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Flashback || The Beginning of Siblings

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1 Flashback || The Beginning of Siblings on Fri Jan 16, 2015 12:34 am

Where freedom rings you can always smell the scent of blood.

"Welcome all! Come all! You are all invited!!!"

The circus had just came to town. The feeling of happiness lingered as the ringmaster passed out flyers to the civilians. Children, and parents, elderly and teenagers wanted to experience the joy of the cute circus that just came to the Lvnell Kingdom. Although it seemed nice there was a hidden secret deep within the circus. As they passed out the flyers they also sponsored their new toy. A new animal that they received specially for this kingdom. The ringmaster voice cried out over the town of people.

~Inside the Palace~

"Hello! My name is Roof. I am the owner of the Sea Down Circus."

he gave a good bow as his knee lightly touched the ground. "I am here to invite those in the palace to our circus." The man gave them a sly smile, a little more sneaky than most smiles. "I have brought the best animals to show you all of the great wonders of the world. I will show you animals beyond your wildest dreams. We even got a new pet." The slick leader held a piece of paper out in the air. "We train dangerous animals and tame them. We make sure that you are always on the edge of your seat when you see our shows." The taunting yellow eyes gazed over the people.

~Camp out of the Circus~

The sad wails of the beasts besides made the girl crazy. She was losing her mind. What was my name? Am I alive? Ahhh it feels good? Laying in a sea stone cage was a single human being. She talked to herself in her head to try and get rid of the noises around her. Please... Take me away.. I am done. I wanna be done.

Ringmaster and Leader:

Name: Roof
Job: Leader
Tier: 1
Specialty: Knifes and Swords

Name: Charles
Job: Ringmaster
Specialty: Beast Tamer

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2 Re: Flashback || The Beginning of Siblings on Fri Jan 16, 2015 9:49 am

Tiger: Shunji... I don't have time for some festival or circus or whatever it is. I'm sending you as a representative of the King's Guard. I have my suspicions about this so called circus that's arrived here.

Bollan: Are you sure you'll be okay by yourself, Shunji?

Shunji lit his cigarette and strapped his batons on his back, waving to the King.

Shunji: Don't worry about it Sir Bollan. I got this. 

Tiger: He's been rising in the people's favor lately. He's almost like our ambassador.

Bollan: Sir, if you say that, the princess will be sadden.

Tiger: Ellie is a big girl. Besides... She's smitten with Shunji, even though he doesn't know it yet. 

As Shunji gallop through the mountain range into the city on horse back, he admired the elements of nature around him. The revolution was going well, Shunji had gathered more information about Tiger's connections with an unknown broker, who was famous in Spider Miles. This broker had made dealings with Shichibukai and various Revolutionary heads. Until Shunji could uncover the full depth to which Tiger was involved, it was pointless to even think about exposing him just yet. Arriving at the circus site, Shunji was escorted into the gigantic tent and given a seat in the front row. It seems a show of sorts was about to begin.

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3 Re: Flashback || The Beginning of Siblings on Fri Jan 16, 2015 7:41 pm


The beast tamer yelled from where he stood in the middle of the circus. All lights were on him. He was pretty short for his age. He stood there welcoming the crowd with his hands. Flinging them about smiling happily. "I caution all of you that come her. We have dangerous animals, animals beyond your wildest disease. Animals that can kill a normal human being." Putting his hands up in the air it was on cue. White elephants came out on balls as they went around the guy. The elephants let out a loud sounds with their elephants as they moved around. Girls came out belly dancing around the best tamer.

The circus went on, animals of sorts of shapes and sizes appeared. All of the were scary and godly. Although all of the seemed to have this weird sad look to them. They didn't seem like normal animals. All were sad and filled with melancholy. Tama was waiting in the back in a cage. The sea stone bars kept her locked in. Poking fro the shadows was the leader. Walking up to Tama he grabbed her by the hair and slammed her face against the metal bars. "Now.. be a good girl and make the crowd afraid." Tama looked up with him as her eyes changed  from a blue color to a golden color then suddenly to a deep black and red color."That's my girl."

The beast tamer started roaring the crowd up with a story. "I have a story to tell you... It was a dark and stormy night......" The circus got dark as animals made sounds. Then suddenly loud claps sounded through the circus as two people came up on stage. A beautiful woman and a frog like man. "It was forbidden of course.. although they loved each other." Their dancing was intimate as they kissed and touched each other. "it was unnatural. It was disturbing. The women made love with a frog. a simple frog." The ringmaster yelled with enthusiasm. As the circus darken. That was Tama's cue. She was on stage. She was bent just like a frog. Her blonde hair covered her black and red eyes. Her tongue came out of her mouth touching the floor almost. It was bubbly and gross. Her skin dripped of slim. "The monster!"

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4 Re: Flashback || The Beginning of Siblings on Fri Jan 16, 2015 9:24 pm

Crowd: Eeeew! Gross! Monster! Oh my god! Mommy!

The cries from the crowd were mixed in reaction. However, Shunji didn't trust the man's shady old wives tale introduction, activating his Tribunal Eyes, he inspected Tama's soul, it was indeed human and the purest glow of white he had ever come to examine.

Ring Master: Now! The story goes that if she is ever to find love, that this world will come to a tragic end. Her abomination of off spring would clearly wreck havoc int his world!

Crowd: Kill her! Someone like her shouldn't even be allowed to live!

Ring Master: Now, the legend goes, once she's spends her days in misery til she dies, then this world will be safe.

The Ring Master gave off a venomous grin.

Ring Master: Who wants to poke the Frog Girl!?

A noble visiting the circus, a distant cousin of Tiger's was in attendance. The little boy shot up, snot dripping from his nose and grabbed the heated stick from the man's hand.

Noble Boy: I'll make sure she's unhappy mister!

The noble boy stuck the frog girl with the metal rod, the heated ends scarred the girl's skin as she screamed out in pain, the crowd had mixed emotions, some cheered, others were disgusted by the cruelty.

Shunji: Hey!

Shunji walked down the stairs, with a cigarette firmly positioned in the corner of his mouth.

Shunji: Is that how you treat young ladies kid?

The Noble Boy froze as his handlers sprung up to defend him.

Kiltz: Your attire, your a member of the Lvneel guard. Stand down solider, my son was just having a little fun-

Shunji slammed his baton into the noble father's face.

Shunji: Unless your name is Tiger... I have no need to respect you. Besides, I'm not like the regular guards in the court, I usually dance to the beat of my own drum... or is it rhythm? However the saying goes Jishishishi....

The Noble Boy grabbed the stick and went to smack the girl again. Shunji planted his foot into the kid's face, knocking out his front teeth.

Shunji: Oi... I said didn't your daddy teach you how to treat a lady?

Ring Master: Boys... Get him.

The Carny of the circus popped out, a circus filled with Zoan Users.

Ring Master: You won't escape here alive kid.

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5 Re: Flashback || The Beginning of Siblings on Fri Jan 16, 2015 10:28 pm

Tama had suffered far from worse. The dancing black and red eyes looked up at the boy that stood over her. she only wore a creamy plain dress that barely covered her knees. She looked up at him through her blonde hair. The red and black eyes glared at him. Don't. Just leave. It will be okay. I will be fine. Just go. No one asked you to save me. Tama stared back at the ground as the ringmaster smiled grabbing Tama's hair making her cry out. Then throwing her at Shunji's feet. "Kill him." Tama laid on her stomach before the boy. The ringmaster lashed his whip out as it waked against her dress making a small tear at the fabric. She grabbed the ground trying to keep from screaming out. Leave.. LEAVE! No one asked you to save me! Are you deaf! LEAVE! The words wouldn't come out as treas rolled down her face. She was a monster. SHe knew she was.

"If you don't... I'll send you back into the dark!" That made Tama flinch. Her body relaxed as she got to her feet. Her eyes showed nothing but the red pupils and the black outline. She definitely was a monster. "I'm Sorry." Tama whispered under her breath so that the only who heard that was Shunji.

Tama jumped 12 feet into the air. She then let out a load croak from her mouth blasting it at the boy. She didn't want to hurt him, although it wasn't her choice. She then skid to were the ringmaster lay. He gently patted her head then took the iron pole that was warm now and in one shift move he grabbed her by her hair and pressed the plate on her back. Closing her eyes the small girl stood there and took it. Treas rushed down her face although she didn't show any signs of pain. It will be okay. it will be fine. Just don't show anything.

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6 Re: Flashback || The Beginning of Siblings on Fri Jan 16, 2015 11:12 pm

Shunji watched as the girl hopped about and the carnival cronies surrounded him. He simply side stepped the croak sent towards him, he'd seen much faster attacks in his training with his mother. Pulling out his batons, Shunji began to whisper a prayer under his breath, weaving his spiritual energy, as the man attempted the brand the girl with the heated pipe once more, Shunji shattered the man's knuckles, causing him to scream out in pain.

Shunji: I guess I have to teach you a lesson in how to treat ladies too.

Charles: Jumbo! Get him!


Jumbo was a gigantic man, over 1000 pounds in weight, as he hopped into the air, entering his firefly zoan state, he reverted back to his regular weight, attempting to crash on Shunji. Channeling energy through his mind, Shunji generated a gigantic appendage, which swatted the man out of mid-air into a pool nearby. The appendage grabbed on the frog girl, throwing her into the stands, gently as possible.

Shunji: Lady! and everyone else alike. The little lady in the front row has spent her whole life being the spectacle, now I'm going to make her the spectator. Just sit and watch as I dismantle this little freak show.

Charles: Tama if you don't get back-

Shunji slammed his knee into the man's nose, causing him to pass out. The hawk on his shoulder flew away to safety.

Shunji: Now Now... Have a nice rest. Your part doesn't come til later.

Jumbo: Bossss! I'll hurt him! I'll kill em'

Grenta: Easy Jumbo.... We have to be careful with this one.

Cotal: I'll finish him in onnne striiike!

Roof: Let's get into formation boys! Tama... You better not get to comfortable, don't forget who raised you.

Shunji: Oi! I'm your opponent now guys... All eyes on me, I get jealous easily Jishishishi...


Name: Grenta
Tier 1
Occupation: Knives Thrower / Gunslinger

Name: Jumbo
Tier 1
Occupation: Brawler / World's Biggest Man in Muscle Mass

Name: Cotal
Tier 1
Occupation: Weapon Master / Marital Artist

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7 Re: Flashback || The Beginning of Siblings on Sat Jan 17, 2015 12:49 pm

Tama felt the warm hands of the man on her dress and then throwing her into the stands. She could feel those move away from her. She started changing back into her original form although she only went half way. She was now in her hybrid form. The golden eyes of the girl blinked at the boy. She was only 14.. or maybe 13. She heard Roof call for her. Roof. He had raised for 5 years now. He took her away from her other master. During those 5 years she traveled around the world it seemed like. She was their amusement, their punching bag, their fun toy. Tama couldn't help, but try and be apart of the although she was jerked bunches of times. Finally she was free maybe. Tama got to her feet as she looked at the boy. Roof gave her that look. It was the look that told her that if she didn't do something then her life would be over. Being chained down for so long. It was a normal life. That was how she was brought up into this world. She was brought up to follow orders. If she did not.. Then she would be punished. A life like that was what kept her going. To never get punished severely.

Jumping up in the air she stood in front of them. She was closer to Roof. Roof smiled as he walked closer to Tama patting her head and twirling his finger in her hair. "Let me tell you something buddy. Have you ever seen a more obedient companion. And it only took 3 years. To make her like this. She cannot think for herself. She is merely a monster with no mind." Roof whispered in Tama's ear where everyone could here. "Kill him my dear. And when you do. I promise you won't get punished." Pushing Tama towards Shunji. She walked towards him. Her golden eyes were covered by her hair as.

Then she changed into her full form like in the beginning. Poison dripped from her skin as she jumped closer to him. She was now right in front of him. Her knee was brought up at the same time she used her zoan fruit to jump giving herself more speed at the same time more strength. Her black and red eyes showed nothing to little to no emotion. She was just like a doll. "I forgot to tell you hero. My little girl is a frog. Shes a poisonous frog. One touch of her skin meeting your skin and you will suffer." Although what she did was something else. Her mind cleared as her knee did not connect with him, but instead she hugged him. Her skin contacted with his. She whispered in his ear, "Please... Save me." The small girl hugged him tightly as her sticky slimy skin ran across his body.

Techs being used:

Tier 1 Technique Name:Kaeru Kaeru No Mi Cover
Tier 1 Technique Type: Support | Full Form
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 7 Posts
Tier 1 Technique Description:
Tama can actually hug a person and give that person her poison although this poison doesn't not hurt them. It acts as a protective cover for them against enemies and can boost their stats. this is from her changing her poison by taking the lethal part out and putting the good stuff in. Due to this stuff she can boost their stats x2.    
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
-This can last 4 Posts
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
-When Tama uses this move she becomes really hungry. She also has to be by the person about 5 feet.

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8 Re: Flashback || The Beginning of Siblings on Sat Jan 17, 2015 3:49 pm

Shunji: I can tell your the hugger type Jishishi... Now the contracts been made, I'll save you. You might to want to step back, I'll need a little bit more room to handle the pest above us...

Jumbo: Firefly Squasssh!

Jumbo tried to crush Tama and Shunji, Shunji leaped out his spiritual appendage to send Tama into the safety of the audience once more. When thought about side stepping to the right but the knife thrower spun his knives around looking for a target.  To his left, Cotal stood in form, ready to attack with his martial arts, Roof looked from the distance, with a pissed expression on his face after Tama's betrayal.

Roof: Kill him!

Shunji's body felt a bit light due to the fumes from the gunk that now dripped over his body. His mind also felt more focused and his muscles fortified. Shunji sprung upwards to the falling man, slamming his right baton into the man's mid-section causing him to spew spit. Flipping over and hopping on the fire fly man's back, Shunji placed his other baton under the man's body to vertical stand, the baton penetrated it's way through the man's right shoulder. The crowd cheered at the amazing acrobatic feet. The knife thrower landed eight knives into Shunji's back however, one of them barely missing his spine. The frog girl's gunk caused the knives to pop right out however after piercing his skin. Dashing over towards Grenta, Shunji jumped spinning into mid-air, he slammed his baton's into the man's face with great force which fractured his jaw rendering him unconscious.


Bonus: Twice per thread, a Paladin is Capable of treating a single attack as if it did damage of one rank lower. 1/2 Chances on Knives.

Cotal interjected and the men exchanged a series of blows. Cotal's weird combination of free style acrobatics and kung fu, made the fight between the two men look almost like a movie scene being played out. Shunji's baton's lashed the man in his sides but he ignored the advances to buckle his stance and delivered a series of round house kicks to Shunji's face, causing him to bleed from his mouth. Hopping onto the nearby pole, climbing it almost like a monkey, he scurried upwards and then sliding downwards, used the force to deliver a one-two right hook and left hook combination to Shunji's stomach. The irregular movements confused the Paladin from moving away in time, causing him to drop his batons and fall to his knees. Roof danced over to the man and pointed the pistol towards the man's back, he had grabbed it from the passed out Grenta's waist. Taking aim, he fired a shot into Shunji's shoulder.

Roof: Damn it! I was aiming for his head.

The shock of the bullet wound caused Shunji to panic shortly but retaining his batons, he sprung to his feet, latching onto the man's neck with his feet, spinning around, Shunji delivered a hurricanerama, which fling the man into the nearby horse pen. The smell of the feces and stench from the urination dirtied the Circus owners clothes.

Roof: That's it... Your dead. BUBA! Wake up!

Roof whistled. From the back of the circus, a roar filled all in attendance hearts with fear. The lion emerged about 10 Meters tall, whipping it's tail around violently. The Tiger's mane was thick and well groomed as he awaited his masters orders.

Roof: The blue haired boy Buba... Dinner Time!

The lion almost smiled as it jumped towards Shunji, digging it's gigantic teeth into the Paladin's shoulder, the lion crashed Shunji into the barricades right above the seat were Tama now sat. Shunji's shoulder blade split from the impact, the man gave out a curdling sound.

Roof: Now... The girl! Buba! Eat her up!

Shunji spun his baton's to stop the lion's jaw from shutting, taking a deep breath, he slammed his hands into the lion's stomach, sending him back about three meters into the ground. The lion got up in a fit and roared, unable to shut it's jaw from the baton's wedge it's mouth. The roar was mixed with anger and pain, Buba was hurt but his pride would not let him loose.

Shunji: I said a contract's been made. I'm now her protector you shitty lion! I'll teach you and that owner over there... God works in mysterious ways!

Shunji's eyes glowed a white hue with his Tribunal Eyes activated.


Tier 3 Pet


Tier 1 Technique Name: Prayer of Beginning
Tier 1 Technique Type: Support / Close Range
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 5
Tier 1 Technique Description:
Shunji begins praying to his deity and asking for guidance in this world and life. He begins repentance for all the sins he as committed lately and asks for his spiritual abilities to be awakened. This skill must be done for a duration of two posts, user repeats a holy hymn and finishes with ‘Amen’. 1/2
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
- Unlocks the Tier 1 Skill’s for this skill set, expect Prayer of Shift.
- Weaves users spiritual energy to peak capacity.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
- If the users concentration is broken, prayer takes twice amount of time to be completed. (Duration increased to four)
- If the prayer fails, user must wait an additional ‘three’ posts, eight in total on the cool down.

Tier 1 Technique Name: Prayer of Shift
Tier 1 Technique Type: Close - Range / Support
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 15
Tier 1 Technique Description:
For a duration of one post, the user is able to physically shift, one person in any direction weaving his aura into the form of an appendage. If the appendage makes contact, the user is pushed 2 Meters in that direction.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
- Can be used to shift one enemy in any direction for up to two meters if appendage makes contact.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
- Cannot be used on self.

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9 Re: Flashback || The Beginning of Siblings on Sun Jan 18, 2015 11:36 am

When Shunji crashed into the bleachers. Her body shielded him. Treas rolled down her cheeks and on to the ground. "I wont let you hurt him Buba!" The girls voice was louder than the lions roar. She had turned into her full form too many times today. It was taking its toll on the ill trained girl. Taking a deep breath of air she let out a large croak right in front of the lion. it shot the lion back rendering his ears useless from the croak.

Her body shake as she stood in front of the teen. "The only way to truly stop this madness.. Is to Kill Roof. I heard you say gods name... Do you think he will forgive me?" Turning to face Shunji. "I think God lost all hope for me when I became like this." The red and black eyes were unnatural as well as the light green hair and the slippy slimy skin that layered her body. "And I don't think he will forgive me." Tama only knew the basics behind god. She herself was never religious only by the simple fact that she knew he would ban her to Hell.

Although the frog princess didn't just sit back. She jumped far, maybe about 12 ft to where Roof was. She had actually landed behind her caretaker. He aimed his gun at her. Although sadly he missed a bunch of shots and in one swoop. She licked his face. The screaming filled the stadium making people run. Roofs face was melting off his skin and entering his pores getting into his skin and killing him. Buba the lion turned towards its master seeing that he was no longer alive. Tama stood over his body as she changed from her full form to her original form. her deep sky blue eyes and sunlight like hair stood out as she fell to the ground. Exhaustion was taking over her small little body.
The small girl looked at Buba and saw nothing but the depths of emptiness in his eyes. Roof laid at her feet as his ski was slowly melting from his face. His insides were burning inside as well. His heart had stopped already, but it still looked like a painful sight. How many people have I killed like this? She asked herself. How many times was it on accident?

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10 Re: Flashback || The Beginning of Siblings on Sun Jan 18, 2015 1:41 pm

Shunji: Damn it... Sit back and let me save you!!

Shunji dashed over in-front of Tama, his claws crashed down on Shunji's back as he shielded Tama from the attack. Cobalt rushed towards Shunji, smashing his fists into Shunji's face.

Shunji: I'm getting tired of you old man... Knuckle up!

Shunji and Cobalt exchanges a series of punches and baton thrusts, the whiplash from the batons made Cobalt's teeth cringe. Shunji dropped his batons for a second, delivering a double punch to Cobalt's mid-section, making him loose his stance. Grabbing the baton's once more, he stunned the man by striking him violently in the throat. Dashing backwards, Shunji ran in and delivered a superman punch, knocking Cobalt into the ground. The protective coating from the Frog girl was beginning to wear off.

Shunji: I guess it's my turn now! Lord.... Pray of Will!

Shunji's body became sanctified with the power of the Holy Spirit that guards all of those who followed his religion. In a instant, he dropped his batons and appeared on the back of the giganitc lion, firing a barrage of punches which shot the huge lion into the ground, breaking it's back. The pummeling punches, left the Lion's cold eyes popping out of his head. Doing a spinning vertical axel kick, Shunji smashed the lion's head into the ground, it's tongue popped out as it was left unconscious. Walking over to Roof, he looked the man his eyes and then looked to Tama. He slapped the girl in her face. Before the tears could swell in her eyes, he grabbed her close into a tight embrace.

Shunji: God forgives everyone Tama. You just need to ask and he'll accept you. Even he doesn't... I will. Besides, killing isn't always the answer. Remember Tama... In this world, people die. They're will come a time where wrong and right won't be so clear and you'll kill again. When and if that time comes, just think of one thing... Will your goal be better with person death... or did you just take a life for nothing? For every life you take, you have to live ten times harder and struggle ten times harder. I guess... That's why my life is so difficult Jishishishi... Don't worry about your poison, as long as this energy is weaved in me... I'll be protected. However Tama, I shall exorcise the demon of uneasiness out of you

Placing his lips on on her forehead, he used his Tribunal eyes to exorcise the evil within Tama's heart.

Shunji: You now have a clean slate. Whatever you do from now... Is up to you. Now then Mr.Roof.... Prayer of Healing - Wall Surgery!

Shunji began to cure the poison in the man's body.

Shunji: Your lucky I know the antidote for the most common set venoms. Though, I won't be able to erase all of it, you'll live a healthy enough life, behind bars. Jishishishi...

The Lvneel guards rushed in.

Chelsie: Shunji! Commander sir! We recieved reports of the brawl here and came to give you back up as soon as possible. Nobles under the World Government have no sway here... However, the King wishes you into his chambers for council. We'll clean up here!

Chelsie peered the frog girl.

Chelsie: Sir... What in the world-

Shunji placed his finger on Chelsie's lips and dragged the girl by her collar.

Chelsie: I got this... Shsh. The girl's a secret between me and you. By the way, take the Ring Master and his stooges and drop them in the dungeon until the marines arrive. I'll send in my report to Tiger later

Chelsie blushed.

Chelsie: Sir! But the King-

Shunji: Tiger can wait.

Shunji popped his cigarette in his mouth, walking off, dragging the girl along. They walked and walked, until Shunji came to a trolley. Shunji had a stern look on his face the whole ride, not smiling or interacting with the girl at all. Finally, the arrived at the stop, Ember City Burial Site, Shunji dragged the girl out the trolley and through her in front of a grave.

Shunji: I brought you here because this will be the decision that will change your life... God loves those who help themselves and mostly others... If I ever here you say you can't be forgiven or it's too late, I'll punch you back to your senses. Now... Take my hand.

Shunji smiled, smoking his cigarette and reached out his hand to the girl.

Techniques and Skills:

Tier 1 Technique Name: Prayer of Healing : Wall Sugery
Tier 1 Technique Type: Support / Close Range
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 10
Tier 1 Technique Description:
For a duration of one post, user releases his spiritual energy to create a platform to lay one patient on. His energy begins to spin itself around the patient and heals the afflicted of exactly one wound or condition.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
- The condition or wound must be within the user’s medical knowledge.
- The prayer can be used on the user.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
- Only one wound can be healed. I.E if the person has a fractured hand and an open gash, the external wound will be healed first, and the prayer will be completed.
- The prayer of Beginning must be completed before this skill is used.

Tier 1 Technique Name: Prayer of Will!
Tier 1 Technique Type: Close - Range / Support
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 10
Tier 1 Technique Description:
For a duration of two posts, user boosts the afflicted, amplifying there physical and spiritual strength by a significant range. The afflicted feels as if his body has been exorcised of negative energy, feeling lighter and more focused.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
- One attack’s damage is amplified, if contact is made, one Tier higher than original.
- Afflicted exhibits increased cognitive and physical motion for a duration of one post.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
- The prayer of Beginning must be completed before this skill is used.
- This skill puts the afflicted into extreme spiritual imbalance afterwards, the user experiences mass hysteria and vomitting for two posts.

Tribunal Eyes - The users eyes exhibit the passive trait of having their iris becoming ‘Crosses’ of sorts. It allows them to see the negative emotions that burden the everyday person, the user is able expel them, sort of like an exorcism of sorts. Each person is burdened with a different sin of sorts and each has a color, at Tier 1-3 he can only recognize 'good' vibes or 'bad' vibes. Good being green and Bad been red, black is mixture when his eyes are undecided. These colors are based on something far beyond his control and is noted as his gift from his creator. Exorcise once per thread negative emotions.

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11 Re: Flashback || The Beginning of Siblings on Tue Jan 20, 2015 12:43 pm

Tama felt herself be dragged by the boy. She had reverted into her normal form. Deep sky blue eyes and golden blonde hair. She hid behind the boy the whole time. Her arms wrapped around his waist as he was talking to a female. She gazed at Tama making her grab tighter to the boy. She could feel his blood drip on her fingers. Never letting him go she followed him. She was at a lost. Her whole life she had to follow someone. She was ordered to do things that she wasn't suppose to do and she did them. Following the boy her little feet drug against the floor as she walked behind him grabbing his hand. She sat next to him to the trolly looking at the city for the first time in a long time. Not under any hand cuffs or shackles like some beast. Tama looked at the roaring sea and the grassy lands. Although her hand never left his shirt as she held on to him. Like a newborn child clinging on to its mother.

Softly Tama got off the trolly with him. Her dirty white dress blew in the wind as she walked with him up the hill and to the tomb stones. He stood in front of a grave and told her words that burned into her heart. Treas formed in her eyes and nodded as she jumped in the air. Her arms wrapped around his neck and kissed his cheek. Tama was half his size. Her treas seemed to brush against his soft skin as she held on to him.

"Please.. help me." She cried out as she held on to him. "I have lived my whole life chained. I wanna be free. I wanna be clean. Please help me." Tama could be choking him as she held on to him tightly. Although it was true she was a psycho path under all of this. "My name is Tama... Tama Z. Tomilin." She whispered as she held on to him to dear life.

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12 Re: Flashback || The Beginning of Siblings on Tue Jan 20, 2015 5:21 pm

Shunji: Z.... How'd you get that middle name? I guess your blood is special like mine too. I wonder if you know about our history... Not like it matters Jishishishi.... I don't know about help... I'm not much the one to take life advice from but if you really want to be free, then just be. Do whatever you wanted to do... Become strong so one day you can help someone just like I did today. God loves those who helps others. If you ever get lost...

Shunji took off his crucifix from around his neck and placed it around the little girls own.

Shunji: My mother gave that to me when I was younger. She said whenever you feel hurt or alone, clutch on to it. God will always send an angel to help you. However, just to be sure, it has one of my prayers imbedded into it. It'll let you send out and S.O.S of sorts to me. I'll come running.

Shunji said nuzzling the girl's hair.

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13 Re: Flashback || The Beginning of Siblings on Sun Jan 25, 2015 10:55 pm

The small girl could feel the silver cross around her necklace as she held on to it. Her eyes stung with treas as she held on to him. He was so kind to her that it made her want to be by his side forever. Although that faded went she felt something warm press up against her hand. Moving her hand to look she saw the blood on her fingers. "Your bleeding!" Tama cried as she looked at him. She jumped from his arms and on to the ground tugging away his shirt. Only to see blood. "Sit down! Sit Down!" The small girl pulled the teenage boy down hoping that he would sit there.

The small girl begin to work her magic. her eyes changed to a deep golden color like that of gold as she ripped her white dirty dress. "Let me look at the wounds." Tama started to examining them. Her eyes very carefully examining his body like that of a painting."You should have gotten this checked out! What were you thinking?" The small girl touched his wounds softly as she wiped the blood away from them. They were bleeding pretty badly. Tama put her sticky had over the wound to stop the bleeding then wiped around the area. "I can stop the bleeding.. but that is about it."

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14 Re: Flashback || The Beginning of Siblings on Sat Jan 31, 2015 6:02 pm

Shunji: I have to get going now Tama. Tiger's going to be up my back with questions about what transpired today but I won't let him know about you. If you take a merchant ship out, just show them my cross and it'll gain you free passage to the next island. This is the beginning of your new life... Don't let me ever catch you being a slave or not doing what you love and if we meet on these seas again, I'll be glad to have you as my little sister. I've decided on it. You don't have a choice Jishishishi...

Shunji smiling, sticking out his tongue at the child playfully. The sun hid behind the veils of white fluffy pillars that galloped through the haze sky as the snow began to fall on the cemetery.

Shunji: God has a plan for you sister... If you find your purpose and nakama one day... Let me meet them, maybe we can all have a drink on these Jishishishi... Hopefully by then I will have quit cigarettes... I'm really trying ya' know.

Shunji's every so subtle northern accent slipped out when he was being chummy with others. The man's bright smile shinned like a sentinel in the falling discharges of the overcast skies.


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15 Re: Flashback || The Beginning of Siblings on Sun Feb 01, 2015 11:10 am

Tama looked at him, not completely understanding what he was talking about. "Wait.. your going to leave me?" Treas seem to have started falling now. "I don't care if god has a plan for me, he can wait." She buried her face into his stomach. "Please let me stay for a couple more days." Her tiny voice was pleading for him to let her stay and be with him. Her hands wrapped around him tightly as she buried her face more into his stomach. "Please." The girl was a mess really. Her clothes were dirty as dirty could be. Her hair was knotted in some areas. Her body looked like it hadn't shower in days. Not only that, but she was bare footed too.

"I promise I will be a good sister and be quit. I promise to leave. Just please.. let me stay a little longer. I wanna get to know you." her voice was shaking as she spoke, hoping to not offend him in any way. Her eyes were red from crying so much as her tiny little hands were grabbing fistfuls of his shirt. Tama was not going to back down. She wanted to stay for only a few more nights. The tiny girl never had a family before and she knew that god probably had a plan for her. but it could wait a few more days. She knew it could wait. Tama looked up at Shunji crying as the treas seemed to keep running down her face. "Please."

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16 Re: Flashback || The Beginning of Siblings on Sun Feb 01, 2015 12:49 pm

The girl's pleads shook Shunji's heart. It reminded him of when his father passed and how he'd sneak into his mother room at night because of the night terrors he suffered. 

Shunji: I don't have much people at home to make you feel welcomed. It's just a big open chapel. However, if your going to stay with me, I'll have to teach you how to fight. I'm targeted by some dangerous people in this city. I'll give you three months, after that, I insist you leave this place. I'll teach you everything I know. Now, stop crying. Don't make a face like that, ladies are suppose to smile.

Shunji said grinning back at the little girl.

As they returned to the city, Tama waited at home in the chapel of the Wraith estate as Shunji catered to the meeting with Tiger.

Tiger: I heard you shut down the circus and liberated some prisoners. Someone with the middle name Z, is she of importance to you?

Shunji: Information sure gets to his majesty quickly... Jishishishi... She's an orphan, I'll take care of her.

Tiger: You're going to play father now at 16... or maybe you want her as your lover? I never thought you-

Shunji shot a cold glare at Tiger, in that moment, all of his blood lust slipped out. He brushed it all off with a smile.

Shunji: Maybe so.... Jishishishi... I've sent in my written report. Is their anything else you wish for your Highness?

Tiger: There's a darkness in you Shunji... You should be careful to tame it. 

Shunji exited the room and got into the trolley which took take him home from the castle.

Ten: You should watch him carefully master.

Tiger: Shunji's like my little attack dog. Even if he acts up, I'll tame him easily besides, as long as I have his Father's fruit in my possession, he'll always beckon to my orders. Let him have his child to pretend house with.


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17 Re: Flashback || The Beginning of Siblings on Sun Feb 01, 2015 1:18 pm

Tama looked around the chapel. The cross dangled from her neck as she ran around. Her stomach growled like a dieing whale as she waited for her brothers return. She sat at the door looking at it. Her arms crossed over knees as they were brought up to her chest. The tiny girl waited happily. She was about to fall asleep were she was, but when the door opened she hoped up admittedly. Her arms swung around Shunji as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Her lips connected with his cheek as she kissed him. "Welcome home!"

Her legs were wrapped around his hips as her arms were around his neck. She was able to jump a good amount due to her zoan. She snuggled into his chest like she was some monkey. Although she was a frog of course. Her stomach growled vigorously. "ahh! I guess I'm hungry?" She giggled softly as she stayed on to him. Silently she snuggled into his chest some more as she took in his smell. Then she kissed his cheek again. "Thank you for letting me stay. I never had a family before. Although I know how to be a good child! I saw them walk around town.. and in the circus!"

There was a soft relief of a breath as she clinged to him like a monkey. She was tired and hungry after using her Devil fruit too many times. Way too many times she had used her fruit. When using her zoan fruit that many times she becomes unable to really have energy. At this point she was tired. Not only that but her body hurt. So was Shunji. Shunji was wounded as well.

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18 Re: Flashback || The Beginning of Siblings on Sun Feb 15, 2015 10:03 am

Bringing home a bag of pork buns, Shunji set the dinner table and shared the buns among the two plates. The steam off them escaped and rose to the ceiling in a flickering fashion. 

Shunji: I'm glad your having fun here Tama. However, living with me won't always be as stable as it is now. Starting from tomorrow, I'll teach you how to fight. It'll be tough but you'll need it if your going out into the world. Unfortunately, I won't have enough time to train you as a Priest, my best bet is to teach you how to conduct yourself in brawls. 

Shunji lit a cigarette, blowing the smoke away from Tama's direction.

Shunji: Jishishishi... Look forward to it, Sister. 

For the next three months, after Shunji's duties, Shunji and Tama would voyage out to Crow's Island, off the coast of Lvneel and train until the sun came up. The months were filled with pain, triumph and bonds that will forever be irreplacable. Finally, the day of Tama's depart had arrived. As he packed her bag of supplies, he handed it over.

Shunji: Are you ready Tama? It's been three months now and your fighting has improved considerably. However, be careful. Rely on your Zoan only when necessary and trust yourself.

Shunji pecked Tama on her forehead.

Shunji: I wish I could travel with you but Lvneel needs me. Your way to young to take on this burden. Live strong, Sister.


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19 Re: Flashback || The Beginning of Siblings on Sun Feb 15, 2015 10:22 am

Training with her new brother was the most difficulty's thing she had ever done. The days that passed by she felt a closer bond to him. Tama would find nights staying up all night just because she was jittery. There were times were she thought back as a slave. At times she would act like one although Shunji seemed to dismiss it. Even when she had turned into her monster self, he wouldn't seem to care. He was kind to her. Although, during the day he would drive her bonkers. Sending her on countless things and fighting animals. Although all in all, he was kind to her. Whenever she got hurt, he would bandage her up. It was the second month, where she found herself finding she loves him. But she had never gave him any hints, always keeping it to herself. However, today was the last day they might never see each other.

Tama listened to as he praised her. She felt herself blush from the praise. The sliver cross glittered on her neck When Shunji reached down to kiss her forehead. Tama felt it was her chance. Standing on her tip toes. The kiss missed her forehead and was placed on her lips. It was soft and warm. The feelings inside her batted her stomach like butterflies. Tama blushed deeply as she pulled back and took a few steps away from Shunji.

"When I come back.. I WILL MARRY YOU! Once I get stronger. I will defeat you and marry you!" The small girl busted out as she looked up at Shunji. "So! You better not cheat on me! I will be back. Just watch!" The small girl felt the treas swell up in her eyes. "I'll get stronger. I'll protect you. I'll make you happy." They started coming down in blobs. "I love you Shunji."

The treas ran down her face like fat rain drops. Her bright blue eyes were glittering from trying to keep the tears back. Her blonde hair glittered in the sun as she stood in front of him. Her face was flushed in red from kissing his lips. Her hand was placed on the cross, holding it tightly.

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20 Re: Flashback || The Beginning of Siblings on Sun Feb 15, 2015 4:59 pm

As the sunset on Lvneel, Tama's ship departed. Watching the girls gleaming blue eyes reminded him of his mother's own, the strength that resided within them, if she trained, no, one day she would be a force to reckon with. Turning away from the boatyard, Shunji touched his lips.

Shunji: She's something else Jishishishi... but she's has a long way before she could even claim my heart.

Shunji said sticking out his tongue and walking back to his chapel. 

As he entered, the incident with Jugard Shield unfolded. As Shunji was being beaten to a bloody plup, he thought.

Shunji: I'm glad she escaped. 


- Liberated slave from Traveling Circus / Slave Dealers
- Defeated Carny Forces (Tier 1 Grade Enemies)
- Defeated Gigantic Tiger (Tier 3 Pet)
- Burned down circus tent 
- Trained future revolutionary member how to fight 
- Bonded with Tama Z. Tomilin
- Helped wanted test subject, Tama, escaped the Kingdom of Lvneel after Tiger's direct order of her arrest.


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