don't worry because she needs to restrain herself on her own ship. If the ship breaks, there goes sailing us to Enies. We are hardly out of Logue Town's port, so we can easily get back to your ship by taking a row boat. That a plan?"

Jensen's Journal
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As the seastone chains clacked and dropped to the ground from both Shunji and Jensen's attempts. Shunji fell to the ground and blood dripped from all of his wounds, with the pain from his crushed rib cage and took a gasp.

Shunji: Amen.

Shunji's weaved energy filled his body, it began to slowly spiritual offer a sedative to the pain he was feeling. He couldn't move like he normally would but his breathing pain's slowly faded enough for him to form the following sentence. The white veil encased the man, almost as if an angel's wings had covered his body.

Shunji: Burn the ship... I can do that much... I just need time for my normal body warmth to return... Then can use my Vermillion Star... to burn down the core at least.

Waving his hand in mid-air, forming a square, a spiritual thin wall of energy formed in mid-air.

Shunji: Pick your poison... I can heal one of your wounds Jishishi....

Shunji laughed coughing up blood on the hard wood floors. Barely being able to breath, Shunji propped his body against the wall of the prison wall, trying to regain his breath and thoughts.

Shunji: This ship... It's a classic warship. It should burn quite easily... You look like shit though Jensen Jishishishi.... As for weapons, she broke my batons... After Anna worked so hard to repair them too, I'm not a guns person but firing bullets at this point maybe a bit too much for me.

Shunji said laugh boisterously, each laughing moment made the insides of his body cringe. With his eye still half shut from the swelling and the residue of blood stains all on his body. The sapphire haired pirate aura was mixed, the calamity of his religion and the anger of his humanity mixed in pure harmony as he prepared to heal Jensen's hands.

Shunji: I have a bit to add your plan just let me... Catch myself-

Shunji began to think back of his times training with Juggard, when he was beaten half to death.

Shunji: I remember what my mentor used to tell me... When your beaten to the brink of death... That's when a man show's his true willpower.


* Healing: The main trait of this skill set allows Shunji to heal minor to major injuries of his Tier or lower. Each blessing complete does however take a toll on his body and mind.

Tier 1 Technique Name: Prayer of Healing : Wall Sugery
Tier 1 Technique Type: Support / Close Range
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 10
Tier 1 Technique Description:
For a duration of one post, user releases his spiritual energy to create a platform to lay one patient on. His energy begins to spin itself around the patient and heals the afflicted of exactly one wound or condition.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
- The condition or wound must be within the user’s medical knowledge.
- The prayer can be used on the user.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
- Only one wound can be healed. I.E if the person has a fractured hand and an open gash, the external wound will be healed first, and the prayer will be completed.
- The prayer of Beginning must be completed before this skill is used.

Meanwhile, in Henna's chambers, the woman reflected on the words of the priest and the swordsman. Their words echoed on repeat in the lady's consciousness. Tears began to fill her eyes, as she thought about the day he proposed, the time they first kissed and the moments when she first met his family. The look on Stone's mother's face, his son face, who had already lost a mother to war. The priests idealistic words held no hold over her. Justifying her justice once more, she stood up, going into her chambers bathroom and smacking herself in the mirror, using the water as her own kind of boxing gloves.

Henna: I will... I will... This system will be their justice. I shall no longer let this anger fill me. I'd be no better than them.

Butch: Mrs.Stone...

Butch thought, standing outside of her cabin door, hearing the marine Captain's rants.


Name: Henna Stone
Occupation: Weapon Master / Navigator
Inner Lineage: Eternal Youth
Weapon: Justice (Sea Stone Mace)
Skillset: Rokushiki
Tier 3

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Jensen looked over to the ominous energy between him and Shunji, placing his hands in it as he witnessed his hands forcing out the stitchings and the wound completely closing, leaving a scar behind as the energy healed him. Looking down in awe, he noticed the x-shape it formed on his palms and backs of his hands. "Look what they've done to me. I'm going to make these damn marines pay." Lifting up the doctor after taking the swords and listening to his companion's words, he let the knife stick into the ground. Curious as to who it was, he remember it being one of the guys who accompanied Henna back in Logue Town. "By the way, who is this chump? You knocked out the doctor that could've helped me too. Oh, well, we could use him as leverage as well. I'd suggest waking him up and torturing him for information. I'll leave that to you, I'll go retrieve my belongings. They took my bracelet too." grumbling, Jensen took the knife, which was a karambit, and continued forward. "Tell me your plan once I return. You need a moment yourself." Chuckling, he steathily entered the hall, his balance still a little off. Turning left, he went down the corridor and peeked around the corner briefly to count three marines playing poker in the distance. Well, I could throw the knife and dash the swords into their heads...or I could sneak about...

Deciding to sneak around, he went left once more, unseen by the three marines but noticing a room where a group of marines had some females tied up. Looking in disgust, he had flashes from when he was a child. The memory of when he was only little, hiding beneath the boards of the chapel as he watched a group of shadows throw his mother against the wall, a few other women being tossed along as they were defiled. The hours that seemingly passed had burrowed into his mind, and by being reminded he was filled with utter rage. Quietly entering the room, one of the marines chuckled as he turned, expecting a friend. "Hey, Jimmy. You finally- What?" Jensen jammed the blade into the marine's throat, repeatedly stabbing him as blood gushed from the body. The other three marines turned as Jensen unsheathed the blade and whipped it through the throats of each marine. As they all died slowly, he jammed the blade in each of them several times, whipping blood all along the walls and watching it pool everywhere. Looking to the girl, she acted as if she saw the devil. His demonic aura was great, and a killer intent emanated. The girl looked terrified, crawling backwards as she kept quiet. Jensen exited the room with his sandals now drenched in blood. Walking down the hall, a man exited a room and he just lopped his head off. Entering the room where the marines were playing poker, it took a while before he was noticed.

Throwing the knife into one man, the other two react by turned around and bringing their pistols up, but one was choked by his extra arm and his right arm, the other on the left of him had his throat sliced open. "I said I was going to kill you all, didn't I?" Taking a key off one man, he entered a room where their belongings were wrapped in a bag, his weapons next to his bag. Taking everything, he brought it to Shunji before re-arming himself. "Alright. I take it you took your time to recover, yes?"

Jensen's Journal
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As Jensen exited the room, finally, Shunji had collected enough energy.

Shunji: Prayer of Victory!

A wave of Holy energy surged over the priests body, healing the cuts, scraps and swelling that had accumulated over his body. His rib cage was the real problem, at his level, repairing actual physical body structures would prove to be quite difficult, however, Shunji could cure the internal bleeding. The energy resonated within his body, slowly but surely, reparing his insides like tiny needles undergoing surgery on his body. His eye opened back open, jumping up, Shunji hopped over to the cabinet in the infirmary next door. Wrapping the bandages around his rib cage, he did a pin up job, using his spiritual appendage to keep the wounds clipped. Breathing was very difficult, the healing made it bearable but as the energy wavers, the pain shot through his body like heated needles.

Shunji: This is going to hurt... However, it's the only way I can move around this ship without being notice. Vermillion Star! Red Star!

Shunji's heat levels began to shoot through the roof. Blasting plasma through the cores of his feet, he jetted through the ship, setting everything on fire as he bolted. Sliding town the stairs to the lower deck, he located the steam engine room where the boiler was located. However, the door was locked and reinforced by seastone.

Shunji: Damn it, I'll need the keys for the room before I can even attempted to blow up the engine. If my body was better, I could've use my Prayer of Will but in my state and without my batons... That's futile.

Dashing back up the stairs, which was also set on fire, all that remain in it's wake was fire. Shunji returned to the holding room, noticing the ship was on fire. Jensen entered the room.

Shunji: I need the... the keys... for boiler room. It's locked with a seastone door. Whoever this lady Henna is... She has a pretty snazzy ship for a Captain. Right, he should be waking up shortly.

Bully jumped up from the immense heat dripping off Shunji's body.

Shunji: Perfect. Hey, I'll need you too tell me where the keys for the boiler room is Jishishishi...

Bully: I have nothing to say to murderers. My father is dead because of you, Shunji. My name is Bully Stone. I'm Captain- no Rear Admiral Kenny Stone's son!

Shunji's face was struck shock.

Shunji: He... died?

Shunji dropped to his knees.

Shunji: Damn it! I knew combining these two stars was too much for me to control.

Bully: Stop.... Lying... You killed him!? Stop pretending-

Tears dripped from the man's eyes which evaporated almost instantly.

Shunji: I'm sorry. It shows how weak I am. However, I can't die here. If I did, I'd be a dishonor to Stone who worked so hard catch me.

Shunji's spiritual energy suppressed his Devil Fruit powers momentarily, it was his way of regulating the heat. Making a spiritual bow and arrow, he crafted three arrows and took aim. He fired one arrow into the boy's shoulder.

Shunji: Do you know where the keys for the boiler room are?

Bully: No I-

The black veil surrounded Bully's body, a started to feel sick, falling to his knees, the sensations of pins digging into his nerves could be exhibited.

Shunji: Until you tell the truth, that veil will haunt you for the rest of your life.

(Shunji[inner voice]: Or until it wears off Jishishishi...)

Bully: Fine! Damn it! The keys are in my mother's room!

Shunji shot another arrow into his shoulder, aleviating the black veil.

Shunji: Second Question... Why is Henna so hell set on killing me!?

Bully: Henna is my step mother... She's a widow because of you.

The reality struck Shunji harshly. It all made sense now.


Tier 2 Technique Name: Prayer of Detection!
Tier 2 Technique Type: Support / Ranged / Mid - Range
Tier 2 Technique Cooldown: 10
Tier 2 Technique Description:
For a duration of one post, the user fires off spiritual arrows, three in total, that allows the user to ask the afflicted one question about themselves. If the question is answered incorrectly, a black veil surrounds the enemy.
Tier 2 Technique Strengths:
- Can be used to tell if an enemy is lying or telling the truth.
- If the enemy lies, the sensation of pins sticking into their skin is felt.
Tier 2 Technique Weaknesses:
- When the arrow falls out of users range, the skill is negated.
- If the enemy tells the truth, the sensation of pins runs through user’s body.

   Tier 2 Technique Name: Prayer of Victory!
   Tier 2 Technique Type: Suport / Close Range
   Tier 2 Technique Cooldown: 10
   Tier 2 Technique Description:
   For a duration of three posts, all of the afflicted by this prayer will exhibit euphoria healing all minor wounds over an 8 meter radius. The prayer can be concentrated into one person to heal one moderate wound.
   Tier 2 Technique Strengths:
   - Heals all minor injuries in a 8 meter radius of user.
   - Can heal one moderate wound on the afflicted.
   Tier 2 Technique Weaknesses:
   - This ability cannot heal fatal wounds.
   - This ability cannot be extended outside of it’s range. It also doesn’t discriminate between friend or foe.

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Jensen looked at the now healed Shunji, wondering why he wouldn't go with Jensen's plan and just start a fire in multiple places. Curious as to where the keys would be, Butch had revealed two critical things: he was the step-son of the woman who had her men harpoon him and she had the keys. Smirking devilishly, he crouched and let his third arm lift the man, clenching his throat tightly. "You have forsaken the cause of letting the voices of blades be heard. I said I would kill you all, now I have some leverage. She said her family is all dead...well let's see how she likes the life of her son being threatened. No mother wants that, especially not after becoming a widow." Jensen turned around, his arm now extended out of his back. Unsheathing Muramasa, his eyes were now red as he looked over to Shunji, a shadow of killer intent looming over him. "There is something you should know, I'm not as pure as I might have came off as. I have...a dark side." Walking to the door, he swiped Muramasa along it several times as it collapsed into pieces. "I suggest starting a fire somewhere. If you can bust a hole in the haul, that'd be good too. I'm going to go seek out this Henna and I'm going to crush her heart for our freedom."

There is no honor in this...I'm evil on the outside - I know this much. I'm not above this, I am definitely below such tactics. I have a demon unlike any other...they might just have to consider me a Rakshasa. Dragging Butch with the third arm's hand covering his mouth, he walked down the corridors and slashed away at unsuspecting Marines as he left a trail of bodies. Putting a hand over his abdominal wound, he clenched his teeth and closed his left eye in pain. He needed to ignore it, and soon the pain went away. The wound was worsening, and he needed to know what his exertion was doing to his body momentarily. "Ho~old my hand~♪. I shall see~♪ you~♪ again~♪. Ho-old~♪ my~♪ hand~♪..." Jensen sang to himself, reminiscing about his mother as he remember preventing the marines from defiling the girl. He failed from stopping those pirates that day, no success can undo his mistake. He started to wonder about the relationship between Butch and Henna, but cast away the thoughts even though he understood. Understanding was his weakness at this point. Reaching the stairs, Butch complained about his head hitting each step as he rose to the upper deck. Surrounded by marines, he stared down solemnly, a shadow cast over his face. Knocking out Butch, he cracked his neck as he counted each and every marine present. Surrounded by fifteen, another fifteen maintaining the ship. "Well, surprising that you broke free. I see the cuffs are still...what the?" "Didn't we use the chain to hog-tie him? Wasn't he carrying some heavy wounds?"

"Yeah, how did he...?" "I broke your petty chain. I shall break your morale next, and shatter your lives." Like a blur, Jensen dashed through the crowd as random marines fell with spurts of blood staining the marines next to them. "Holy shit! Timothy just..." And another. And another. And another. Springing into the air, Muramasa had been dragging blood from the body of another slain. Muramasa was brutal, and the Memory Band was fueling dark thoughts into Jensen's mind. Extending Muramasa out to the side, Jensen felt the dark energy gathering within, and his red eyes struck fear into the hearts of the men around him. "Fang...Of Deliverance." With a massive swing, the remaining seven marines were struck into paralysis from pain from the first slash, and another to slice all of their bodies in half. He did so by dashing along them twice. Their bodies released a massive amount of blood and Jensen could feel the drain. Walking over to Butch, he had his third arm lift him once more. Peering over to the frightened marines working to keep the ship going, he could see Henna next to the pilot. "Damn demon..." Mounting Muramasa near the man's throat, he used great restraint to prevent it from slicing Henna's son's throat. "Attack and you'll be saying ciao to your son."


Tier 1 Technique Name: Fangs of Deliverance
Tier 1 Technique Type: Offense
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 2 Posts
Tier 1 Technique Description: Jensen may use this as a follow up to a technique or not, but it involves striking twice per tier while condensing his power into his blades or hands, using them to slice with great might and dexterity. It is a more energy-burning technique, but it pays off for its heavy-hitting.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths: -Allows for numerous powerful strikes as the tier progresses.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses: -The momentum forces Geoff to spend it in some form of movement, so he can't stop it mid-use unless he wants to fluently switch to a different movement. I.e. no stopping it once the strike aims for someone.

Jensen's Journal
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Shunji: Regardless of whatever side your on... Your always someone's enemy. What's your name?

Shunji fired his last arrow into the man's shoulder.

Bully: Bully Stone. 

Shunji: My name is Shunji Z. Wraith. I have a feeling we'll meet again one day. 

Jensen lifted up the man and began to exhibit this darkness that danced around his aura. 

Shunji: All men have darkness in them Jensen.

Shunji placed his hand on his shoulder once more before dashing off.

Shunji: If we make it off this ship... I owe you a drink. I have a ship to burn. 

Shunji deactivated spirit weaving skill which cancelled his Devil Fruit's heat and dashed out the room, activating his heat around Jensen wouldn't be safe, the immense temperatures of his star fruit wasn't something he could yet fully regulate. Jumping down the stairs once more, Shunji advanced to the bottom level of the ship, the hull. The metal lining on this particular ship seemed to be titanium with a mixture of steel and some kind of iron of sorts. Shunji walked around, kicking the ships' bottom, looking for a hollowness in the lining.

Shunji: If apply this much heat, the water will steam and that could cause an explosion if I continue bumping up the volumes of plasma. Which means... Sea Water will flood into the ship. If I get flooded in the incoming streams, that's curtains for a hammer like me. Prayer of Building!

Using a series of hand motions, Shunji created five boxes which created a staircase to about ten meters off the ground. The cubes were very light in frame and floated around in their own kind of orbit for a few centimeters around where they were initially formed and then positioned. A marine patrolling the hull saw Shunji and gasped, his eyes was flooded with some kind of fear, Shunji wondered, what kind of monster did the world truly see him as now? However, his dreams, the goal he had to accomplish was much more than any since of duty he had to his faith, he too was a sinner. Rushing towards the marine, it was odd, his stance. He reached to his sides and pulled out two long blades, the pirate on any good day would be able to take the man out in one go but through his speed was on point, because the distance between the marine and himself had been closed in a second.

Butch: I knew you wouldn't be held back to long, Zion Eyes!

However, Shunji's body was weakened from the battles with Henna. His movements were as clean and precise as they generally are. Shunji fired off a roundhouse kick and the series of exchanges ended quickly, with Butch face first in a crate.

Shunji: Jishishishi... I guess you'll be the first person to ever witness this combination...

Shunji dashed back to the area where his boxes aligned. A bright flicker of Vermillion and Burgundy hues radiated violently around his body as the plasma began to create flames out of this world, much like a burning star in the sky. Shunji used the flames to create a circle around his body, concentrating all of the heat into his hands. Touching the ground, in one burst, the pirate set off an explosion that burned everything within a ten meter radius of the conduct site. The sound of the sea water bursting through the hull of the ship could be heard from the deck. Flames raged, inventory burned and worst of all the hull had multiple cracks flowing in from every direction. The flames the graced the ship's bottom, were a brighter red mixed with vermillion hues.

Shunji: Starry Web! Star Crucifixion!  plus Star Commandment - Big Dipper! I think I'll call this one, Red Giant!

Shunji escaped to the boxes which he lifted higher off the ground, up to the next level of the deck, the flames raged upwards in his escape, beginning to burn everything on that level too. Reaching into his pocket lines, a hidden compartment with a single cigarette lied. He lit it and got high off the numbness of the nicotine.

Shunji: Jishishishi... Now then. It's time to end this. Henna.

Meanwhile on the lower deck, the combination of steam and flames burn Butch's skin to deformed status. He managed to climbed the stairs, his eyes barely open, from the first degree burns that tattered his body.

Butch: He's a monster... Bully... Henna... Run.


Tier 1 Technique Name: Star Commandment - Big Dipper!
Tier 1 Technique Type: Close Range / 5 Meter Radius
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 10
Tier 1 Technique Description:
For a duration of three posts, user is able to generate temperatures approaching nearly 1000 degrees. The user body is then propelled towards the enemy in the form of a ball of light which shines with great radiance. The propulsion process is based off a dashing motion and the attack resembles that of a shooting star.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
-Ball of mass is around 3 x 3 Meters of users motion state body.
-Can burn through weaker metals and cause first degree burns.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
-During cooldown, user becomes immobile for three posts.
-The light is very dim and the attack is streamlined, once dashing forwards, the attack cannot change course.

Tier 2 Technique Name: Star Crucifixion
Tier 2 Technique Type: 15
Tier 2 Technique Cooldown: Mid-Range
Tier 2 Technique Description:
Duration of one post, user increases the rate in which hydrogen particles are collected from the air creating a heated field around his body. User focuses the generated plasma heat into his fists and feet, dashing towards opponent, user plunges into mid-air, delivering single contact, once contact is made, heat flowed into the contact appendage and an explosion of plasma is bursts outwards.
Tier 2 Technique Strengths:
- Blast Radius is 2.5 x 2.5 Meters in all directions.
- Heat exceeds 3000 Degrees to around 3500 degrees, burning through most metals and leaving second degree burns.
Tier 2 Technique Weaknesses:
- User experiences hypothermia and is susceptible to extreme cold and heat.
- Users body mass is double by four times his body weight for four posts in cooldown.

Tier 2 Technique Name: Starry Web!
Tier 2 Technique Type: Field / Support
Tier 2 Technique Cooldown: 10
Tier 2 Technique Description:
For a duration of two posts, slams his fists into the ground, pulsating mass volumes of heat into the ground, shattering the surface by spreading the vermillion flames into the ground, cracking the surface and disrupting motion for up to five meters in all directions of the user.
Tier 2 Technique Strengths:
- Anything caught in the starry web, is burned and can experienced second degree burns.
- The web strands are made up of plasma and contact on skin can inhibit movement.
Tier 2 Technique Weaknesses:
- User acts as the focal point of the attack and is rendered motionless. Immobile for four posts during cooldown.
- User experiences hypothermia and joints suffer from weakness to extreme cold and extreme heat. For four posts in cooldown, this status occurs.

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Henna was gripping the ledge tightly, the wood buckling under her fingers as her mace rest at her side. The man had a hold over her unlike any other, and she realized someone told Jensen the truth. She never would have guessed that someone would catch her step-son, but there was nothing as a mother she could do but hold the troops. "Stay your blades, marines." The shadows rustled, as it became apparent there were marines hiding within them. "Ha! No harpoons to stop me now? I'll just shift this dangerous blood-succubus into his throat. Or we'll both go down." Jensen laughed as he kept a good distance with his blade from the neck. Henna still understood the blade had caused some vicious wounds back in Logue Town. Jensen emphasized on its blood-lust factor, which alarmed the marine. "So what is it? Do you want freedom from this ship? Let's face't be able to get far without being chased by this ship with the only option being a row boat." Jensen chuckled as he knew that it wouldn't end well for someone...and as soon as he let the man go, so would his protection go. "I want you to abandon this ship. I want you to leave it in our hands, or else this little whoreson gets the slit!"

Henna was red with rage, breaking the wooden fence as it shattered into pieces. "HOW DARE YOU! He is no whoreso-" "Oh? Feeling he's your own?" "God better let me slay this demon..." Jensen laughed as if there was some massively humorous joke. "God? God has no hands on this world, you shouldn't pray to something you, with good reason, doubt the existence of!" trying to instill a sense of hopelessness, he watched Henna become angrier. "Look, Bully. Look - as this may be your last sight of the one you love - DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH YOUR MACE HENNA!" he shouted as he watched a fidgeting hand reach for the kairoseki mace at the marine's waste. Henna was going to retaliate, but was sent into a tremble as the Drifter's words found a hole to plunge into. "I may not be much, but I'm a demon nonetheless. I drift into the lives of those with this...prison-building ideal of order and I DESTROY it. You know this ends with death one way or another, but I'm not going to let it end today." he shook his head as he spoke, tilting it diagonally forward as he went wide-eyed. Returning to a normal expression, he had hoped he was stalling long enough for Shunji to light the ship ablaze from within. "Damn you Demon Drifter..."

Jensen's Journal
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The flames surged through the ship, burning the marine warship slowly but surely from the inside out. Shunji dashing through the ship's halls, with plasma shooting out of his feet, destroying the lining of the floor as he advanced. The sapphire hair pirate stumbled across a treasure room of sorts, now abandoned from the marines who smelt the impending smoke and rushed down to the hull to put out the flames that were now spreading like wildfire. Shunji looked around, surveying the room and all of it's contents. It was an inventory of sorts, filled with weapons Henna seemed to be collecting from all of the prisoners she has had aboard her ship. Melting away the regular steel vault, Shunji examined a pair of vintage tonfas, made out of pure steel, coating in a black paint of sorts. Grabbing onto the tonfas, Shunji began to play around with them, spinning them in his hand and posing. It clicked. His batons were gone, these things, in his words, were the perfect replacement, the evolution he believed he needed advancing. Shunji attached the tonfas to his belt, picking up a bag filled with chains, filling the newly acquired container with an assortment of jewels and gold. The other most intriguing thing in the room, was a small black cube with weird writing on it. Shunji threw that into the bag as well and dashed off to meet back up with Jensen. The alarming for the burning ship now went off via loudspeaker phone, the frantic look on Henna's face was priceless. Shunji made it to the deck, back filled with treasure and his new 'experiments'. The paladin's body began to shutdown, the combination of fatigue and immense temperatures had been taking a toll on his health. Dropping to the floor, cringing his mid-section, Shunji began to spit up blood. From the array of stolen goods, Wraith found a book which taught various fighting styles.

Shunji: Weapon... Fu...? By... the names all scratched out.

Using his photographic memory, Shunji began to analyze the pages of the book he stole from the shelves of the inventory by whim.


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Jensen noticed Shunji rushing to the deck as he collapsed, alarming him as he tensed while continuing a stare at Henna. She seemed to be quite alarmed and commanded marines to get the escape boats ready, which wasn't enough for Jensen if he let her escape. As she stepped down to equal level with the drifter, he kept the blade close to her son's throat. "Stay your blade, there is no point in arguing over this ship is there? You knew that, or you didn't. It doesn't matter. As soon as that blade slips, my son dead or alive, I'll pin both of you down and crush you like the scum you are." Jensen made a face of disgust, his eyes filling with rage as he choked Henna's son, which instigated her to rush forward as she whipped out her mace. The distance closed, as Bully was sent into Henna's arms. Using the opening, Jensen closed the distance with a dashing stab. As her eyes widened, she knew it was too late as Jensen took the blade and stabbed through her son, slicing her side as she dodged. "NO YOU BASTARD!" Jensen took his foot and removed Muramasa, feeling the demonic blade keep a grip on the boy as it slid out. Blood pooled from the son's wound, and Jensen already expected the distraction was more than enough for Shunji to muster up the strength to escape on a row-boat.

As Henna became filled with hate, she remembered when the Drifter told her he'd kill her family...and Bully was all she had in her life. She blindly cast her mace into a heavy swoop, which Jensen saw as an opportunity to go for a lower attack, using the brief moment of blind rage to cast one of his attacks, Divide. Using his free hand, he unsheathed Kanjo as the blade slid along her stomach, hardly damaging her but nevertheless drawing blood. Narrowly dodging her sloppy attack, he was unprepared for her knee which would send him high into the air. Spinning her mace, she brought it back and as Jensen fell, she spun it forward before stopping it dead in its place and holding a mighty grip, the Drifter slamming onto the mace as she put him out of commission. Pulling the mace from under his damaged back, he fell to the ground and convulsed a little, coughing up blood as he was completely unable to move. Smoke rose from the boards as she smiled, circling around Jensen with contempt. "You want to kill my only family? You want to kill everyone here? Well...I think even if one of those things comes true, you've only secured yourself a deeper placement in Impel Down. I'll make sure hell consumes you, Drifter. I'll visit you and your friend and make sure after every session of healing I make you hurt." Lifting up the mace, she was prepared to bring it down. I did my job, now I hope you've done your's. Flames began to peek out of the boards, reaching out to Shunji.

Tech Used:

Tier 1 Technique Name: Hard-Style: Divide
Tier 1 Technique Type: Offensive
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 2 posts
Tier 1 Technique Description: Geoff unleashes his blade, zooming forward with great might, moving at 5 meters per tier. This is a very isolationist technique, having no follow-up but it can act as a follow-up itself. It involves a strong, horizontal slash as the blade is drawn from the sheath. The name is what it implies, it is oriented for dividing what is stricken by the blade with its mighty slash.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths: -A hard-hitting technique
-Optimized for exploiting openings at a mid-range.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses: -Requires the blade be sheathed before-hand or a previous technique it shall follow-up.
-Cannot have a follow-up technique.

Jensen's Journal
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Butch escaped the flames, crawling onto the deck via the pulley system for laundry. He screamed through the ship's control room, using the snailphone.

Butch [LoudSpeaker]: Everyone! Get off this ship! Captain! They set it on fire, the accumulated heat is leaking into the boiler room. Once the flames it there, this place will explode.

Henna was about to smash her mace down on Jensen, in an instant, combing his Red Star and Vermillion Star releases, Shunji dashed in between Jensen and the crashing mace. The mace hit the pirate in his back, ripping open his back but it lodged the spikes into his skin. Cringing in the pain, Shunji grabbed onto the mace. The seastone weakness made the man drop to the floor.

Shunji: Flicker!

A bursting flashing light blinded the woman, he had succeeded, he made the woman drop the mace. She began to backwards, screeching her eyes in pain. Unfortunately, Jensen was also in range, so he too was blinded by the light. In the distance, before Shunji was about to lose consciousness, in the distance, he saw his only beacon of hope. It was the Milky Way, the remainder of his crew had found him.

Shunji: I can't pass out here.

The mace dropped out of his skin as he plopped to the ground. He began to cough up blood rapidly but he had work to be done, he couldn't pass out now. Shunji began to pray once more.

Shunji: Prayer of Victory! Paladin's Weaving!

Large volumes of spiritual energy began to escape his body, healing the wounds in his back and the damage done to some parts of his back.

Occupation Skill:

Paladin - A Paladin is the first option in the priest's path, to become stronger in order to be more than just moral support for his comrades. Paladins develop a stronger constitution to protect the ones they care for with their own bodies and their adamant beliefs.

Bonus: Twice per thread, a Paladin is Capable of treating a single attack as if it did damage of one rank lower. (1/2 on impact of Mace)

Passive: The paladin is naturally stronger than the priest, and as such, they are capable of healing up to moderately heavy wounds. (Combined with Prayer of Victory)

Shunji rose to his feet, screaming at the top his lungs.

Shunji: I can't die here Henna. This sea... My people await me. I won't...

Firmly placing his feet onto the ground.

Shunji: I won't let you or your men capture my nakama. It's time. I'll end this. Prayer of Exchange!

Imagining his spiritual keyboard, Shunji began to type his message to Jensen, Rocket and Amon.

Spirit Message: Jensen. My crew is on the approaching ship. Row Boat. Swim to them. I'll end this. Rocket. Fly. Amon. Surgery,Prep. If I die, live!

Whipping out his brand new tonfas, and throwing the bag of treasure at the blinded Jensen, Shunji stood in front of the marine captain. His body tattered in bruises, his rib cage broke, his jaw slightly fractured and he had already lost about 40% of his blood due to the torture and fights. Shunji spun around his tonfas, he had just stolen.

Shunji: These won't last long but it'll be enough for me to end this. Henna! My crew will leave here today and Jensen.

Bully now escaped, standing in front of his mother.

Bully: That's enough, Shunji. I've lost enough... We've lost enough. Mother. When our mom died all of those years ago, my dad and I, never thought, we'd ever use that word again. Then you came along... I won't let us lose that to someone whose on a vendetta. Shunji... Your right. Our government is corrupt but do you think... the rate your going at now, you can save it!? All of your crimes, all of the lives you've taken, why this way?

Shunji: It is always darkest before the break of dawn. I'm too deep in to turn back now Jishishishi...

Bully grinned.

Bully: I knew you would've ... said.. something... like that.

Bully passed out from the blood loss.

Henna: Bully!

Butch rushed to the deck.

Butch: Ma'am! We need to leave! The ship's about to blow.

Henna: No.

Butch: Think about Bully! He can't... He... I can't loose another mother too. Mother! I know dad was a criminal but he loved us too. I know Shunji reminds you of father but... He's not. There's an aura about him. He could dip into insanity at any point. I believe that it's our duty to capture him one day... but right now. We need to retreat!

While they talked, Shunji created a bridge of boxes, which created a bridge over to The Milky Way.

Shunji: Prayer of Building!

Shunji cracked his muscles, stretching for the final encounter. His plan was simple, strike and escape. He had one shot and one shot only... If this failed, it meant the end of his journey.

Shunji: Prayer of Will! Get going Jensen... Jishishi... I'm holding back this heat... I can't control it for too long... If you stay on this ship... You'll get cooked... Literally.

Shunji began to increase his temperature to 1000 Degrees.... 2000 Degrees... 2500... Degrees. 3-


Tier 1 Technique Name: Prayer of Will!
Tier 1 Technique Type: Close - Range / Support
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 10
Tier 1 Technique Description:
For a duration of two posts, user boosts the afflicted, amplifying there physical and spiritual strength by a significant range. The afflicted feels as if his body has been exorcised of negative energy, feeling lighter and more focused.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
- One attack’s damage is amplified, if contact is made, one Tier higher than original.
- Afflicted exhibits increased cognitive and physical motion for a duration of one post.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
- The prayer of Beginning must be completed before this skill is used.
- This skill puts the afflicted into extreme spiritual imbalance afterwards, the user experiences mass hysteria and vomiting for two posts.

Tier 2 Technique Name: Prayer of Building!
Tier 2 Technique Type: Support /
Tier 2 Technique Cooldown: 8
Tier 2 Technique Description:
For a duration of two posts, user is able to create a series of spiritual cubes of sorts, by combining multiple walls together. The walls for a cube, he can create seven in total, each cube is 3 x 3 meters in size. These cubes can be stepped on and used as stairs or to hover the user around 10 Meters in any direction before fading. The density of the cube, is that of glass.
Tier 2 Technique Strengths:
- Cubes can be used to create staircases.
Tier 2 Technique Weaknesses:
- Cubes themselves aren’t very durable.

Tier 2 Technique Name: Prayer of Exchange!
Tier 2 Technique Type: Support / Long Range
Tier 2 Technique Cooldown: 5
Tier 2 Technique Description:
For a duration of two posts, user is able to exchange spiritual messages with anyone over a twenty meter radius. He can send messages in his brain in the form of letters spelling out a maximum of thirty words. User mentally types the message using a spiritual keyboard.
Tier 2 Technique Strengths:
- Messages can only be sent to three people at a time.
- User can opt to send one person, a memory that has happened to them in the during the thread.
Tier 2 Technique Weaknesses:
- Messages cannot be personalized, all afflicted will see the same message.
- If one message is sent containing a memory, the strain on the user increases the cool down to ten.


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The azure salty surface of the ocean ripped open into malicious waves as the Milky Way soaring through the air, just barely above the crystal clear water. Having lost Shunji and his Devil Fruit powers, there wasn’t much left for the young Shipwright, Reddick T. Rocket. He had been separated from one of the best friends he’s ever known, Shunji Z. Wraith, and had been completely decimated by the almighty Shichibukai, Cipher. Had it not been for Phorcys and Vicky caring for him on the ship, and actually reminding him of the current situation, he wouldn’t be where he was now.


Rocket sat alone in the dark Captain quarter’s of the Milky Way. Phorcys and Vicky kept watch outside, having explained their circumstances as of right now. He was devastated. No Devil Fruit powers. Shunji captured. No Albert. As easy as it would be to just sail off to Albert, Shunji saved his life. Both he, Phorcys, and Vicky fought alongside the silver-haired Shipwright to save him. He couldn’t abandon them, especially Shunji, even if he wanted to.

He tightly gripped his left hand, glaring at the tattoo inked into his skin. Images of Albert flooded his mind, he wanted greatly to return home just to see his father again. Though deep down, he knew Albert wouldn’t support this. Albert was one to put his friends and family and the ones who have helped him first. It was a way of life that he passed down to Rocket. He’d probably get the biggest ass-whoopin’ of his life if he turned on his friends now.

Waves shook the boat to it’s very core, rocking the Shipwright from side-to-side. He gripped a pair of black gloves from the desk in the chamber, slipping them over his slender hands.

“I’m coming Shunji.”

Flashback Ended

Goggles strapped tightly to his head, Rocket held a firm grip to the Milky Way’s controls. Phorcys and Vicky were left back on Yotsuba Island, in the case that Rocket never returned, at least they had those two to fall back on. Now, as dumb as Rocket was, he made sure to come prepared. Having watched the Marine Battleship that took Shunji away cross over the horizon back in Loguetown,he knew the general direction they were heading in. It was towards the Grand Line. More than likely they were transporting him to Enies Lobby. If he let them cross into the Grand Line, there was no way he was rescuing Shunji.

Rocket was loaded with an abundance of makeshift stink-bombs, hand-crafted smoke-bombs, and a plethora of fireworks that he evidently stole from the various stalls on Yotsuba. One of them in particular was an extremely large powerful Gorilla-Punch 1000. Some say that the model had the power of a giant cannonball, though they were only rumors. If this battleship was anything like the one commanded by Vice-Admiral Smacker, then he was in for a difficult task.

The large white flag of a Marine Battleship popped up over the seas edge, waving in the calm winds. The silver-locked Shipwright yanked the joysticks upwards, propelling the Milky Way into the air. He hovered the airship above the sea, setting the Milky Way to autopilot. “Alright Shunji, I’m bustin’ you outta’ here buddy. “  He gripped one of the stink-bombs in his gloved-encased hand, tearing the lid right off. He dropped the canister off of the side of the boat, letting it drop like a dime towards the battleship. After releasing the bomb, he retrieved a slender, yet swift bottlerocket, rushing towards the bowsprit. He angled the device into the air, going out on a whim in hopes that it would strike the ship in some way.

The putrid canister smacked against the battleship’s deck, releasing a grimy, rancid green smoke. The rotten odor wafted around the battleship, seeping through the wooden floorboards. The impact of the cylinder itself attracted the attention of most of the grunts, causing a buildup of human flesh darting around the canister, screaming of a burning, disgusting aroma.

Meanwhile, on the Milky Way, Rocket was preparing his hand-crafted firework. It was a bottle-rocket that functioned much like the stink-bomb did, require a simple pull of the wick to set it off, instead of lightning the wick on fire. “You marine-scum better be ready for this… I call this one… the Super-Duper...Ultra-Mega….Fantastical-Supreme...-Rocket-Explosion-Extravaganza-Of-The-Century.. Rocket-Rocket!

He wrapped his index finger and thumb around the wick, yanking it from the rocket’s socket. With a massive screech and a trail of blue sparks, the uber-long named homemade firework spiralled downwards towards the battleship. Like a hawk soaring down to the earth for it’s prey. the rocket smashed into the battleship’s main mast, literally tearing into the wooden mast itself. The firework erupted in an array of different colors. Blue, purple, red, orange, yellow, green, black, white, pink, even brown sparks burst from the skinny rocket’s frame. The explosion itself completely destroyed the main mast’s base, blowing it off the ship.



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Using the last bit of energy left, the Drifter dived into the water instinctively, his swords retrieved and sheathed before hand as he heard loud crashes occurring behind him. A ladder drawn over the ship, he took it to the dock and noticed a very feisty being...Rocket. A famous pirate comparably to those of the Eastern Blue, the flamboyancy was hard to miss. Turning back and looking over to the pyre-haired ship, he tried looking for Shunji as he was half-tempted to go back and pull him to the ship. "Shunji!" God damnit, why was I unable to kill that bitch? Am I...just an ant? Am I...going to let him succumb like my family? Gripping the wooden railing, he clenched his teeth and displayed signs of intense disappointment and rage. Noticing the bridge between ships, he stood on the railing and unleashed his Divide to break the bridge as the boxes became consumed in flame, potentially saving the ship. "Don't take down the ship! Are you mad!? He can't swim, we need to...rrgh.." falling down, Jensen finally succumbed to his massive wound, the muscle no longer doing much to keep it close dand at bay. Shunji...I'll make it up to you... Eventually he passed out, losing sight of what was around him and sense.

Jensen's Journal
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Shunji: Rocket! Take care of the guy that just fell into the ocean! You can use my boxes as a bridge! I'll be there shortly Jishishishi...

Shunji's body temperature increased to immense temperatures, peaking at 3000 degrees.

Shunji: If I go any higher, I won't be able to control it.

Placing his hands on the ground, the shear mass of heat being pumped on his body began to burn the marine grunts who stood within the facility of Shunji. They're bodies began to melt, skin charred and burnt like charcoal. Henna shielded her body in Haki, walking over to Bully, she tossed the boy to her biological son.

Henna: Take care of him.

Butch: Mother... We need to-

Henna: I said get out of here Butch! That's an order! He's more of a son to me than you ever were... Get out!

Tears whelped in Butch's eyes as he fled to the life boat. The floor blow Shunji crumbled under the raging flames and his increasing heat. Shunji now stood on flooring created by his holy energy weaved. Placing his hands on the ground, he peered up at the lady.

Shunji: Your pretty mean... Treating your own son like that.

Henna: My family isn't any of your business. This world has robbed me with so much and cursed me with his birth.

Shunji: All children are blessings.

Henna: I never wanted him. Butch was... the product of your so called piracy... Plundering... Pillaging... A bunch of alcoholic money loving pedophiles to me. I was just a girl when I was raped by a pirate... He spouted foolishness about power. When he was wiped out by an Admiral presently, that man changed my life. I will turn you in Shunji. Even if not for who you are, for what you represent.

Henna picked up her seastone mace.

Shunji: I guess this is our last dance.

Henna: I'll visit you many times on your death bed in Impel Down.

Shunji: I'll put everything I have into this next technique.

The two counterparts dashed off towards each other. In one final fatal attempt to end Shunji's voyage, Henna began a series of body rocking blows with her seastone mace which Shunji countered with 3000 degree punches to Henna's shoulder. The woman easily evaded the attacks using Soru, then countered with a side kick into Shunji's gut. Shooting plasma out of his back, he propelled his body two meters into the air, backflipping behind the woman, slamming his tonfa's into her back. The heated tonfa's pierced her skin, penetrating her flesh easily. As rivers of blood pour onto the deck, the heat from the burning ship evaporated her blood, even closing the wound, as Shunji's tonfa's retracted. The tonfa's them-self from the heat, using his Busoshoku Haki which Shunji thought was a miracle, he was able to keep the tonfa's together for this final attack. Dripping the plasma off his body, Shunji's fragments of heat began to twinkle like tiny stars. The field spanned around ten meters, blocking Henna's escape route.

Shunji: Star Commandment! Star Matter! Flicker! Starry Sky!

The stars began to radiate violently, increases in brightness enough to burn the iris of the average eyes. As the many things she was stripped of in life, the list increased, Henna could now see nothing. The stars paraded her body, ripping through her skin, leave actual holes in her torso and knee caps, she was shot filled with wounds about 1 x 2 meters deep.

Henna: Soru! Reaper's Hammer!

With the remainder of her force, Henna slammed her seastone mace into Shunji's chest cage, shattering his frontal ribcage and sending him off the ship into mid-air. Shunji's heated faded, as his body temperature spiked between hot and cold. As the man was launched into mid-air, his blood began to flow like rivers onto the sea stone mace's frame. His spiritual energy worked to weave the wounds shut but Shunji was unconscious and was falling towards the ocean at a rapid rate.
Henna: Gepp-

Before she could finished her words, the ship exploded. Henna's body lied limp onto of the ocean surface as Butch pedaled to retain her body, which now lived eight meters away from the blast site. A total of 400 hundred marine personnel died on that ship, sixty three escaped. Henna's body was burned all over with third degree burns. As Butch reached out into the water to salvage his body, the woman's body began to tremble in fear from the shock.

Henna: Don't touch me.... Please.... Don't hurt me.

Butch: Mom!

Henna slapped away the boys hand.

Henna: Don't touch me!

Butch: Mom! It's Butch! Captain Stone! Henna!

Butch's words were futile. The shock of losing her vision and the damage to her body made her very existence fade more and more.

Butch: I'll help you.

Henna: I'd love to take your hand Stone.... but it seems it's missing.

Henna's eyes were filled with tears.

Henna: Why can't I-

Butch now held Henna's deformed body crying.

Henna: It'll be okay. Bully! Henna! I'm sorry... I'm sorry I was so week.

Two Weeks Later
Marine HQ Base

Lavender: Her wounds were atrocious but she'll live. Your brother will be able to walk with some therapy but he's partially paralyzed for now. Your mother's eyes on the other hand... I'm sorry to say, she may never see again. The socks are burnt out completely, I've never seen anything like this. She'll live but the shock seems to have put her into an unstable psychological state.

Butch: Is there no way to save her?

Lavender: Well... I have a new serum but... It's not approved by the World Government. Your mother would loose her humanity of sorts... It's made from the juices of the Plant Plant Paramecia. If she takes it, she'll become part plant, with a plant hybrid system I'd be much easier to heal her.

Butch: Do it-

Lavender: Are you sure?-

Butch: Do it.[ont]

Lavender smiled.

Lavender: As you wish.

Butch left the room going to tend to his brother.

From the shadows, Bollan appeared.

Bollan: Sad... She was a fine marine... Henna. If I had stopped him from eating that fruit... You'd still be able to-

Lavender: She'll be fine. I forgot to mention my serum also incorporates the Amber Lead ... She'll be the first bio mechanical fruit monster ever! I can't wait.

Bollan: May she'll be useful in operation Night Star?

Lavender: Maybe.

Marine HQ Therapy Room

Jojo pins Butch and Bully to the ground using shadows.

Jojo: Hey... Shunji harmed your mother didn't he? What if I gave you the power to help me destroy him?

Butch: Help!? Are you crazy!?

Jojo: I ate the Reflection Reflection Fruit. I'm a reflection man. By reflecting the darkness of my shadow, I'm able to consume others and turn them into flat shapes. Anything reflected by my power can be twisted to my will. I'll use my fruit to reflect your inner potential's. Look forward to it'.


Summary of Topic's Punishment and Cutting the Waterfall

- Murdering civilians in broad daylight
- Decapitating civilians in broad daylight
- Killing of key member the Flashing Arts School of Practice
- Burning down of a local tavern
- Disfiguring many marine grunts.
- Declaration of a goal to become Pirate King to a high ranking marine official. As well as, the declaration to destroy the world.
- Captured and Defeated by Marine Captain
- Tortured by Marine Captain
- Being transported to Enies Lobby
- Escaped the custody of a marine Captain.
- Killed various low ranked marine officers.
- Held a marine Ensign hostage.
- Blew up and burned down a marine warship owned by a Marine Captain.
- Permanently injured a marine captain to the point where she had to retire from active service. (Until further notice)
- The death of four hundred marines who could not escape the warship vessel.
- Lost of millions of beli in stock and weapons due to the transport nature of the vessel they were aboard.
- Decapitating a deforming several marines as well as leading to the immediate death of some.
- Stealing of a Poneglyth Cube which contains directions to a secret marine treasure.


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The Following thread has been read, reviewed and approved. Locking Thread. Summary was already listed, so there no need for me to write one, but I did check to make everything that was list happen. Anyway here are the following rewards for both threads. ('Cutting' Topic)

35,000,000 Bounty
300,000 Beli

Don't forgot to add this topic into your character timeline.

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