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T3 Sword | Nameless Blade

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1 T3 Sword | Nameless Blade on Thu Jan 15, 2015 11:56 pm

Equipment Name: Nameless Blade
Tier: Tier 3
Type: Sword
Equipment Significance: Combat

This nameless blade seem to be a sword made for higher class citizens aka the nobles due to materials it was made out of. The sword has a golden tint towards it as it seem like the handle of sword has parts of it that are made out of gold. The sword is short only have a length of 4 feet and width that is around 1/2 Foot. The sword is primarily made of stabbing.


-Lightweight and it only needs to one hand (or mouth ) to be wielded



-Short Reach

-Appearance of the blade could draw the unwanted attention of criminals looking to make an easy profit.

-The blade of the sword is prone to temperature changes. (The handle is unaffected by them).

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